300+ TOP Mother’s Day Quiz Questions and Answers MCQs

Mother’s Day Quiz Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the most popular gift purchased for Mother’s Day?
A. Balloons

B. Flowers

C. Cards

Answer: C. Cards

2. Which U.S President officially issued a proclamation to establish Mother’s Day?
A. Woodrow Wilson

B. Thomas Jefferson

C. William H. Taft

Answer: A. Woodrow Wilson

3. Which country awarded medals to mothers with large families in the 1920s?
A. Germany

B. France

C. Denmark

Answer: B. France

4. Which was the first country to dedicate one day just for mothers?
A. Australia

B. New Zealand

C. England

Answer: C. England

5. The modern Mother’s Day was first celebrated in which country?
A. Germany

B. The United States

C. France

Answer: B. The United States

6. Which of the following flowers are often associated with Mother’s Day?
A. Daisies

B. Lilies

C. Carnations

Answer: C. Carnations

7. In which month is Mother’s Day celebrated in Canada, Australia, and the United States?
A. April

B. May

C. June

Answer: B. May

8. In the Roman Catholic Church, Mother’s Day is most associated with admiration for whom?
A. Virgin Mary

B. Mary Magdalene

C. Eve

Answer: A. Virgin Mary

9. Which holiday was the precursor to the modern Mother’s Day in the United Kingdom?
A. Mother’s Feast

B. Mothering Sunday

C. Feast Day

Answer: B. Mothering Sunday

10. Which scientist won two Nobel Prize awards and was also the mother of a Nobel Prize Winner?
A. Alice Kipling

B. Pauline Koch Einstein

C. Marie Curie

Answer: C. Marie Curie

11. “Mother of Presidents” is the nickname of which U.S. state because 8 former U.S. Presidents were born and raised there?
A. Illinois

B. Virginia

C. North Carolina

Answer: B. Virginia

12. Which of the following songs by the Beatles was inspired by Mary, the mother of Paul McCartney?
A. Let It Be

B. Yesterday

C. In My Life

Answer: A. Let It Be

13. Mother’s ruin is the other name of which alcoholic drink?
A. Rum

B. Whisky

C. Gin

Answer: C. Gin

14. The U.S. actress Kate Hudson is the daughter of which famous mother?
A. Meryl Streep

B. Meg Ryan

C. Goldie Hawn

Answer: C. Goldie Hawn

15. In the former Yugoslavia, what would children do to get treats from their mother?
A. To tell a joke to their mother

B. To tie up their mother

C. To hug their mother

Answer: B. To tie up their mother

16. What is the name of the estranged mother of Homer Simpson?
A. Mona

B. Mary

C. Meryl

Answer: A. Mona

17. In Greek mythology, who is the mother of the gods?
A. Artemis

B. Eris

C. Rhea

Answer: C. Rhea

18. In which movie is there a computer named “Mother”?
A. Alien

B. Avatar

C. Blade Runner

Answer: A. Alien

19. In which country do people celebrate Durga-puja, a 10-day event around September or October that pays homage to Durga – the mother goddess?
A. Iran

B. Pakistan

C. India

Answer: C. India

20. Mother Theresa found her missionary in which Indian city?
A. Calcutta

B. New Deli

C. Bangalore

Answer: A. Calcutta

21. Complete the following saying: … is the mother of invention.
A. Money

B. Patience

C. Necessity

Answer: C. Necessity

22. “Mother and Child” is an artwork that depicts a calf and a cow bisected and preserved in 4 separate tanks of formaldehyde. What is the type of this artwork?
A. Painting

B. Sculpture

C. Wax figure

Answer: B. Sculpture

23. Which song by John Lennon bears the name of his mother, who tragically died in a vehicle accident?
A. Mary

B. Anne

C. Julia

Answer: C. Julia

24. Carnations are a popular flower on Mother’s Day because many Christians believe that they were made from what of Mary?
A. Tears

B. Hair

C. Milk

Answer: A. Tears

25. Who is the mother of Prince William and Prince Harry?
A. Queen Elizabeth I

B. Princess Diana

C. Lady Sarah McCorquodale

Answer: B. Princess Diana

26. What is the other name of nacre, a composite material produced from some molluscs?
A. Mother of pearl

B. Mother of shell

C. Mother of oyster

Answer: A. Mother of pearl

27. What does the word “mother” mean in Latin?
A. Mutter

B. Madre

C. Mater

Answer: C. Mater

28. “Mamma Mia” is a hit by which pop group?
A. Boney M


C. The Doors

Answer: B. ABBA

29. In Tibet, people refer to what as “The Goddess Mother”?
A. Potala Palace

B. Namtso Lake

C. Mount Everest

Answer: C. Mount Everest

30. Which of the following cakes is often made to celebrate Mothering Sunday in the United Kingdom?
A. Simnel cake

B. Sponge cake

C. Tipsy cake

Answer: A. Simnel cake

31. In which country was the Nobel laureate and Catholic missionary Mother Teresa born?
A. Croatia

B. Serbia

C. Albania

Answer: C. Albania

32. Monique Delacroix is the mother of which fictional character?
A. James Bond

B. Harry Potter

C. Joker

Answer: A. James Bond

33. Elizabeth Fry is often referred to as “The Mother of Prison Reform”. Where can everyone see her picture regularly?
A. In front of many prisons

B. On the back of a banknote

C. In public buildings

Answer: B. On the back of a banknote

34. In the British sitcom “The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin”, which vision came up on the television screen whenever Reginald thought of his mother-in-law?
A. A witch

B. A mermaid

C. A hippopotamus

Answer: C. A hippopotamus

35. Where were these words spoken: “Let’s get this mother out of here”?
A. On the moon

B. In the ocean

C. On top of Mount Everest

Answer: A. On the moon

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