300+ TOP SAP QM Interview Questions and Answers

SAP QM Interview Questions for freshers experienced :-

1. Which Movement Types Refer To Inspection Origin 05?

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You need to check the T156S-QSSHK. It shows the inspection lot origin for all movement types.

2. I Have Executed Massive Automatic Usage Decision Via Qa16 And Noticed That No Stock Postings Been Updated. The System Noted The Usage Decision But Didn’t Carry Any Goods Movements. Why Were The Stock Postings Not Updated? Is It Possible To Execute In Mass Via Qa16?

You should make sure that the UD codes you use have the automatic postings setup for it. The selected set code needs to be set for background postings and what material status it should post to. Take care of these and it will take care of the problems.

3. I Need To Change The Status Of A Lot Based On Certain Conditions And Looked At Qfpo_post_status_for_lot But This Didn’t Return Anything. I Need The Status Of The Lot To Be Insp Rrec So That I Can Forward The Result Copy On To Batch Classification?

In general, forcing a change to the system status is not a very good idea. Instead, you should consider using a user status. If the system status is not RREC then, there will be no results to copy.

4. Is It Possible To Make The Inspection Lot Quantity To (1) All The Time? Can It Be Configured As An Automatic Default In Qa01? If Yes, What Are The Steps Necessary To Make A Sample Size Default Every Time We Create An Inspection Lot?

  • If you are referring to the Sample Size the answer is yes.
  • If you are referring to the Lot Size, then the answer is no.
  • For the lot quantity, you can use a sampling procedure of type fixed and assign the size to 1.

5. In Our Plant, Gr For A Material Was Made Three Months Back. This Material Is Qm Managed. The Quality Plan For This Material Was Made This Month Only. Hence Our Qm Personnel Are Not Able To Clear This Particular Gr. How Do I Go About It? What Is The Tcode For It And How Do I Proceed?

You can reset the Sample Calculation and Recalculate the change in Start & Inspection end date in QA02.

In QA02 you can also change the key date on the second tab so it looks for a plan on that date. If that plan has already been created, you can then change the key date to the current date and it will find the plan.

6. How Do I Transfer The Results From One Origin To Another Origin?

This can be done by creating a program attached to the follow up functions for the UD code. Once the UD is done the results can be transferred from lot to lot

7. I Want The System To Take My User Name As Default For Partner Ao Author While Creating A Notification. I’ve Created The Partner Determination Profile And Assigned It To The Notification But It Is Not Defaulting The User Name As Partner. What Can I Do To Correct This?

I assume that you have an organization for the partners. I think you need to utilize workflow and do some coding.

Utilize the user ids. Use the KU for coordinator since it is for the user, and KO is for the person which requires HR. When a Q3 based notification is created the coordinator would be defaulted. But as I said, it requires organization, workflow and some coding.

8. Where Does The System Store Mic Long Text History? When I Tried Using, ‘read_text Function Module’, The System Is Fetching Only New Long Text. How Do I Fetch The Old Long Text Of Mic?

The system does not store the long text history, because it is a text. To maintain the long text, create MIC with the appropriate versions and assign MIC in the task list as per the required version. The setting is in customization for the plant level, MIC with history.

An alternative recourse is to check out AUT10. You need to set it up, but it allows you track changes to any Long Text. I believe it is available from 4.5 or 4.6.

9. Can Somebody Explain To Me How A New Posting Proposal Can Be Added In Order To Use This In The Catalog Assigned To A Ud Code? There Is A New One But Won’t Be Available (vmenge01) Until 2007. I Want To Add An Extra One.

Try the customizing path Quality Management — > Quality Inspection –> Inspection Lot completion — > Define inventory postings.

10. The Deletion Flag On Production Order Was Set But Had To Be Revoked To Allow Further Goods Issues. Issues Have Now Taken Place But In Trying To Reset The Deletion Flag, The Following Error Message Occurs. “the Order Has Been Flagged With Delivery Complete”. What Are The Settings Necessary For Generating Quality Certificates In Sap?

You’re normally not allowed to mark a Production order for deletion as long as the financial value on the order isn’t zero and/or you’ve got materials posted to it.

I can’t see the point in deleting an order with postings. That way you’d probably mess up both logistics and accounting.

SAP QM Interview Questions
SAP QM Interview Questions

11. I Have A Requirement From A Client For Inspection Of A Material For Different Vendors. Characteristics Change From Vendor To Vendor. Automatically , The Inspection Plan Will Need To Be Selected Based On The Vendor. How Do I Accomplish This?

In the material to plan assignment, scroll to the right and you will see a vendor column. If you put a vendor number in that column, that is the plan that will be selected for the material/plant/vendor.

12. I Know It Should Be Possible To Attach Files, Pictures Etc. When Creating Notifications. However, I Am Working Right Know In An Automotive Release And Cannot Find The Button Anymore. Did We Miss Something? What Can Be Wrong?

Check what type of user you have set up. Sometimes the security guys set up a testing ID as a different type than a regular user. Some ID types don’t have the ability to use the Object services functionality.

13. I Have Activated 04 Inspection Type With Post To Inspection Stock For A Material. I Have Left Qm Not Active Unchecked For 101 Mvt Type For Mvt Indicator F (gr For Order) In Omjj. While I Am Doing Gr For The Process Order, The ‘101’ Message Appears. What Is The Problem And How Can I Resolve This?

If the process order was created after you modified the material, then it’s an “old” process order, and this may explain the error. If there was an existing stock of this material before you start, then try this first with a newly created material. Afterwards, the error you describe should not happen.

14. In The Inspection Plan I Have A Characteristic With Upper Limit. In Which Table Can I Find This Value?

Look at table PLMK. If it is a reference MIC, also check QPMK. These are for checking the plan. The Inspection Lot keeps them in different values.

15. I Am Using Exit Mm06l001 (function Module- Exit_sapmm06l_001) For Quality Criteria. The Scores Of The Sub Criteria Are Calculated On The Basis Of Quality Notifications And Inspection Lots. But No Score Is Getting Calculated For The Vendor. Where Did I Go Wrong And What Can I Do To Remedy The Error?

Regarding quality notification, do verify the following:

  1. Notification completed with External origin.
  2. Invoice verification already took place.
  3. As for inspection lot, verify that usage decision has been made. In addition, verify customization of all required parameters (as listed in documentation under QM->Quality Control->Vendor Evaluation).

16. When I Try To Upload Data With Lsmw To Create Inspection Plan, The System Shows The Message: “bdc_open_group, Lock Date./. Is Invalid”. I Have Bdc Authority, So What’s The Problem?

Did you enter a date for field START in structure BI000? The date has to be earlier than today’s date.

The queue start date specifies the day until which a batch input folder is locked. You cannot process a locked batch input folder until the day after the specified date.

17. I Am Doing Quality After Doing Migo Mvt Type 105. So When The Migo Mvt Type105 Doc Is Saved Then The Inspection Lot Is Generated And The Stock Is In Quality. Can You Tell Me The Transaction Code For The Stock On Which The Usage Decision Is Pending?

You can use the list display transaction code QE51N and in the EXCEPTION criteria you can specify it to be ‘UD Not done’.

Otherwise in the same transaction code QE51N in the output columns, you can display the column “Usage decision by” and sort by it so that the blank ones are on the top. Those blank ones are the lots for which UD was not done. Once you find out the lot numbers you can open the lot and see the order number in it.

18. Is There A Way To Create Inspection Lot Programmatically In An Abap Report? Is There Any Business Object, Function Module Or User Exit? We Went To 1 Lot For 1 Shift. We Use Inspection Origin 89 (manual). Therefore We’re Searching For A Way To Create The Inspection Lot Via Job (abap Program). How Do I Resolve This?

  • Automatic creation of Inspection lot in SAP is governed by Inspection lot origin, inspection type, etc.
  • You have to give the details of why you want an inspection lot creation by program or ABAP report.
  • Instead, you can use a report /program to do it. Standard SAP provides this functionality.
  • If it is in–process inspection, you can use inspection points based on shifts.

19. I Was In The Process Of Testing The Scenario Of Skip Lots. I Have Done All The Data Maintenance In The Material Master And The Dynamic Modification Rule. The Quality Level Is Getting Updated To A Skip Stage, But The Stock Is Not Getting Directly Put Into Unrestricted Stock When The Lot Should Be Skipping. Where Am I Going Wrong And How Do I Correct This?

  • This can be done by setting the Control Inspection lot indicator in the QM view of the material master to each material document.
  • Iit works for DMR at a lot and characteristic level.

20. We Have Two Inspection Lots For Which Ud Has Already Been Done. Later On We Realized That These Lots The Sample Size Was Not Calculated. Now We Want To Reset The “sample Calculation” But Not Able As The Status Of The Lot Is “ud Done”. Is There A Way We Can Reverse Ud Or Reset The Status Of An Inspection Lot?

Under normal condition, a UD cannot be reversed.

21. I Could Not Create Return Delivery For A Material. The Message Display Is:
‘could Not Create Return Delivery Wm Movement Type 102 Not Allowed For Warehouse No. 010’. How Do I Fix This Problem?

Check in the configuration. The message clearly says that for the Warehouse no. 010 you have not allowed movement type “102”.

You have to change this configuration and add a line or move the stock to a warehouse where customer returns are allowed.

22. How Do I Populate Additional Entries Directly Into The Tables? Is There Any Direct Way To Populate Fields In The Tables?

  • It depends on which tables you are talking about because some tables can be directly maintained in PRD. For some you have to transport it maintaining in DEV system. For example, number ranges are not transportable. You have to maintain it directly in every instance.
  • If you are talking about mass maintenance, Standard SAP QM does not have it by now. You can talk to your developer to write a program for you by which you can do a mass maintenance. Otherwise SM30 is good enough to run.

23. I Have Created Some Certificate Profiles That Need To Be Deleted. But They Are All In Released Status. I Know That Certificate Profile Cannot Be Deleted If It Is In “rel” Status. How I Should Deal With This Issue?

It seems to me you could potentially block the profile – from within the profile, edit -> block profile. Once it’s blocked, you can proceed with the deletion.

24. I Need Some Guidelines In Maintaining The Settings For Batch Management In Qm. What Are The Customizations Necessary For Batch Management From Qm Point Of View? How The Inspection Lots Get Triggered And How Are They Connected / Interlinked To The Batches?

  • The links have to do with your configuration of batch management for your material. If the materials in are batch managed and are purchased or manufactured within your organization when the material is received using the 101 movement type, the batch is created and assigned in the background to the inspection lot.
  • Depending on how you’ve designed your inspection plan or material specification, you can build the master inspection characteristics, dependent on class characteristics, that will copy the inspection results into the batch record.
  • This is less QM configuration than it is MM-Batch Management configuration and material master definition.

25. I Want To Post The Stock From Quality Inspection To Unrestricted Use Partially With Two Ud Codes For Same Inspection Lot. But The Qga2 System Will Show The Total Document Posted On Only One Usage Decision Code. I Want To Evaluate The Stock On The Basis Of Usage Decision Code. How Can I Resolve This Issue?

You could use inspection points and partial lots. In this way, you may have a different UD for inspection points and inventory posting accordingly.

26. I Would Like To Know Where The Batch Status Can Be Set In Sap. We Have The Stock Type Q For Quality Inspection. We Would Like Stock Type R For Rework And S For Blocked. Where Can This Be Set In Sap?

There is no way to create a new status. The only thing you can do, if you have Batch Management, is to activate the Batch status so you can have Unrestricted (blank), Quality (Q) and Blocked (S). Having these batch statuses, you can duplicate all stocks to restricted Q, blank and S.

27. I Am Having 3 Different Operations. The 0020 And 0030 Operation Is Dependent On The 0010 Operation. It Means That Once The Rr Is Done For Operation 0010, Manual Ud Has To Be Taken Immediately. Then Results Are Recorded For Operation 0020 & 0030 And Finally A Common Ud Is Made For Both 0020 & 0030 Operation. This Is The Case For Incoming Inspection And In Process Inspection. Is There Any Customization For This Type Of Rr & Ud?

You could use Inspection Points for 0010 (it has its own UD) and then use the Inspection Lot UD for the whole process.

28. How Do I Use Material Specification? If I Want To Use Material Specification, What Are The Things I Should Do?

To use Material specification you need to have:

  • Class Characteristics;
  • MIC’s linked to the Class Characteristics;
  • A Class containing the Class Characteristics, assigned to the Material Master;
  • Material spec maintained. (QS61);
  • Limit values for the characteristics, maintained in the classification view in the material master;
  • Inspection with material specification chosen in the inspection type in the material master.

29. While Rr For Some Of The Mic’s, The System Is Asking For Manual Valuation And For Some It Is Not Asking. I Want The System To Ask Manual Valuation For All The Mic’s. What Settings Should I Do To Get This?

Check your Valuation Mode / Sampling Procedure. From there, you can find the settings needed to configure your requirement.

30. Is It Possible To Cancel The Inspection Lot Once It Has Been Created?

  • You can cancel it by reversing the transaction that created it.
  • It’s also possible to go into the inspection lot in Chance mode and set the status to “locked”. It will then disappear, but if there’s QI stock linked to it you won’t get it out.

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