250+ TOP MCQs on Energy Resources and Answers

Energy & Environment Management Multiple Choice Questions on “Energy Resources”.

1. Energy is released from fossil fuels when they are___________________
a) Pumped
b) Cooled
c) Burned
d) Pressurized
Answer: c
Clarification: Fossil fuels are fuels because they release heat energy when they are burned. They are fossil fuels because they were formed from the remains of living organisms billions of years ago. Some of the examples of fossil fuels are coal, oil and natural gas.

2. Oil release sulfur dioxide gas when they burn.
a) True
b) False
Answer: a
Clarification: Oil release sulfur dioxide gas when they burn. This sulfur dioxide gas causes breathing problems for living creatures. Along with the health issue this sulfur dioxide which is emitted from oil also causes acid rain.

3. The most nuclear fuel used in the world is________________
a) Thorium – 232
b) Uranium – 238
c) Uranium – 235
d) Plutonium – 239
Answer: c
Clarification: The most used nuclear fuel is Uranium – 235. It is a radioactive metal. Nuclear fuels like Uranium do not burnt to release energy. Instead, the fuels are involved in nuclear reaction in nuclear reaction in the nuclear reactor.

4. The blades in wind turbines are connected to________________
a) Nacelle
b) Tower
c) Foundations
d) String
Answer: a
Clarification: A nacelle is a cover housing that houses all of the generating components in a wind turbine. Wind turbines have huge blades mounted on a tall tower. The blades are connected to a nacelle. Thus the nacelle in wind turbines helps to work the wind turbines.

5. In the production of wave energy which form of energy is used?
a) Potential energy
b) Kinetic energy
c) Solar energy
d) Wind energy
Answer: b
Clarification: The water in the sea rises and falls because of waves on the surface. Wave machines use the Kinetic energy in this movement to drive electricity generators. Wave energy also known as ocean energy. Wave energy is essentially power drawn from waves.

6. A tidal barrage is a barrier built over a___________________
a) River bed
b) River estuary
c) River end
d) River starting
Answer: b
Clarification: A tidal barrage is a barrier built over a river estuary to make use of the kinetic energy in the moving water. Huge amounts of water move in and out of river mouths each day because of the tides. The barrage contains electricity generators.

7. In hydroelectricity power_________________
a) Kinetic energy is transferred to potential
b) Potential energy is transferred to kinetic
c) Solar energy is transferred to wind energy
d) Wind energy is transferred to solar energy
Answer: b
Clarification: Hydroelectricity power stations use the kinetic energy in moving water. But the water comes from behind a dam built across a river valley. The water high up behind the dam contains potential energy.

8. Solar panels generate electricity.
a) True
b) False
Answer: b
Clarification: Solar panels do not generate electricity. They just heat up water by the external electricity connection given to them. This solar panels are often located on the roofs of the building where they can receive heat energy directly from the sun.

9. In order to produce solar energy during sunlight, where the energy is stored in the batteries?
a) Nickel Sulfur
b) Zinc Cadmium
c) Nickel Cadmium
d) Nickel Zinc
Answer: c
Clarification: Nickel Cadmium cells offers along service life thereby ensuring a high degree of the economy. In the PV industry, Nickel Cadmium battery cells are majorly used for the energy storage technology from manufacturers and users of PV of grid systems.

10. How many forms of fossil fuels are there________________
a) One
b) Two
c) Three
d) Four
Answer: c
Clarification: There are three major forms of fossil fuels they are coal, oil and natural gas. They formed from organic remains of plants and animals that were converted into coal, oil and natural gas by exposure to heat and the pressure of the earth’s crust over millions of years.

11. According to WHO, how many premature deaths annually linked to air pollution causing by the burning of fossil fuels?
a) One million
b) Three million
c) Five million
d) Seven million
Answer: d
Clarification: Fossil fuels are not environmental friendly. Burning of fossil fuels result in pollution and can cause serious environmental concerns. According to WHO, 7 million premature deaths annually linked to air pollution by the fossil fuels burning.

12. Energy in the form of heat and light is obtained by________________
a) Biomass
b) Fossil fuels
c) Sun
d) Wind
Answer: c
Clarification: Energy in the form of heat and light is obtained by sun. Sunlight contains a large amount of energy. The Sun’s energy warms the planet’s surface, powering titanic transfers of heat and pressure in weather patterns and ocean currents.

13. SI unit for energy is_____________
a) Watt
b) Kilogram
c) Newton
d) Joule
Answer: d
Clarification: SI unit for energy is joule. Metric unit of measurement for energy or work equal to a force of one Newton applied through a distance of one meter. One joule is equivalent to 0.737324 ft-lbs. Joule is a SI unit of work, energy and heat.

14. Trapped heat inside the earth is known as_______________
a) Heat energy
b) Kinetic energy
c) Geothermal energy
d) Thermal energy
Answer: c
Clarification: Geothermal energy is the heat from the earth. It’s clean and sustainable. Resources of geothermal energy range from the ground to water and hot rock. The term geothermal originates from the Greek words.

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