300+ TOP RNA STRUCTURE Objective Questions and Answers

RNA STRUCTURE Multiple Choice Questions :-

1. A nicked RNA molecule can be ligated by

A. T4 RNA ligase
B. DNA polymerase
C. T4 DNA ligase
D. all of these

Answer: C

2. The tertiary structure of yeast tRNA

A. involves extensive base stacking interactions
B. resembles the 3-dimensional structure of other tRNAs
C. is maintained mostly by non-Watson-Crick base pairing
D. all of the above

Answer: D

3. Which of following RNA characteristically contains unusual purines and pyrimidmes?


Answer: D

4. The anticodon is a structure on

A. mRNA.
B. tRNA.
C. aribosome.
D. rRNA.

Answer: B

5. The genetic material of retroviruses such as HIV is

C. protein
D. all of these

Answer: B

6. Retroviruses replicate via __________ intermediate


Answer: B

7. During RNA synthesis, the DNA template sequence 5’Tp Ap Gp Cp 3′ Would be transcribed to produce which of the following RNA sequence?

A. 5′-Ap Tp Cp Gp-3′
B. 5′-Gp Cp Up Ap-3′
C. 5′-Gp Cp Tp Ap-3′
D. 5′-Ap Up Cp Gp-3′

Answer: B

8. RNA instability in alkaline solutions is due to

A. adenine
B. ribose
C. uracil
D. single strand nature

Answer: B

9. In RNA, uracil pairs with

A. adenine
B. cytosine
C. thymine
D. guanine

Answer: A

10. Two features of the tRNA molecule associated, in converting the triplet codon to an amino acid, are

A. in the T Loop and D stem and loop
B. in the anticodon loop and D stem loop
C. in the anticodon loop and the 3′ CCA end
D. none of the above

Answer: C

RNA STRUCTURE Objective Questions

RNA STRUCTURE Objective type Questions with Answers

11. Which of the following is the smallest of the RNAs?

A. Messenger RNA
B. Transfer RNAs
C. Ribosomal RNAs
D. All of these

Answer: B

12. The mRNA from which of the following would contain a poly-A tail?

A. A restriction endonuclease from E. coli
B. Bacterial alpha-amylase
C. Human insulin
D. Bacteriophage DNA ligase

Answer: C

13. What is the average size (in bp) of a mature t-RNA?

A. 80 bp
B. 100 bp
C. 120 bp
D. 140 bp

Answer: A

14. What modified base is at the 5′ extremity of a capped eukaryotic m-RNA?

A. 1-methyl-adenosine
B. 2′-O-methyl-guanosine
C. 7-methyl-guanosine
D. 1-methyl-guanosine

Answer: C

15. What is the function of messenger RNA?

A. It carries amino acids
B. It is a component of the ribosomes
C. It is a direct copy of a gene
D. It is the genetic material of some organisms

Answer: C

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