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MS ACCESS Interview Questions for freshers experienced :-

1. How MS Access is better than MS SQL Server?

  • With a small number of users, MS Access is easy to handle and suited for desktop use
  • Easy compatibility and sharing compare to MS SQL Server
  • SQL server is, usually, used by developers and in a bigger organization
  • MS Access is cheaper than MS SQL
  • MS Access requires less database administration

2. How we can do multi-join query in MS Access?
In Access, we can only join two tables, in order to join more tables you require to group the first join together by using parentheses, as if it was a newly derived table. After that, you can join another table to that group.




( ( Table 1

LEFT JOIN Table 2…





3. Would you like to easily automate your MS Access database through menu driven selections?
This can be accomplished by creating a form with customized buttons that point to macros. An easier way is to use MS Access’ built in function called “Switchboard Manager”. This can be located in Tools/Add-Ins.

4. Explain about managing data tasks?
Data can be managed by using the features of Import text wizard and export text wizard. Here you can save the operation for future use. First you should edit the specification name after clicking it you can make changes to the text box. Path can also be changed by clicking and modifying the changes in text box. Changes to the description of the file name can be made by making a change in the text box and then saving the changes to the path, specification name by pressing enter.

5. When I assigned a primary key to my table in Microsoft Access, I was expecting my (11112 to be sorted. Am I using the correct procedure?
Some developers occasionally rely on indexes to sort their data, but shouldn’t. Thai’s because an index is an internal Jet operation that relies on internal rules to speed sorting, which is not the same as actually performing the sort. Records are not stored differently or changed. The sort is not performed until an action is being taken against the data like a query. This is not the same as simply opening a table in its Datasheet View. Although an index often appears to sort data, those internal rules often conflict with normal sorting practices and can have unexpected results.
Sorting can be accomplished through the use of a query where ascending or descending can he specified against any one of the fields chosen from the table.

6. How do you import data from another access database?
The process of importing data from another Access database follows these general steps they are

  • Preparing the document for import operation and make sure that extensions are not in .mde or .accde because in that extension you can import only tables.
  • Source should be closed automatically when the process is completed
  • Make sure that you have permission for read and write.

7. I am using the Switchboard Manager in MS Access. I am getting an error message ‘[here was an error executing this command.
The Switchboard manager in MS Access offers only limited information on errors that occur within the database. Execute the selection directly Prom the database window to get more detailed information on the error.

8. What happens if the both source and destination are named the same?
The import operation present in MS Access does not overwrite or modify any of the existing tables or objects. If both the source and destination are the same it makes sure that numbers are appended to the name of the source file. For example a table having a name as info will be renamed as infol.

9. What format should my database be saved in to allow different versions of Microsoft Access to open the database?
MS Access is not backwards compatible. To share tables between different versions of MS Access, you can link the tables between two different databases However, only the tables in the converted database would be available.

10 . What is the maximum size of a database that can be opened in Microsoft Access?
1 Gigabyte

MS ACCESS Interview Questions
MS ACCESS Interview Questions

11. I am designing an Access database form. how can I get my next control in the form to be automatically selected?
By default, Access waits until you press Enter before it selects the Next control on your form. However, this is a wasted keystroke you can eliminate by setting each control’s Auto Tab property to Yes. This Property also requires that you set an input mask. Once the data you’re entering satisfies the input mask, the Auto Tab property Automatically selects the form’s next control We don’t recommend you Use this feature unless you can apply it consistently; otherwise you’ll just confuse your users, who won’t know when to press Enter.

12. In MS Access the long and short date option does not show 4 digit years. how do I achieve the mm/dd/yyyy format?
In the date field properties of the table, form, or properties manually input the format you would like. It is not required to choose one of the date formats in the drop down box. Example would be mm/dd/yyyy.

13. how can I open an MS Access database that has been converted to a current version?
MS Access is not backwards compatible. A workaround to share tables between different versions of MS Access would be to link the tables between two different databases. All objects in the database would not be available.

14. Explain about relationships and look up fields?
Relationships are imported from the source to destination without any hindrance but once they land in the destination they can never be altered or changed and change of extensions cannot be of much help.
Lookup fields: -Make sure that you link tables, links, etc if you want to display look up values and not look up ids. Related table should be linked to the destination field for display of lookup values.

15. How do you create an append query?
Append query can be used if you would like to add new rows of data to an already existing table.
The process of creating an append query follows these steps they are.

  1. Basic step should be to create a select query
  2. After selecting the query you need to append the query
  3. Destination fields should be selected for each column in the query
  4. Records can be appended by using the function to run.

16 . State some of the uses append query?
Some of the uses of append query are as follows

  • You will save time by appending data to an existing table rather than manual update.
  • Appending files based on specific criteria is possible.
  • If your destination file doesn’t have columns and rows you can add certain columns and rows thus ignoring the rest of them.
  • Append can save time and labor when dealing with large database updation.

17. State some criteria s and their effects Of a database?
It is possible to enter one or more criteria in the rows which can affect your database significantly.
>=“Callahan” this returns all the various records from Callahan to the end of the alphabet. Date() This field returns all the data pertaining to the current date.
This is used when you want to know all records which contain zero length string This can be useful to know whether your customers have fax numbers or so.

18. Detail about how you can import a sharepoint list?
Importing a Sharepoint list to an access database gives you a range of flexible convenient options first a copy is made into the access database after which you can specify the lists which you would like to copy. Also you have an option to copy an entire list or only a specific file. Also import operation creates a table in access which copies the entire fields and records specified into the Access.

19. Explain the steps for this message could not delete from the specified tables?
This error is caused by delete query and when the unique property is set to no.
Following are the steps which should be taken to solve the problem.

  1. Delete query should be opened and if it is not opening then press F4
  2. Clicking the query properties underneath the query designer will give you options.
  3. In that options you need to locate unique records property and should set it to yes. These options are present in query property sheet.

20. Explain about creating a report tool by using the report tool and report wizard?
Report tool creates a report very fast because it will not ask you for much information for creating your report. it displays the entire field but it may not be the polished data source you are opting for.
Report wizard allows you to create a table by giving you options on what to appear and what not to appear You can specify the relations, grouping and sorting between the tables.

21. Explain about Microsoft access?
Microsoft access name has been changed to Microsoft office access. This software incorporates relational database management system which combines GUI (graphical user interface) with Microsoft Jet database engine. It can import and use data from Access, SQL, oracle, etc. This software is used to build application software.

22. Explain about the various features present in MS Access?
Microsoft access has huge benefits for a programmer and end user. Some of the benefits are

  • Relative compatibility with SQL and VBA.
  • Microsoft SQL server desktop engine is embedded into the Access suite along with Jetdata base engine which can further help you in programming.
  • MS Access allows forms to contain data which is altered as changes are made to the underlying table.
  • It has features which support the creation of all objects in the underlying server.

23. State some of the uses of MS Access?
MS Access provides a huge range of functions some of them are

  • It is used by small business, departments of large corporations, and by amateurs to create applications on their desktop for data applications.
  • Access is very useful for small web based database applications hosted on IIS and using ASP.NET pages.
  • It can be used as a RAD for building prototype and Stand alone applications.
  • Access can be used as a frontend while the backend can be a ODI3C compliant product.

24. Fxplain about the protection features present in MS Access?
If a programmer doesn’t wish to make changes to the document he can lock the document data and its code from further changes by changing the extension of the file system to .MDE. Changes can be made only to the file with an extension MDE. Tools are available in the market which can unlock and decompile the code but some changes to VBA or VB scripts are irreversible.

25. Name at least six file extensions of Microsoft Access?
Some of the file extensions present in MS Access are

  • Access blank project template .adn
  • Access database ,accdb
  • Access project .adp
  • Access Workgroup .mdw
  • Protected access database .accde
  • Access workgroup .mdw

26. In MS Access 2013 what are the different ways you can enter data?
Different methods you can enter data in MS Access are

  • Datasheet View
  • Form
  • SQL View
  • Import from External Data (XML, Data Services, HTML etc.)

27. How you can import data from other sources into Access database?
To import data into Access data-base

  • In the main menu, click on EXTERNAL DATA, in the Import and Link group
  • Choose the type of the file you want to import
  • To know which type of file can be import or link Access database, follow the instruction in the Get External Data wizard

28. State the criteria which a trusted publisher should meet before adding him?
The following criteria should be met by the publisher before adding him to the list.

  • The code project should have a digital signature of the publisher
  • A valid digital signature should be in place
  • Valid digital signature should not be expired
  • Digital certificate which comes with digital signature should meet industry standards and specifications.
  • Developer who is holding and signing the code project should be a trusted publisher.

29. how do you add a developer to a trusted publishers list?
Whenever a developer is signing into the code project you will have three options they are disable the macro, enable the macro and explicitly trusting the publisher. You can trust the publisher by allowing from the control panel of the windows. Always have an option left to enable or disable the macros because sensitive information regarding your code can be leaked out within fraction of seconds.

30. Mention how you can create a simple query in Access 2013?

  • Open your database
  • Go to -> create tab
  • Click on the query wizard icon
  • Select a query type
  • From the pull-down menu choose the appropriate table
  • Select the field you want in the query results
  • To add information from additional tables, repeat steps 5 and 6
  • Click on next
  • Choose the type of results that you would like to produce
  • Give your query a title
  • Click on finish

31. What is the size limitation of an Access database?
Size limitation does not pertain to number of records in a table within a database. Forms, reports, macros, and modules also contribute to database size, but is rather minimal compared to tables containing records. It is recommended that if large amounts of data will be maintained or constantly deleted and new data imported, put your tables in another database and link the tables back into the main database. The utilities for database compression and repair will nm much more quickly. In Access 2.0 databases the byte size limitation is 1 gigabyte. In general, use the 1gb rule and suggestions here to maintain performance of the database. See also “How Replication Increases Size of Database.’.

32. what do you mean by queries?
Queries are the medium of manipulating the data to display in the form or report. Queries can join tables, update data, delete data, sort, calculate, filter, etc.

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