40 TOP FIELD EFFECT TRANSISTORS (FET) Online Test – Questions and Answers

1. The overall input capacitance of a dual-gate D-MOSFET is lower because the devices are usually connected:

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2. Which component is considered to be an “OFF” device?


3. Which type of JFET bias requires a negative supply voltage?


4. The common-source JFET amplifier has:


5. The type of bias most often used with E-MOSFET circuits is:


6. With a JFET, a ratio of output current change against an input voltage change is called:


7. How will a D-MOSFET input impedance change with signal frequency?


8. When the JFET is no longer able to control the current, this point is called the:


9. D-MOSFETs are sometimes used in series to construct a cascode high-frequency amplifier to overcome the loss of:


10. When is a vertical channel E-MOSFET used?


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