100+ TOP HYDRAULICS LAB VIVA Questions and Answers


1. Specific Weight of Water?
2. Capillarity of Water
3. Fluid Pressure
4. Pascal’s law
5. Measurement of Liquid Pressure
6. Explain: Discharge, Velocity
7. Fundamental Equation or Continuity Equation of Liquid Flow
8. Types of Flow
9. Energy of Liquid in Motion
10. Total head?
11. Bernoulli’s Theorem
12. Measurements of Discharges in Pipes
13. Notch vs Weir
14. Flow through Pipes
15. Flow through Open Channels
16. Chezy’s Equation
17. Types of Channels
18. Economical Cross Section of Channels
19. Importance of Reynolds Number
20. Specific Gravity and Critical Depth

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