40 TOP OPERATIONAL AMPLIFIERS Online Test – Questions and Answers

1. How many logic states does an S-R flip-flop have?


2. What three subcircuits does a phase locked loop (PLL) consist of?


3. The magnitude of closed-loop voltage gain (Acl) of an inverting amplifier equals:


4. If the feedback/input resistor ratio of a feedback amplifier is 4.6 with 1.7 V applied to the noninverting input, what is the output voltage value?


5. An output that is proportional to the addition of two or more inputs is from which type of amplifier?


6. When a capacitor is used in place of a resistor in an op-amp network, its placement determines:


7. An ideal amplifier should have:


8. If the input to a comparator is a sine wave, the output is a:


9. The input offset current equals the


10. The Schmitt trigger is a two-state device that is used for:


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