300+ TOP Google Tricky Interview Questions and Answers

Google Tricky Interview Questions for freshers experienced :-

1. Do you have an IQ more than 130?

This question is put to check “Intellectual Humility” and “Yes” could be the worst answer to this. Remembering your IQ score sends a wrong message of your insecurity and self-aggrandizement.

2. What shall we have for dinner this evening?

Don’t give an answer like “whatever you like”, “I don’t mind” ,“what would you like”, etc. This will hide your quality of leadership or taking stand, when your opinion is asked. This will show your willingness to take charge and when not.

3. Are you incompetent and Lazy?

Interviewer only wants to hire people who are competent, but that does not mean you should say yes to what you are not. So “clever and active”, would be the right answer to avoid this question.

4. Do you have a track record of doing something really well?

Try to give a smart answer by answering like, it usually does not happen with me; there will be something always standing to re-solve at the end of the day. This will highlight your problem solving skills.

5. What is the weight of the empire state building?

This question was actually asked by google employers to check the thought process of the employee. It is to see how well employee can do “guestimate” that is what is referred for such question. It is a little tricky but if you good at numbers and height width calculation, you will surely come up with some answer. Anyway the answer to this question was something 750,000 tons or 1.5 billion pound of weight, after considering all the parameters like single floor widthXheight, weight, etc.

6. How much should you charge to wash all the windows in NewYork?

The answer will not be on estimation as we did in the previous question, but rather it is very simple. You have to answer “$500” a week.

7. Why are manhole covers round?

Manhole covers round, so that man does not fall through the manhole as the plane, or square shape ordinarily flush with the plane of the street goes perpendicular to the street.

8. How many times a day do a clock’s hands overlap?

Clock hands overlap about 22 times a day.

9. Explain the significance of “dead beef”?

Usually, people respond this question with an answer like “Beef is always dead” – Wrong Answer. The correct answer is that “DEADBEEF” is a hexa-decimal value that was used in debugging back in the mainframe/assembly days as such it was easy to see when marking and finding specific memory in pages of hex dumps. Most computer engineers are aware of this term.

10. Tell me what happened when a man pushed his car to the hotel and lost his fortune?

He landed on the boardwalk- that is the answer

Google Tricky Interview Questions
Google Tricky Interview Questions

11. Out of eight balls, seven balls weigh equal while the one ball is slightly heavier than the others how would you figure out which one is the heavier by using a balance and only two weighing?

Take 6 balls out of 8 balls

  • Put 3 balls on each side of weighing machine, if they weight equal you know that the heavier ball is in the remaining two which is left out
  • But if they don’t weigh equal, then the heavier ball is in one of those triplets
  • Out of those 3 balls that have heavier ball, pick any 2 and put them on the scale and keep doing until you get your heavier ball

12. What is database to an eight year old kid?

A database is a machine that memorizes lot of information about lots of things. People use them to remember that information.

13. Some months have 30 days, and some have 31, how may months have 28 days?

Answer to this question is 12 months, as each month has 28 days. So don’t answer 1 or Feb.

14. What number comes next 10, 9, 60, 90, 70 and 66?

Forget the numbers, here the trick is how you spell the numbers like

Ten -3
Nine -4
Sixty – 5
Ninety- 6
The next probable number would be anything that has 9 letters in it, i.e., ninety-six or ninety-one.

15. Suppose Tom is 16 year old, and he is four times older than his brother Robert. How old Tom would be when he is twice as old as her brother?

If Tom is 16 year old and he is 4 times older than his brother Robert, then currently his brother age would be 16/ 4 = 4. So his brother is 4 year old.

This makes Tom 12 years older than her brother

Now, Tom will be double his brother age when Robert is 12 year old.

i.e 12X2 = 24. Which means when Tom will be 24 year old his brother age will be 12.

16. Which number does not belong to this series 1,1,2,3,4,5,8,13,21?

Your answer is 4. Let see how

This question is based on adding the adjacent number in the series.



2+3=5, there you go


5+8= 13

8+13=21 and so on

17. What will be the next number 5,10,19,32,49,70 ….?

The next number will be 95. How? Let see

This time the difference between the adjacent number is calculated like

10-5 = 5

19-10 = 9


49-32= 17


?- 70= 25

For each answer 5, 9, 13 there is a difference or increase of 4, so our next increment will be 25.

So, ? -70 = 25

25+70= 95

18. There are about 13 caves arranged in a circle, and one of these caves has treasure of Each day the treasure keepers can move the treasure to the adjacent caves or keep it in the same cave. Every two-day treasure keepers visit the place and have enough time to enter any two caves of their choice __ So how do the treasure seekers can find a treasure in minimum possible days?

Answer: Seven days. If one of the treasure seeker moves clockwise every day and one of the seeker’s moves anti-clock wise, they will find a treasure in minimum seven days.

19. There are six drinking glasses standing in a row, with first three full of juice and the next three empty? How can you arrange those glasses so empty and full glasses alternate by moving only one glass?

Pour the second glass in the fifth glass, and you can arrange them in alternate order.

20. Brother and sisters I have none but this man’s father is my father’s son? Who is the Man?

The man is my son.

21. A red house is made of red bricks; a blue house is made up of blue bricks than what does the green house is made up of?

Green house is made up of Glasses

22. How five minus two equal 4?

If you take f and e from five what remain is Roman numeral iv.

23. The day before the day before yesterday is three days after Saturday. What day is today?

Friday. -> Three days after Sunday is Tuesday, and then the day before yesterday was Wednesday (Tuesday being the day before the day before yesterday), therefore, today is Friday.

24. Who will be the shortest among all of them?

Roger is as tall as Oliver
Binny is shorter than Tony
Tony is taller than Oliver
Roger is shorter than Binny

There is no answer, because Roger and Oliver are equally tall.

25. A trader buys sugar for $1200 and sell it for $1500, per sack of sugar he makes a profit of $50. How many sacks of sugar did he have?

He might have 6 sacks of sugar,

$1500- $1200 = 300

300/50 = 6

26. Which lamp is brightest than all?

  1. Lamp A is less brightest than Lamp B
  2. Lamp B is brighter than Lamp C
  3. Lamp C is as bright as Lamp D
  4. Lamp B is brighter than Lamp D
  5. Lamp D is brighter than Lamp A

The correct answer is B.

27. How can you get a total of 1000, by adding eight 8?


28. There is a casino and it has 4 gates, let say A, B, C and D. Now the condition is that every time you enter casino you have to pay $5 and every time you leave the casino, you again have to pay $5. Also, whenever you enter the casino whatever amount you have with you will get double. Now you enter the casino through gate A and come out through gate B, again you go inside casino from gate C and come out of gate D, at the end of this process you should be left with no money? So calculate how much money you should carry with you when you enter the Casinp?

Ok, we have to work out some math’s over-here,

  • Let say when you enter a casino you had the amount “”
  • When you enter the gate A you spend $5, so the amount becomes (X-5)
  • But there is a condition, your amount will get double when you enter the casino and becomes 2(x-5), e., (2X-10)
  • Now you leave the casino through gate B, and you pay $5, which makes the amount (2X-15)
  • Again you enter a casino through gate C, and you pay $5, so the amount you have now (2x-15. Which becomes (2X-20)
  • Now you are in the casino; your amount will get double e., 2(2x-20. Which is (4x-40)
  • At last you are making your final exit through gate D by paying $5, which will make your amount (4x-40-5) e., (4x-45)
  • So now the condition is when you finally leave casino you should have 0 amount of money left with you
  • For that, we will have equation 4x-45=0, and we solve this to get the answer 11.25
  • You should carry the amount of $11.25 inside the casino so that you must not leave with any money at the end

29. By using number 7,3,7,3 can you get number 24 by using any mathematical signs (+, – , x, /)?

Answer: 7x ((3/7) +3) = 24

30. Now we have a committee of 10 members, where age of all 10 members is same as it was 4 years ago, because an old member is replaced by young member? Find out how much younger is the new member?

  • Let say the sum of nine member = X and age of old man = Z
  • So its average 4 years before = (x+z)/10
  • After 4 years let Z be replaced by Y
  • So now avg=(x+4×10+y)/ 10
  • Now, (x+z)/10 = (x+40+y)/10
  • So in the end you will get z=y+40
  • So young committee member is 40 years younger than old member

31. Find a 8 digit number that if multiplied with 9 or any of its multiples ( 18, 27, 36, 45,…) it will get the multiplication factor repeated (n) number of times like 111111, 22222, 333333 and so on?

That eight digit number is 12345678

12345678 x 9 = 111111111111

12345678 x 18 = 222222222222

12345678 x 27 = 333333333333 and so on

32. If you have a piece of paper that have a thickness of 0.1 mm, how many times you have to fold the paper in half to become tall enough to reach the moon?

With every fold of paper, the thickness of paper gets double, after two folds it will get 2mm thick. In order to reach a height of the moon, you require only 42 folds of paper as it will be cover the distance of 4,39,804 km.

33. If a car is driving at 100mph down straight road, then what is the speed of each of its wheels at the point where they touch the ground?

Answer is zero, when the wheel rolls, it is moving in two ways; rotationally around its center and horizontally in the direction of the travel. At its point of contact with the ground, both of these motions cancel each other out, leaving a net speed (with respect to the road) of zero.

34. An airplane crashed into a field and every single person died except two how come?

Because they were married and not single.

35. A man predicts that he can predict the exact score of every foot ball game before it begins, and he is always right, how come?

Because the score he predicts before the match begin is “ 0-0 ”.

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