40 TOP Process Equipment and Plant Design Online Test – Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

1. In a pressure vessel containing multiple openings of various dimensions at different parts, stress concentration at the edges of the opening is maximum which becomes negligibly small beyond the area covered by __________ times the hole diameter


2. A shell may by termed as thin if its thickness to diameter ratio is less than 0.1. The factor which can be neglected in the calculation of membrane stresses is


3. The distance between the centre of a rivet hole to the nearest edge of the plate is called


4. Wind load consideration in the design of a support can be neglected, when the vessel is


5. Frame thickness in the plate and frame filter press is normally in the range of __________ inches


6. A minimum clearance of about __________ mm is maintained between the distillation column wall and the bubble cap


7. Pick out the wrong statement


8. Which of the following efficiencies can be greater than 100% ?


9. Tubes are fixed to the tube sheet (a thick circular metallic plate) by the method of tube rolling and brazing (non-removable) or ferrule connection (removable). Thickness of the tube, sheet is normally __________ the outside diameter of the tube but in no case it should be less than 22 mm (7/8″)


10. Cylinderical shell thickness of rotary drier is generally __________ mm


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