100+ TOP Engineering Chemistry 1 Unit Wise Important Questions

Engineering Chemistry – 1 Important Questions and Answers :-

1. Write in brief on classification of polymers
2. Write in detail on epoxy resin
3. Explain bulk polymerization technique
4. Discus cationic polymerisation mechanism
5. Compare thermoplastics with thermosetting plastics
6. Discuss free radical polymerization mechanism
7. Write any three properties of nylon 6,6
8. Write in detail on epoxy resin

1. Drive an expression for the entropy change of an ideal gas.
2. Explain clausius inequality.
3. Drive any two Maxwell relations.
4. Compare reversible process with irreversible process.
5. Drive an expression for the entropy change for on irreversible process.
6. Write the expression of work function.
7. Drive vont Hoff isotherm.
8. Discuss the criteria of spontaneity.

1. State and explain Stark-Einstein Law.
2. Compare fluorescence with Phosphorescence.
3. Explain the Block Diagram of IR spectrometer.
4. Write down the various Electronic Transitions.
5. Explain Chemiluminescence with example.
6. Derive Beers law.
7. How will you determine the quantum efficiency?
8. Explain Photosensitisation.
9. Calculate the IR active bands for H2O, C2H4, HCl.

1. State phase rule and explain the terms.
2. Discuss any three heat treatment of steel.
3. What is Nichrome mention its uses.
4. Discuss Pb-Ag system.
5. Discuss Water system in detail.
6. Describe Zn-Mg System.
7. Write in brief on Stainless steel.
8. Write in brief on bronze.

1. Explain size dependent properties.
2. Describe hydrothermal method of nano-material Synthesis.
3. Explain precipitation chemical vapour deposition methods of nanomaterial synthesis.
4. Write an explanatory note on nano-cluster, nano-rod & nono-tube.
5. Write the salient properties of nano-materials.
6. Explain Laser- Ablation Method.
7. Write any four applications of nano-materials.

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