250+ TOP MCQs on Estimate of Three Roomed and Sixed Roomed Building and Answers

Civil Engineering Drawing Questions and Answers for Experienced people on “Estimate of Three Roomed and Sixed Roomed Building”.

1. The expected out turn of 2.5 cm cement concrete floor per mason per day _____________
a) 2.5 sqm
b) 5.0 sqm
c) 7.5 sqm
d) 10 sqm

Answer: c
Clarification: For 100 sum, no. of Mason is 13 no. i.e. for 13 Mason flooring is 100 square meter.
So for 1 Mason flooring is 100/13 = 7.69 sum.
So option 7.5 sqm is the answer.

2. Brick walls are measured in sq. m if the thickness of the wall is _________
a) 10 cm
b) 15 cm
c) 20 cm
d) 11 cm

Answer: a
Clarification: 10cm, actually in India half brick thick wall is 115 mm thick. Half brick Modular brick wall is 10cm. Thick including thickness of plaster. However plaster is paid separately in both the cases. In India half brick thick wall is paid in sq. meter.

3. In long and short wall method of estimation, the length of long wall is the centre to centre distance between the walls and ________________
a) breadth of the wall
b) half breadth of wall on each side
c) one fourth breadth of wall on each side
d) length of the wall

Answer: b
Clarification: This method is used for deriving quantities of different items of work in a load bearing structure. The wall that contains lengthiest length on plan is considered as “long wall” and all the walls parallel to the certain long wall (regardless of length) are also taken as long walls. The wall that is perpendicular to the direction of long wall is taken as “short wall” alias “cross wall”.

4. The height of the sink of wash basin above floor level is kept at _________
a) 60 cm
b) 70 cm
c) 75 cm to 80 cm
d) 80 cm

Answer: c
Clarification: In British English, a sink is where you wash the pots in a kitchen, and a basin (or washbasin) is where you wash yourself in the bathroom. In general, a basin is a receptacle that is wider than it is deep; the word is used as a synonym for “bowl” in cooking preparation.

5. The cost of the earthwork in excavation for the surface drain of cross-section shown in the given figure for a total length of 5 metres @ Rs. 450% cum, is ___________

a) Rs. 450
b) Rs. 500
c) Rs. 420
d) Rs. 600

Answer: a
Clarification: The length of drain = 5m.
Width of drain as per figure = 0.5m.
Depth of drain as per figure = 0.4m.
Total quantity = 5 * 0.5 * 0.4 = 1 cum. As per the question, cum excavation rate is 450%.So the total cost required for excavation of drain is = 1 * 450 = Rs.450.
Therefore, the answer is Rs. 450.

6. Tender is an offer given in writing to execute specified articles or materials at a certain.
a) False
b) True

Answer: b
Clarification: Tender is an offer given in writing to execute specified articles or materials at a certain rate, within a fixed time, under certain conditions of agreement between the contractor and the party, which may be a government department or an individual.

7. Abstract estimate is not the third and final stage in a detailed estimate.
a) False
b) True

Answer: a
Clarification: This is the third and final stage in a detailed estimate. The quantities and rates of each item of work, arrived in the first two stages, are now entered in an abstract form. The total cost of each item of work is now calculated by multiplying the quantities and respective rates.

8. Estimate the quantities of brickwork and plastering required in a wall 4m long, 3m high and 30 cm thick. Calculate also the cost if the rate of brickwork is Rs.32.00 per cu.m and of plastering is Rs. 8.50 per sq.m.
a) Rs.1456.00
b) Rs.1686.00
c) Rs.1356.00
d) Rs.1556.00

Answer: c
Clarification: Quantities of brickwork = LxBxH = 4m x 3m x 0.30m = 3.6 cu.m
Quantity of plastering (two faces) = 2 x 4m x 3m = 24sq.m
Cost of brickwork = 3.6 x 320.00 = Rs.1152.00
Cost of plastering = 24x 8.50 = Rs.204.00
Total cost = 1152.00 + 204.00 = Rs.1356.00.

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