40 TOP MECHANICAL OPERATIONS Online Test – Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

1. A tube mill compared to a ball mill


2. __________ mixer is used for devulcanisation of rubber scrap & making water dispersion & rubber solution


3. Rittinger’s number designates the new surface created per unit mechanical energy absorbed by the material being crushed. Larger value of Rittinger’s number of a material indicates its


4. Grindability of a material does not depend upon its


5. Where the density difference of the two liquid phase to be separated is very small (as in milk cream separator), the most suitable separator is a


6. In case of a hammer crusher, the


7. Shape factor for a cylinder whose length equals its diameter is


8. Basic slag is not ground in


9. Screen capacity is not a function of


10. Which of the following mechanical conveyors does not come under the division ‘carriers’ ?


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