300+ TOP Foundation Interview Questions and Answers

Foundation Interview Questions for freshers experienced :-

1. What is Foundation?
Foundation is a front-end framework that is for designing beautiful responsive websites. This framework is compatible with all types of devices and provides you with HTML, CSS and JavaScript plug-in.

2. What are the features of Foundation?
Features of foundation are:

  • It has powerful grid system.
  • It provides responsive design
  • Supports mobile first approach
  • It provides UI components and cool JavaScript plug-ins.
  • It provides customizable and extensible HTML templates

3. What is ZURB Template?
ZURB Template: Combination of JavaScript, CSS/SCSS, Handlebars template, image compression, markup structure, and uses SASS processing.

4. What are the types of foundation components?
Types of foundation components are:

foundation components

5. What are the features of Flex Grid in Foundation?
Features of Flex Grid are:

  • Importing
  • Advanced Sizing
  • Responsive Adjustments
  • Column Alignment
  • Source Ordering
  • Sass Reference

6. What are the types of form elements used in Foundation?
Types of form elements are:

  • Form Basics
  • Help Text
  • Label Positioning
  • Inline Labels and Buttons
  • Custom Controls
  • SASS Reference

7. What are the types of Plugins used in Foundation?
Types of plugins used in Foundation are:

  1. Abide
  2. Equalizer
  3. Interchange
  4. Toggler
  5. Sticky

8. What is Abide?
Abide is a type of plug-in which is used in the in the HTML5 form validation library with native API using the required attributes and patterns.

9. What is Toggler in Foundation?
Toggler is a type of plug-in that is used to switch from one setting to another.

10. What is Breadcrumbs?
Breadcrumb is used to specify the current location for a site within navigational hierarchy.

Foundation Interview Questions
Foundation Interview Questions

11. What is Drilldown Menu?
Drilldown Menu is a plug-in which is used to create submenus in main menu in the slider format.

12. What is Accordion Menu?
Accordion Menu is used to display the collapsible menu with accordion effects. Accordion Menu also provides support for auto collapse using the Accordion Menu plug-in.

13. What is Magellan in Foundation?

  • Magellan is used to create a navigation which is in a fixed position.
  • It is also used to track the navigation list on a page.

14. How to install Motion UI library in your project by using npm?
By using the following code: $ npm install motion-ui –save-dev

15. What is HAMBURGER in Foundation?
HAMBURGER is used for creating menu icon with the following parameters (width, height, number of bars and colors).

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