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ELECTRICAL Lecture Notes Pdf Download :-

    1. IP Rating for Electrical Enclosure
    2. 11KV/415V Over head Line Specification as per REC
    3. Abstract of National Electrical Code for Transformer’s Protection
    4. Abstract of NEC:430 for Size of Cable for Single or Group of Motors
    5. Abstract of over current Protection of Transformer (NEC 450.3)
    6. Analysis the Truth behind Household Power Savers
    7. Auto Transformer Connection
    8. Automatic Power Factor Correction
    9. Cable Construction & Cable Selection-Part:1
    10. Cable Construction & Cable Selection-Part:2
    11. Cable Construction & Cable Selection-Part:3
    12. Cable Construction & Cable Selection-Part:4
    13. Cable Tray Size as per National Electrical Code-2002. Article 392
    14. Delta-Delta Connection of Transformer
    15. Delta-Star Connection of Transformer
    16. Demand Factor-Diversity Factor-Utilization Factor-Load Factor
    17. Difference Between MCB/MCCB/ELCB/RCCB
    18. Difference between Bonding, Grounding and Earthing
    19. Difference between Power Transformer and Distribution Transformer
    20. Difference between Unearthed Cable & Earthed Cables
    21. Direct On Line Starter
    22. Effects of High Voltage Transmission Lines on Humans and Plants
    23. EHV XLPE – Current Rating
    24. EHV/HV Cable Sheath Earthing
    25. Electrical Clearance in Substation.
    26. Electrical Energy Saving Tips
    27. Electrical Safety Clearance (Part-1)
    28. Electrical Safety Clearance (Part-2)
    29. Electrical Safety Clearance (Part-3)
    30. Electrical Safety Clearance (Part-4)
    31. Electrical Safety Clearance (Part-5)
    32. Electrical Safety Clearance (Part-6)
    33. Electrical Thumb Rule-(Part-11)
    34. Electrical Thumb Rule-13
    35. Electrical Thumb Rules (Part-2)
    36. Electrical Thumb Rules-(Part 1).
    37. Electrical Thumb Rules-(Part-3)
    38. Electrical Thumb Rules-(Part-4)
    39. Electrical Thumb Rules-(Part-5)
    40. Electrical Thumb Rules-(Part-6)
    41. Electrical Thumb Rules-(Part-7)
    42. Electrical Thumb Rules-(Part-8)
    43. Electrical Thumbs Rules (Part-10)
    44. Electrical Thumbs Rules (Part-9)
    45. Ferranti Effect in Transmission Line
    46. Gland Size Selection
    47. Guideline to Design Electrical Network for Building / Small Area.
    48. Harmonics and It’s Effects
    49. HID Lamps
    50. HIPOT Testing
    51. How Reactive Power helpful to maintain a System Healthy
    52. Impact of Floating Neutral in Power Distribution
    53. Insulation Resistance (IR) Values of Electrical Equipments
    54. Lighting Arr ester
    55. Low Voltage and High Voltage Cable Testing
    56. Minimum Acceptable specification for Metering C.T
    57. Minimum Electrical Clearance.
    58. Motor Name Plate Terminology
    59. Over Current Relay(Type-Application-Connection)
    60. Overload Relay Size & Contactor for Starter
    61. Parallel Operation of Transformer
    62. Pirating of Technical Works.
    63. Power Quality
    64. PVC Cable-Current Rating
    65. Safety Clearance for Electrical Panel
    66. Safety Clearance for Transformer
    67. Scott-T Connection of Transformer
    68. Selection for Street Light Luminar-(PART-1)
    69. Selection for Street Light Luminar-(PART-2)
    70. Selection for Street Light Luminar-(PART-3)
    71. Selection for Street Light Luminar-(PART-4)
    72. Selection for Street Light Luminar-(PART-5)
    73. Selection of 3P-TPN-4P MCB & Distribution Board
    74. Selection of Surge Protective Device (SPD)- (Part 1)
    75. Selection of Surge Protective Device (SPD)- (Part 2)
    76. Selection of Surge Protective Device (SPD)- (Part 3)
    77. Selection of Surge Protective Device (SPD)- (Part 4)
    78. Single Earthed Neutral and Multi Earthed Neutral.
    79. Size and Location of Capacitor in Electrical System-(Part 2)
    80. Size and Location of Capacitor in Electrical System-(Part1)
    81. Specification for Re wirable Cut Out Fuse Unit
    82. Standard Electrical Motor Connections
    83. Standard Makes for Electrical Equipments
    84. Star-Delta Connection of Transformer
    85. Star-Delta Starter
    86. Star-Star Connection of Transformer
    87. Sub Station Abstracts
    88. Tampering Methods of Electrical Energy Meter.
    89. Total Losses in Power Distribution & Transmission Lines-(Part 1)
    90. Total Losses in Power Distribution and Transmission Lines-(Part 2)
    91. Transformer
    92. Type & Selection of Current Transformer
    93. Type & Selection of Fuse
    94. Type of Cable Tray.
    95. Type of Electrical Power Distribution systems
    96. Type of Gland
    97. Types and Revolution of Electrical Relays
    98. Types of Neutral Earthing in Power Distribution Systems
    99. Types of Overhead Conductors
    100. Typical Limiting Values of Substation Equipments.
    101. Various Routine Test of Power Transformer-(Part-1)
    102. Various Routine Test of Power Transformer-(Part-2)
    103. Various Routine Test of Power Transformer-(Part-3)
    104. Various Routine Test of Power Transformer-(Part-4)
    105. Vector Group of Transformer
    106. Vibration Damper in Transmission Line
    107. What is Corona Effect in Transmission Line
    108. What is Earthing
    109. What should You know before buying LED Bulb
    110. Working Principle of ELCB and RCB
    111. XLPE Cable-Current Rating
    112. Zig-zag Connection of Transformer

ELECTRICAL Calculation Sheets pdf:-

  1. Calculation of Cable Tray Size
  2. Calculation Short Circuit Current (Base KVA Method)
  3. Calculate Size of Bus bar & Panel Design
  4. Calculate Street Light Pole’s Distance / Fixture Watt / Lighting Area
  5. Calculate No of Street Light Poles
  6. Calculate No of Lighting Fixtures / Lumen for Indoor Lighting
  7. Calculate Size of Capacitor Bank / Annual Saving & Payback Period
  8. Calculate Technical Losses of Transmission / Distribution Line
  9. Calculate Cable Size and Voltage Drop
  10. Calculate IDMT over Current Relay Setting (50/51)
  11. Calculate TC Size & Voltage Drop due to starting of Large Motor
  12. Calculate Size of Contactor, Fuse, C.B, Over Load Relay of DOL Starter
  13. Calculate Voltage Regulation of Distribution Line
  14. Calculate Numbers of Plate/Pipe/Strip Earthings (Part-3)
  15. Calculate Numbers of Plate/Pipe/Strip Earthings (Part-2)
  16. Calculate Numbers of Plate/Pipe/Strip Earthings (Part-1)
  17. Calculate Lightening Protection for Building / Structure
  18. Calculate Voltage drop for Street Light Poles
  19. Calculate Size of Solar Panel
  20. Calculate Cable Trunking Size
  21. Calculate Conduit Size for Wire / Cables
  22. Calculate Size of Diesel Generator Set
  23. Calculate Size of Inverter / Battery Bank
  24. Calculate Size of Main ELCB/ Branch MCB of Distribution Box

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