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1. Which cut is used for solid blasting in Indian coal Mines
Wedge cut

2. Permitted explosives are safe to use because
Special chemical are used to extinguish the spark produced during blasting.

3. Burden is the distance between
Distance between first row of blast holes and bench

4. Which of the following explosive have maximum strength

5. To measure the performance of blasting which factor is calculated
Powder factor

 MINING Engineering Interview Questions and Answers pdf
MINING Engineering Interview Questions

6. What is the formula for blast ability?
B = c / t

Where B = Blast ability c = compressive strength t = tensile strength of a rock

7. As per provision of regulation 170 (1a)(of CMR 1957 danger zone is an area falling a radius of ——–


8. While blasting in hot strata the temperature of hole should not exceed

80 c

9. Fly rocks during opencast blasting is controlled by

muffled blasting

10. While dealing with Misfire shot the relieving hole is drilled at a distance not less than
10 m

11. As per CMR the recapping of rope is done once at least in every
6 months

12. what is the maximum angle of fleet is permissible in winding as per CMR


13. a coal seam is said to be of degree III if rate of emission of gas in m3 /te of coal raised is

more than 10

14. reportable injury means any injury other than serious bodily injury, which involves the enforced absence of injured person from work for a period of

72 hours or more

15. When the air and mineral flow is in same direction the ventilation is known as

Homotropal ventilation

16. Roof falls are more common if the face is at

Parallel to the main cleat

17. A seam is worked at a depth of 70 mtrs . from surface and the width of the galleries is 3.2 mtr the dimension of the pillar should not exceed

16.5 mtrs

18. in board and pillar panel worked in conjuction with hydraulic stowing extraction line preferred is

step diagonal

19. emulsion explosive is mixtur
ammonium nitrate, water, hollow microballons

20. Coalfication has taken place in order of

peat . lignite, bituminous, anthracite

21. coal seams are normally found in

Sedimentary rocks

22. In India a coal seam is defined as a thick coal seam if its thickness is

More than 4.8m

23. black damp is a mixture of

CO2 + N2

24. When working approaches waterlogged areas apparatus used as precautionary measure is

Burn side boring

25. keps are used in

Drum winding

26. Chasnala mine disaster is due to


27. permissible dust concentration in Indian mines is

5mg/m2 of air

28. Factor of safety for winding rope is

29. Life of winding rope is

4.5 years

30. Runaway switch is used in
Rope haulage

31. The purpose of wire gauge in flame safety lamp is

to prevent the passage of flame from inside to the outside of the lamp

32. the hopkalite used in CO detector is a mixture of MnO2 and

Silica gel

33. Self-rescuer can be used upto ________ % of CO


34. According to CMR 1957 CH4 % in return airway should not exceed


35. the wet bulb temperature in development faces should not exceed

33 C

36. In contiguous seams means the parting between two seams is within


37. which of the following instruments is used to measure the cooling power of the air


38. Joining of two ropes is called as


39. Clifton pulley is used in

Endless rope haulage

40. when shot hole is blasted at a uarry face, fracture of rock takes place by

Both by compression and tensile

41. The minimum accuracy of colliery triangulation survey is aimed at

1 in 5000

42. fast and accurate extension of centerlines in long tunnels can be done by

Laser beam ranger

43. Mechanized opencast mining in India is economically feasible at present if the overburden to coal ratio is approximately up to
1in 8

44. for overburden removal with shovel dumper combination the optimum size of the dumper depends on

Size of the shovel and the distance of haul

45. In an underground coal mine the place where explosive is stored in underground is called as

Reserve station

46. for heavy duty crushing on hard material the type of jaw crusher normally selected is

Blake type double toggle

47. To separate two finely divided solids from one another the process to be selected is


48. A Zn deposit is formed by a geological process is called


49. cut and fill stoping can be operated

Both underhand and overhand

50. If the RD of the ore and wall rock are low the method of stoping selected will be

Block caving

51. the stoping method in which maximum cost is incurred is
Suare set stoping

52. In the panel caving system of block caving the contact between the ore and capping is kept

53. The ventilation plan of a mine should be on a reference scale o


54. In any working below ground there should be provided at least two shafts or incline which should be away from each other by a minimum distance
13.5 mtrs

55. Poisson ratio is a relationship between
Longitudinal strain and lateral strain

56. RD is a uantitative index based on core recovery procedure, which is determined by incorporation of only those pieces of core that is

Greater than or eual to 100mm

57. In a contoured Map if there are higher values in side the loop it indicates


58. The intersection of a vertical line through the observer’s station with the upper portion of the celestrial sphere is called

59. the effect of curvature in leveling is an error, which is


60. The minimum accuracy of colliery triangulation survey is aimed at

1in 5000

61. The earliest indication of the spontaneous heating of coal can be given by

Sweating of strata

62. In an underground coal mine ventilated by 100 HP fan (Air HP) it is reuired to double the uantity ofair for the purpose of air HP reuired will be

800 H.P.

63. Ore for metal lead is


64. DGMS comes under

Labour Ministry

65. lily controller is used for the protection in winder

Over wind

66. balance rope is used on Koepe friction winder

To balance cage winding rope and to reduce power consumption

67. Factor of safety (FOS) in connection with winding

d)applicable to static loading

68. LHD is a

Loading, hauling and dumping machine

69. the shape of the casting in a centrifugal pump is


70. Magnetic separation is

A dry method

71. Notice to regional inspector of mines about occurrence of serious accident is given in form

72. Blasting Gallery method is not suitable for working seam thickness

Less than 7 m

73. The size and speed of rotation being the same the head developed is max in case of
A forward bladed centrifugal fan

74. In water gas explosion the two highly explosive gases that are involved are

H2 and CO

75. In an underground working area CH4 and CO2 are normally expected to be found respectively

Near the roof and near the floor

76. The most important parameter of a dust that governs its physiological effect is

Size of dust

77. In a mine a big roof fall has taken place in the mine intake place in main intake airway. The fan drift water gauge
Will register an increase

78. Stone dust barriers are installed in underground

to prevent the imitation of coal dust explosion

79. 60 dB + 60dB

63 dB

80. In ventilation network analysis, kirchhoff’s first law is used which states

the algebraic sum of uantitities flowing at a junction is zero

81. Atkinson’s euation P = R2 is applicable for

Laminar flow only

82. NVP in a mine is more in

Winter as the air going in is cold

83. Reynolds number varies
Directly with flow velocity

84. Resistance of a mine airway does not depend upon
uantity of air flowing in it

85. An electric cap lamp as used in mine has a fuse of capacity

4 amp

86. A 10% increase in cross sectional area of a roadway will reduce the resistance approximately by

87. The recommended instrument for the air borne respirable dust sampling in the Indian mines is


88. The oxygen concentration in underground mine should not be less than


89. the thickness of ventilation stopping should not be less than

38 cms

90. A cap lamp must be able to produce an illumination of

0.25 lumans

91. Gravimetric dust samplers works on the principals of


92. carbon monoxide detector tubes uses

Potassium palladium sulphate

93. Installation of booster fan in one district

Reduces the flow of air in other district

94. Pitot tube is generally used for

Measurement of air velocity in ducts

95. Gas chromatography utilizes the principal of

Solid gas absorption

96. Explosibility of coal dust generally does not depends on

d)Colour of dust

97. For measuring relative humidity we use

98. Geothermal gradient in Indian coalfields is about

c)1 0 C / 38m

99. A drum Shearer is mounted on

Its own skid

100. Dust generation may be reduced by drilling

Sharp bit

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