300+ TOP Environmental Studies UNIT WISE Important Questions and Answers


Define Ecosystem? Explain the structure and structural components of an ecosystem.
Discuss Biogeochemical cycles
Write shot notes on:
a) Food chain & food web b)Bioaccumulation & Biomagnification c) Ecological succession
Explain Ecological pyramids with a sketch
5. a)What is homeostasis? What are feedback mechanisms?
b) Explain the values, Services and Carrying capacity of an ecosystem.
6.What is meant by Bio Magnification ? Explain
7. Explain the characteristics & types of an ecosystem

1. What are Natural resources? Explain the renewable & non renewable energy sources.
2 Discuss the environmental effects of mining
3. Explain the causes and effects of soil degradation
4. Bring about the advantages and problems due to dams
5. Write short notes on :
a) Floods & Droughts b) Land slides c) Land use & Land cover mapping
6. Write a detailed note on the problems arising out of overexploitation of forest resources and discuss the ways in
which improper land planning & land use can be damaging to the environment

1. Define Biodiversity. Classify the types of biodiversity and give different services that are contributed in various
ways by it?
2. (a)What are the objectives of identifying biodiversity hotspots?
(b) Explain the various threats to biodiversity
3. a) Explain in-situ & ex –situ conservation
b) Give the values of biodiversity
4. Explain about timber non timber forest products?
5.Discuss briefly about wildlife poaching & Soil erosion

1. What is nuclear pollution? Explain any one of the word nuclear accidents and its effects on environment.
2. Define air pollution and explain the various sources of primary and secondary air pollutants and its effects on
3. Explain the point & non point sources of water pollution. Explain environmental effects of water pollutants
4. Write Short notes on:
a) Thermal comforts & Heat island effects
b) E-Waste Management
5. a) Discuss in detail the causes and environmental effects of noise pollution.
b) Oceans are ultimate sink for most of the waste we produce. Explain.
6. Explain solid waste management and handling rules
7. Explain the impact of modern agriculture on soil
8. What is Green house effect? Explain how human activity has resulted in increased emissions of green house gases?
9. Explain the causes and effects of global warming
10. Give the salient features of Kyoto & Montréal protocols?
11. Write a short note on :(a) Ozone Depletion & Ozone Depleting Substances (b) Global Climate Change & its
causes c) Deforestation & Desertification
12. (a) What is the ozone layer and what factors lead to its depletion?
(b) What are the problems resulting from the depletion of ozone layer and how is this phenomenon being tackled?
13. What are the effects of noise at the physical, physiological and psychological level?

1. Define EIA( Environmental Impact Assessment). Explain the scope and methods of carrying out the impact
assessment of a proposed activity
2. Define Environmental impact and give a note on the Baseline data collection and its proposes
3. Explain Environment Impact Statement (EIS) & Environment Management Plan(EMP)
4.Write a note on: a) Green belt development b) GIS & remote sensing
5. Explain about draft and final environmental impact statements?
6. Write about biomedical waste management and handling rules?
7. What are the impending dangers of population explosion?
8. What is municipal solid waste management? Explain in brief various management activities of solid waste.
9. (a) Explain about the collection of municipal solid waste?
(b) What are various types of hazardous wastes and explain how to manage these wastes.
10.. What are the main provisions of the following acts.
(a) Environment ( protection ) Act of 1986. (b) Wild life protection Act of 1972.
(c) Forest conservation Act of 1980. (d) Air ( prevention and control of pollution) Act of 1981
11. What are the different powers given to the central or state boards under the water act?
12. Discuss the concept of sustainable development & explain the various threats to sustainable development
12. Explain with some examples the role of IT environmental & human health
13. Write a brief note on:
(a) Urban sprawl (b) Sustainable cities & Communities c) Environmental ethics
14. Explain the various possible strategies to be followed for sustainable development.
15. (a) Discuss the relationship that human beings have with their environment.
(b) Human activity is responsible for environmental degradation” justify the statement

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