250+ TOP MCQs on Highway Projects and Answers

Highway Engineering Multiple Choice Questions on “Highway Projects”.

1. A part of land that is acquired during the initial stages of construction for future expansion is called ____________
a) Kerb
b) Footpath
c) Right of way
d) Camber
Answer: c
Clarification: Right of way is a part occupied either by the highway or railway by paying some compensation to the owners for future expansion which may have kerb, footpath and camber.

2. Which method is recommended by IRC for flexible pavements?
a) CBR
b) IRC 6
c) IRC 21
d) IRC 58
Answer: a
Clarification: The CBR method is recommended by IRC because it gives very reliable accuracy as the test depends on soil characteristics, IRC 6,21 and 58 are the code books for various pavement design.

3. Inspection of the site is done in which survey?
a) Preliminary
b) Secondary
c) Reconnaissance
d) Final report
Answer: c
Clarification: The reconnaissance survey includes the inspection of the site, soil, material and construction materials.

4. Road roughness is tested by ___________
a) Bump integrator
c) GIS
d) UI
Answer: a
Clarification: The road roughness is tested by bump integrator which is measured in mm/km and is classified into various types based on unevenness index value.

5. To minimize the cost of the project the most suitable method is ___________
a) CPM
c) CPM and PERT
d) Normal distribution curves
Answer: a
Clarification: CPM is mostly used in major projects, CPM is cost oriented whereas PERT is useful only for research purposes, normal distribution curve is followed by CPM.

6. The highly flooded areas should be re aligned by ___________
a) Providing additional thickness of the pavement
b) Providing suitable layers of pavement
c) Providing appropriate camber
d) Providing higher geometric specifications
Answer: a
Clarification: The existing road can be re aligned only by providing a thickness of pavement because the camber cannot be changed, so the additional thickness is the only option available.

7. Embankments are provided on a highway near ___________
a) Important cities
b) Religious structure
c) Railway tracks and highly flooded area
d) Costly structures
Answer: c
Clarification: The embankments are provided mostly near the highly flooded area, embankments near the railway tracks may be provided or may not be required it depends on the railway track.

8. The drawing for re alignment shows the existing road, proposed re alignment, contours and all other features it is called as ___________
a) Plan
b) Elevation
c) Cross section
d) Longitudinal section
Answer: a
Clarification: The plan shows all the above features, whereas the sections show existing roads, ground elevation, beginning and end of transition curves.