Hydraulics Online Test – Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

1. For the flow of liquid from an open ended tube (or nozzle) leading to the formation of spray of liquid drops, the number generally applied, is


2. When water flows over a rectangular suppressed weir, the negative pressure created beneath the nappe


3. To avoid the force of surface tension in an inclined manometer, the minimum angle of inclination is


4. A jet projected at an angle of 45θ, 40 m from the foot of a vertical column, just reaches the top of the column. The height of the column is


5. In order to avoid capillary correction, the minimum diameter of a manometer used for measuring pressure, should be


6. The velocity of the fluid particle at the centre of the pipe section, is


7. To avoid vapourisation, pipe lines are laid over the ridge so that these are above the hydraulic gradient line, not more than


8. Mach number is the ratio of inertia force to


9. If the forces are due to inertia and gravity, and frictional resistance plays only a minor role, the design of the channels is made by comparing


10. Cavitation is caused by


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