300+ TOP Security Officer Interview Questions and Answers

Security Officer Interview Questions for freshers experienced :-

1. Why do you want to be a security officer?
It’s a pretty tough question on the beginning. To be honest, there isn’t anything special about a position of a security guard… That’s why the best thing you can do is to simply tell the employer that you have all the predispositions for this job and would like to have it.

2. What is a main duty of a security officer from your point of view?
The main duty is to keep all the customers and employees safe and secure.

3. Do you have any experience in security?
If you have any experience, this is an easy question. However if you do not have any experience in security, you should simply tell that you feel ready for this job and that you are sure you will handle it without any problems.

4. Where do you see yourself in three years time?
There is hardly any room for career growth of a security officer. Employers know it. A good answer to this question is that you do not think too much about your future and hope to have a security officer job for at least two years.

5. Could you imagine working 16 hours a day?
Security officers are sometimes required to work longer than other employees. If you get this question, you should simply mention that you have experience with working more than 12 hours in a row and that it is OK for you and you can still maintain the high level of concentration and awareness.

6. Can you carry a gun? How do you feel about carrying or using a gun?
This is a catcher question. Employers do not want you to use gun, if there is any other option available. That’s why you should mention that you would never use a gun in your job, except of the situation when a burglar uses a gun against you.

7. What is your physical condition?
Physical condition is very important for a good security officer. You can hardly catch a young burglar on his way out of the shop if you are not in a good shape. That’s why you should mention that you go to gym regularly and do at least some condition sports.

8. As a Security Officer what type of support do you expect from office stuff or what do you suggest them?

  1. Lock doors after office hours.
  2. Engrave all office equipments, devices and fixtures with ID code or number while a list of these numbers should be kept with the security office and insurance companies.
  3. Each employee should have a personal locker/drawer with locking system.
  4. Never go away visitors unsupervised.
  5. Do not announce vacation plans.
  6. Keep emergency phone numbers stored in each cell phone.
  7. Ensure confidential files are protected when the workplace is closed.

9. Brief the important skills and ability of a security officer?
The security officers must go through the security services training before getting their certification and license. Nevertheless, in the hiring process, most corporate houses prefer to absorb ex-servicemen, security guard of prominent agencies or policemen rather than newly certified security persons. They should have the skills and proficiencies as

  • Ex-servicemen, Officers from defense dept or good agency security guards
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Surveillance skills, Good performer in awkward situation
  • Prompt judgment as well decision making capacity
  • Vehicle/ Defensive driving skills
  • Integrity, loyalty and focused to responsibilities
  • Safety management expert
  • Professionalism, ideal in maintaining a code of conduct and commercial ethics.
  • Good customer service provider
  • Computer skills
Security Officer Interview Questions
Security Officer Interview Questions

10. Explain the key responsibilities of a Security Officer?

  • Planning, implementing and managing a comprehensive security program of the enterprise comprising its physical assets, manpower and information systems
  • Providing continuous feedback, suggestion and updating the higher management in regard to security systems and measures.
  • Working together with the HRD department to conduct reviews of employment practices, background investigation that ends with security clearance
  • Choosing, installing and testing of high standard invasion devices, security alarms and CCTV cameras in the correct locations and prohibited areas.
  • Planning, Structuring and administering security training programs for front office security personnel, security-guard force and focused training and suggestion for office managers to field staff.

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