250+ TOP MCQs on Components of Fuel Supply System and Answers

This set of Farm Machinery Multiple Choice Questions on “Components of Fuel Supply System”.

1. In spark ignited engines, the fuel tank is placed ___________
a) Above the level of carburettor
b) Below the cylinder
c) Below the level of carburettor
d) In the carburettor
Answer: a
Explanation: In spark ignition engines, the fuel tank is placed above the level of the carburettor. The fuel flows from the fuel tank to the carburettor under the action.

2. The function of sediment bowl in fuel supply system is ___________
a) To hold the dust and dirt of the fuel
b) To maintain a good pressure
c) To hold the air in the cylinder
d) To clear the air entering into combustion chamber
Answer: a
Explanation: This filter is mostly fitted on the fuel lift pump. It prevents dust and foreign materials from reaching inside the fuel line. It usually consists of a glass cap with gasket. Heavy dust particles settle at the bottom and clean full flows ahead.

3. The engine part in which carburation takes place is ___________
a) Radiator
b) Carburettor
c) Cylinder
d) Sediment bowling
Answer: b
Explanation: Carburation is a process of preparing an air fuel mixture away from the cylinder of an engine on the device in which this process takes place is called carburettor.

4. In engines, the function of choke, is to ___________
a) Provide a rich air-fuel mixture
b) Heat the engine
c) Increase fuel in the cylinder
d) Remove the cylinder blockage
Answer: a
Explanation: A choke is a butterfly value which is used to provide a richer mixture of air-fuel for the engine to start in cold condition.

5. In engine, the choke controls ___________
a) Volume of fuel t
b) Heat of engine
c) Volume of air into venture
d) Speed of engine
Answer: c
Explanation: A choke is a butterfly value which controls the volume of air entering into the venture. A venture is provided to produce low pressure in the throat of the carburettor.

6. The function of carburettor is to ___________
a) Mix the land fuel
b) Supply the air into cylinder
c) Send the air-fuel mixture into the cylinder
d) Supply the fuel into cylinder
Answer: a
Explanation: The main functions of the carburettor are: to atomise the fuel, to regulate the air fuel ratio at different speeds and loads, to mix the air and fuel thoroughly.

7. In IC engine, the throttle controls ___________
a) Quantity of charge
b) Engine speed
c) Fuel into cylinder
d) Engine load
Answer: a
Explanation: Throttle is a butterfly valve between the mixing chamber of the carburettor and the inlet manifold of the engine to regulate the quantity of charge. It may be operated by a hard lever, a foot lever or a governor.

8. In carburettor of large tractor engines the type of jet used is ___________
a) Fixed type
b) Rolling type
c) Adjustable type
d) Sliding type
Answer: c
Explanation: A carburettor mixes fuel and air for internal combustion engines in the proper air–fuel ratio for combustion. To carburet or carburet means to mix the air and fuel or to equip with a carburettor for that purpose. Carburettors have largely been supplanted in the automotive and, to a lesser extent, aviation industries by fuel injection. They are still common on small engines for lawn mowers, rototillers and other equipment.

9. Down draft carburettor are mostly used ___________
a) Automobiles
b) Bullock cart
c) Mould board plough
d) U.P. No. 1
Answer: a
Explanation: Down draft carburettor is mounted above the intake manifold of the engine so that the air enters the upper part of the carburettor and the mixture flows downward into the manifold. These are used mostly on automobile trucks and stationary engines.

10. The fuel pump used in carburettor engine is ___________
a) Gasoline pump
b) Gear pump
c) Fuel injection
d) Air injection
Answer: a
Explanation: Gasoline pump is a diaphragm type pump and is used in carburettor engine. It consists of body, cover and lead.

11. In diesel engine, the fuel is burnt ___________
a) Inside the cylinder
b) Inside combustion chamber
c) In fuel tank
d) Inside radiator
Answer: b
Explanation: A combustion chamber is a space inside the again, where the combustion of fuel takes place, in diesel engine, the fuel is atomised, vaporised and burn inside combustion chamber.

12. In spark ignited engine the atomization of fuel takes place in ___________
a) Radiator
b) Carburettor
c) Ignition chamber
d) Cylinder
Answer: b
Explanation: In spark, I.E atomisation of fuel takes place in the carburettor and vaporisation occurs in carburettor as well as the inlet manifold.

13. Air cell chamber is the ___________
a) Space provide in the piston or cylinder
b) Part of radiator
c) Fuel controller
d) Ignition controller
Answer: a
Explanation: Air cell chamber is a space used to trap air in the piston or cylinder during the compression stroke. Later air blows out into the combustion chamber.

14. Turbo charger is a ___________
a) Turbo compressor
b) Fuel controller
c) Lock in fuel supply line
d) Timber cell used for ignition
Answer: a
Explanation: Turbo charger is a turbo compressor driven by the exhaust gases of the engine to supply air under pressure to the cylinder of the engine.

15. Air ignition pumps are mostly used in ___________
a) Scooter
b) Tractor engines
c) Light engines
d) Heavy duty stationary engines
Answer: d
Explanation: An Injection Pump, pumps diesel into the cylinders of a diesel engine. half crankshaft speed in a four-stroke diesel engine. Its timing is such, that the fuel is injected very slightly before top dead centre of that cylinder’s compression stroke.

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