300+ TOP SAP EWM Interview Questions and Answers

SAP EWM Interview Questions for freshers experienced :-

1. What are the different deployment alternatives in EWM?

  • SAP EWM can be considered as deployed in ERP server or you can also recollect it as an software in Supply chain Management panorama.
  • SAP EWM is included with ERP to get an access to transaction and master records and use of features like slotting; availability test also requires integration with CRM.
  • SAP EWM is taken into consideration as separate utility and proportion the identical server with SCM applications. You also can run SAP EWM in its personal SCM surroundings that’s appropriate to get improved overall performance.

EWM Deployment alternatives :

  • SAP EWM on SCM Server
  • SAP EWM as Standalone

2. How can you create a work center for packing in SAP EWM device?
To create a work center for packing, you need statistics :

  1. Warehouse
  2. Storage Type
  3. Inbound Section
  4. Outbound Section

If you want to define a work center, navigate to Extended Warehouse management → Master Data → Work Center → Define Work Center

3. What is Storage Control and what are its kinds?
Storage control is used to decide product actions in a warehouse. It is used to execute put away or stock removal system in the warehouse.

  • Layout Oriented
  • Process Oriented

4. What is Replenishment in SAP EWM?
Replenishment is described as the movement of goods from warehouse to shipment locations. In SAP EWM, you could use predefined strategies for replenishment of storage bins. There are different replenishment manage fields described at storage kind level or storage bin stage. The statistics for control fields may be entered manually inside the device or you may use a slotting system to outline these fields.

5. A benefit of using Physical inventor in SAP EWM?

  • To perform financial accounting and tax rules, you could need to carry out an accurate stock to get the price of an inventory in the warehouse. Physical inventory process offers with counting physical stock of a warehouse and to get counting results.
  • Physical inventory may be utilized by the control to count stock in order so that product can be stocked or corrected.

6. What is Slotting manner in EWM? What are special parameters used in Slotting?
Slotting is a process in EWM to outline most appropriate put-away parameters- storage type, section, etc. Slotting places the best in a warehouse in a manner that gives the most optimal storage and picking of products.

There are distinct parameters that are utilized in slotting manner :

  • Storage Requirement Data
  • Product Data
  • Packaging Data
  • Demand Forecast

7. What is Expected Good Receipts?
To create inbound deliveries expected good receipts are used. Creating goods receipt in EWM machine without an inbound delivery is also possible.

Advantages of the use of Good receipt :

  1. This method happens in EWM machine only.
  2. If your ERP machine is down, you could still execute anticipated goods receipt in EWM.
  3. An expected goods receipt is based totally on statistics in production order so it could be used as the preview of goods receipt.
  4. This system calls for two files to use in EWM gadget −
  • Notification Expected goods receipt
  • Expected items receipt

8. What is the goods movement status of the outbound transport after a goods issue has been canceled?
Not yet commenced

9. Where do you manipulate Packaging specs?
Go to SAP Easy get entry to → EWM → Master Data → Packaging Specification → Maintain Packaging specification.

10. How do you perform direct Goods Issue in SAP EWM machine?
The items trouble process in extended warehouse management starts with outbound shipping request. When an outbound transport document is created, this procedure starts in the ERP system. For items which can be applicable in EWM, a delivery report is replicated in SAP EWM device.

SAP EWM Interview Questions
SAP EWM Interview Questions

11. What are the transactions available to create a transfer order for transferring partial shares inside a warehouse number?
A) LT01

B) LT10

Two transactions are available to create a transfer order for transferring partial shares inside a warehouse quantity:

  1. Transfer Order creation without Source Object (transaction code LT01)
  2. Transfer Order creation from Stock List (transaction code LT10)

12. Why do you operate Physical inventor in SAP EWM?

  • To perform monetary accounting and tax rules, you may want to carry out correct inventory to get the value of a stock in a warehouse. Physical inventory manner deals with counting physical inventory of a warehouse and to get counting results.
  • Physical inventory can be utilized by a control to matter stock in order that product can be stocked or corrected.

13. How SAP ERP device communicates with Extended Warehouse Management or CM with APO gadget?
SAP ERP and EWM are carefully incorporated with every different for a switch of transaction and master statistics. There are two ways of communication.

Core Interface (CIF) −

Core interface is one of the common strategies for communication between SAP SCM device and SAP Advanced Planning and Optimization APO. Master statistics maintained in ERP machine like customer, material, and dealer which might be had in ERP system are transferred to EWM system use Core Interface CIF communique.

14. What is Storage bin?
Storage bins represent the physical location of storage area wherein the products are stored in Warehouse. They are at the lowest stage of organization structure and whilst you keep an object in a Warehouse you have to mention its exact place.

15. What is the use of Activity regions in Storage Bin?
Storage containers are further labeled in activity vicinity. It consists of sports like choosing, placed away or a physical stock. As according to activity, you can assign identical garage bin to more than one interest areas.

16. What is Quant?
The quantity of goods in storage bin is represented by means of Quant. The quant is used for coping with inventory in a storage bin.

17. How to create a storage bin?
The storage bin can be created by using the following code

T-Code: /SCWM/LS01

18. What is the Work Center in a Warehouse?
A work center in Warehouse is assigned to a storage type and a physical unit to carry out packing, deconsolidation or weighing activities. Storage kind assigned to the work center has a role within the work center, pick out a factor or select factor and identification. You can also configure extra than work center in a storage type.

19. What are the specific components in a Value Added Order?
The following are the specific components in a Value Added Order.

  • Order Header
  • VAS sports to be performed
  • Items
  • Auxiliary merchandise (Packing material, labels, oil, and many others.)

20. What is Value Added Services in Warehouse management?
Value Added Services define the product processing to be done in a warehouse and consists of activities like packing, labeling, assembling, etc.

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