Elements of Remote Sensing Online Test – Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

1. The altitudinal distance of a geostationary satelite from the earth is about:


2. Orbital radius of GPS satellites is approximately:


3. In GPS, receivers are used are ;


4. Formation of snow occurs if the cloud temperature is


5. Crop Acreage and Production Estimation (CAPE) was funded and taken up in 1983 by:


6. For C band Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) with Doppler band width of 1300 Hz, the coherence length lcoh is:


7. Which one of the following statement is incorrect regarding the electromagnetic radiation?


8. For interpolation of satellite data used for monitoring dynamic changes that occure on the earth surface, the most suitable orbit for the satellite is :


9. Repetitive observations of the same area at equal interval of time, are useful to monitor the dynamic phenomena :


10. Consider the following statements regarding the satellite imaging : 1. The satellite orbit is fixed in the inertial space 2. During successive across-track imaging, the earth rotates beneath the sensor 3. The satellite images a skewed area Which one of the following statements is/are correct ?


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