250+ TOP MCQs on C2 Compounds-Ethylene Oxide and Answers

Chemical Technology Multiple Choice Questions on “C2 Compounds – Ethylene Oxide”.

1. What is the molecular weight of ethylene oxide?
a) 43
b) 44
c) 45
d) 46

Answer: a
Clarification: Chemical formula of ethylene oxide is CH2OCH2. It contains 2 carbon atoms, 4 hydrogen atoms, and 1 oxygen atom 12, 1, and 16 as their atomic weights respectively. Hence the molecular weight is 12*2+4*1+16*1 = 43.

2. Which reagent is used as suppressing agent in direct oxidation of ethylene?
a) Ethylene oxide
b) Ethylene chloride
c) Ethylene dichloride
d) Ethylene

Answer: c
Clarification: Ethylene dichloride is used as suppressing agent in direct oxidation of ethylene to suppress the side reaction which produces carbon dioxide and water instead of ethylene oxide.

3. Catalyst used in direct oxidation of ethylene is __________________
a) Magnesium oxide
b) Sodium oxide
c) Silver oxide
d) Manganese oxide

Answer: c
Clarification: Silver oxide or alumina (inert carrier) is used as catalyst in direct oxidation of ethylene. To reduce/avoid side reaction, suppressing agent is also used.

4. Which type of reactor is used in ethylene oxide manufacturing process?
a) Catalytic reactor
b) Liquid phase reactor
c) Fluidized bed reactor
d) Fixed bed reactor

Answer: d
Clarification: Ethylene and oxygen are compressed and sent into a tubular fixed bed reactor since it is highly exothermic reaction along with catalyst and suppressing agent.

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