40 TOP LOGIC GATES Online Test – Questions and Answers

1. What input values will cause an AND logic gate to produce a HIGH output?


2. The basic logic gate whose output is the complement of the input is the


3. Exclusive-OR (XOR) logic gates can be constructed from what other logic gates?


4. A NAND gate has


5. How many NAND circuits are contained in a 7400 NAND IC?


6. The logic gate that will have HIGH or “1” at its output when any one of its inputs is HIGH is a(n)


7. How many truth table entries are necessary for a four-input circuit?


8. If a signal passing through a gate is inhibited by sending a low into one of the inputs, and the output is HIGH, the gate is a(n):


9. A single transistor can be used to build which of the following digital logic gates?


10. The output will be a LOW for any case when one or more inputs are zero in a(n):


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