300+ Sap Copa FAQs and Answers [Experienced / Freshers]

Sap Copa Interview Questions with Answers

Question: 1. Explain The Organizational Assignment In The Pa Module?


The operating Concern is the highest node in Profitability Analysis.
The operating concern is assigned to the Controlling Area.
Within the working challenge all of the transactions of Profitability Analysis are stored.
The operating difficulty is nothing but a nomenclature for defining the very best node in PA.
Question 2. What Do You Mean By Period Based Accounting (gl Based) And Cost Of Sales Accounting (copa Based)? Period Based Accounting?


“Period based” manner that in the month or length, all and only actual occasions / transactions are posted in the proper length.  At the give up of the length envisioned accruals and deferrals are made and published to that posting length to present a more accurate view of earnings.  IE any predicted sales and fees that should relate to the modern-day length are accumulated for and equally any pay as you go costs or revenues are deferred to the next length.  (Accruals and Deferrals are posted quickly, commonly to special money owed, and reversed previous to the following duration stop.)

Cost of Sales Accounting:

Cost of Sales in SAP method that we try to report or instead record the “fees of income” against the actual sale at as low a level as viable and at some point of the length. (In CO-PA that is down to a transaction level.)   This enables the enterprise to get a fairly correct view of profitability on a actual time foundation.

This is done with the aid of using both standards or estimates for most of the components that make up the “value of goods sold”.  Any versions from the standards are typically posted thru to the value of income system either at month end or once they occur.

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Question 3. What Are Non-fixed Characteristics Or User Defined Characteristics?


Up to 50 non-constant characteristics can be introduced to an operating challenge.

Create -> Derived the fee from Table PAPARTNER (SD associate that can be used in COPA) -> Create person described function name WW008 -> Save

Question: four. What Is A “fee Field” In The Co-pa Module?


Value fields are wide variety/price associated fields in profitability evaluation which include amount, sales sales, and bargain fee.

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Question five. What Is A “function Field” In The Co-pa Module?


Characteristics are analytical statistics fields utilized in CO-PA. Typical examples encompass customer range, logo, and distribution channel.

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Question 6. What Do You Mean Fixed Characteristic Fields?


Predefined characteristic fields in SAP R/three system, which are apparent, are called fixed function fields consisting of product, sales org and consumer

Question: 7. What Do You Mean By Value Field Groups?


Value Field Groups represent the possible combos of cost fields in an working problem.

Value area agencies are used to specify:

Which price ought to be made to be had to customers coming into or displaying a line item
In what order those cost fields ought to be displayed
Which unique fee fields may be crammed
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Question eight. Describe Three Ways Of Disposing Of An Asset From A Company Code In Sap R/three?


An present asset can be scrapped (transaction ABAVN), transferred to any other agency code (ABUMN), bought to a purchaser account inside the money owed receivable module (F-ninety two), sold with sales however the sales is booked to a GL account (ABAON).

Question: nine. What Is The Basic Difference In Customizing In Profitability Analysis As Compared To Other Modules?


In PA when we configure the gadget i.E. Growing running concern, hold structures no customizing request is generated. The configuration wishes to be transported via a distinctive transaction known as as KE3I.

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Question 10. How Do You Configure The Assignment Of Variances From Product Costing To Copa Module?


The variance categories from product costing along side fee element are to be assigned to the value fields in COPA.

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Question eleven. What Are Statistical Key Figures In Co?


SKF’s are statistical (or statistics values) utilized in fee allocations together with tests and distributions.

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Question 12. What Are Account Assignment Models?


AAM’s are blocks of report line items that may be used repeatedly to prevent manual re-entry. Which fields are covered within the AAM layout can be configured the use of O7E3

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Question 13. How Data Flows From Sd To Copa?


The normal SD document waft is as follows:

Sales order
Delivery (the shipping creates the goods difficulty, which debits COGS and credits Inventory – COGS is updated in CO-PA at this time)
Billing Document (the billing record updates A/R, Sales sales, Discounts, Freight, and so on.)
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Question 14. What Are Statistical Internal Orders?


Statistical actual internal orders are dummy fee gadgets used for analysis and reporting functions. They ought to be posted to at the side of a real cost object inclusive of a fee middle.

Question: 15. What Is The Difference Between “costing Based” (cb) And “account Based” (ab) Co-pa ?


AB can effortlessly be reconciled with FI at account stage thru the use of cost elements. In CB can most effective be reconciled at account group stage (such as revenues, sales deductions and so forth) as values are saved in “price fields” instead of accounts.
In CB information is stored through posting intervals and weeks. In AB garage is handiest with the aid of durations.
In CB transactions can be saved in operating concern currency and agency code foreign money. In AB transactions are saved in controlling location forex, organisation code currency and transaction currency.
In CB you could create go controlling location evaluations or go controlling place plans. In AB you cannot because the chart of bills may also fluctuate.
In CB the fee of exact sales (COGS) are updated through cloth price valuations. Stock alternate values may be transferred to CB COPA at some point of billing. Timing variations can arise if the goods issue and billing documents are in one of a kind posting durations. In AB the cost published inside the inventory alternate is posted concurrently to COPA.
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Question sixteen. Name Some Settlement Receivers For Co Internal Orders?


Typically CO Internal Order is settled to:-

Other internal orders
Fixed property (including belongings beneath structures)
GL Accounts
Cost Centres
Question 17. Can Both Account Based And Costing Based Profitability Analysis Be Configured At The Same Time?


Yes. It is viable to configure both kinds of costing primarily based profitability evaluation at the equal time.

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Question 18. Why Does Sap Talk About Statistical Assignments In Co – Why Are These Different From Real Cost Accounting Assignments?


The motive is to facilitate reconciliation between FI and CO. The sum of all ‘actual’ assignments in CO ought to upload as much as the sum of all rate and revenue postings (in which fee/revenue elements were created for the GL account of course) in FI.   A normal rate bill posting to rate debts / value elements could be a ‘real’ posting. If the machine is showing an blunders message insisting on a ‘value accounting undertaking’ and you think you have got entered one, then probably you’ve got designated a statistical undertaking. A common mistakes is in questioning that the commercial enterprise vicinity will do – Business areas are FI factors now not CO factors.

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Question 19. How Data Flows From Co To Copa?


Through Assessments. Allocates expenses from cost centers to profitability segments. 

Question: 20. How Data Flows Through Mm Into Fi?


Through Account mission model OKB9. Automatic postings created in materials management, can be passed on to CO-PA by way of automatic account challenge to a profitability phase.

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Question 21. How Data Flows From Pp Into Fi & Copa?


Through Production Variances. It Posts variances from the manufacturing (product value) estimates or standards to the GL accounts and to Profitability Analysis if actual charges are required (vs trendy expenses).  Standard value figures might have been used to replace Stock and Cost of Goods bought figures whilst completed stock become issued from the manufacturing runs. 

Question: 22. What Are Characteristics Values?


Characteristics are factors on which we need to break down the earnings logically consisting of patron, vicinity product, sales character and so forth.

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