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ServiceNow Interview Questions for freshers experienced :-

1. What is ServiceNow?
ServiceNow is a cloud-based IT Service Management tool. It offers a single system of record for IT services, operations, and business management.

2. There is a term as Application what does it mean in the context of serviceNow structure?
The term Applications in ServiceNow represents the packaged solutions for conveying administrations and managing the business processes. In straightforward words, it is a gathering of modules which gives data related to those modules. For instance, an Incident application will provide data related to the Incident Management process.

3. What is CMDB?
CMDB remains for Configuration Management Database. CMDB is a repository/storehouse. It acts as an information warehouse for the IT installations. It holds information related to a collection of IT resources and illustrative connections in between such resources.

4. What does it mean by CMDB baseline?
CMDB baselines are the function which helps to know or understand as well as control the changes which have been made to a CI (configuration item)after its baseline is being created. Hence baseline is known as the snapshot of the CI.

5. What does it mean by LDAP Integration and also explain few of its uses?
LDAP implies to the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol. It can be used for the user’s data population as well as for the users authentication. Hence the functions of service now integrate with the functions of the LDAP which streamlines the process of users log and also automate the user creation and also assigns a role to them.

6. What do you understand by the terms data lookup and record matching?
Data lookup and record matching are the terms which offer help to set the field value which is based upon conditions in spite of some writing scripts.

7. What is the procedure to enable or disable an application in the ServiceNow?
The steps involved are:

  • At first, navigate towards the Application Menus module
  • Then next you have to open the required application.
  • At the end just set the value for the active as true to enable an application or to false so to disable the same.

8. What is a view of the service now context?
View implies the arrangement of fields on a list or on the form. Hence for a single form, one can define multiple views in accordance with the need or requirement of the user.

9. What implies by the term ACL?
An ACL means an access control list which will define the role of a data users with the procedure of what and how the same can be accessed by the users.

10. What is impersonating a user and also tell something about its uses?
Impersonating a user implies to the providing the administrator access on the information of what the user has an access to. It also involves the same menus and modules. The function performed by the ServiceNow tool is that it records the activities of the administrator in the case when the user impersonates the other user. It is quite helpful while testing the features of the service now. You can impersonate that user and can test as opposed to logging out from your session and logging again with the user login credentials.

ServiceNOW Interview Questions
ServiceNOW Interview Questions

11. What is dictionary overrides?
Dictionary overrides give the capacity to characterize a field on an expanded table uniquely in contrast to the field on the parent table.

12. What is coalesce?
It is a property of a field that we use in change delineate mapping. Coalescing on a field or the set of fields gives a chance to utilize the field as a novel key. Whereas if a match is discovered utilizing the coalesce field, the current record will be refreshed with the data being imported. In the event that a match isn’t discovered, at that point, another record will be embedded into the database.

13. What are UI strategies?
UI strategies progressively change data on a frame and control custom process streams for assignments. UI approaches are other option to client scripts. You can utilize strategies to set compulsory fields, which are a read-only type and is visible on the form. You can likewise utilize UI policy for a powerfully changing field on a form.

14. What does it mean by a data policy?
With significant data policies, one can authorize information consistency by setting compulsory and read states for fields. Data policies are like UI strategies, however, UI approaches just apply to information entered on a form through the standard program. Whereas the data policies can apply the rules to all the relative data which is entered in the system with the data which is exported through the email and also imports the sets or web service and the data which is entered through the mobile UI.

15. What do mean by client script?
Client script sits on the client’s side or the browser and it also runs on the client’s side only. Hence few of the type of client scripts are:

  • OnLoad ()
  • OnSubmit ()
  • OnChange ()
  • OncellEdit)

16. How would you be able to cancel a form submission through the client script?
The process to cancel a form submission is to be done through on submit functions as the same function should be returned to “false”. The syntax used for this is: function onSubmit () {return false ;}.

17. What does it mean by a business rule in ServiceNow?
A business rule is a server-side script. It executes each time a record is embedded, refreshed, erased, shown or questioned. The key thing to note while making a business rule is, when and on what action it must be executed. The business can be run or executed for the following states:

  1. Display
  2. Before
  3. After

18. Can one call a business rule from a perspective of a client script?
Definitely, it is conceivable to call a business rule through a client script. You can utilize glide Ajax for the same.

19. What is a Parent table for an incident, change and the problem? What does it do?
The Task table is the parent table of the Incident, Problem, and Change. It ensures any fields, or designs characterized on the parent table consequently apply to the child tables.

20. What is a record producer?
A list thing that enables clients to make task-based records from the service Catalog is called as a record producer.

21. What is glide record?
Glide record is a java class. It is utilized for performing database tasks as opposed to composing SQL questions.

22. What is import set?
An import set is a device that imports information from different information sources and, at that point maps that information into ServiceNow tables utilizing the transform map. It acts as an arranging table for records imported.

23. What do mean by transform map?
A transform map transforms the data records which is imported into the Service Now import set table to the target table. It additionally decides the connections between fields showing in an Import Set table and fields in a target table.

24. What is foreign record insert?
At the point when an import rolls out an improvement to a table that isn’t the target table for that import, this is the point at which we say remote record embed happens. This happens when refreshing a reference field on a table.

25. Which searching method is utilized to search a text or record in the ServiceNow?
The text indexing and search engine named Zing is the searching method which performs all the text searches in the ServiceNow.

26. What does the Client Transaction Timings module do?
It is utilized to upgrade the system logs. It gives more data on the span of exchanges between the client and the server.

27. What is the meaning of inactivity monitor?
It triggers an occasion for a particular task record if the task remains inactive for a specific timeframe. So is the task remain inactive than the monitor will repeat at regular intervals of time.

28. What is domain partition or separation?
Domain separation is an approach to isolate information into legitimately characterized domains.

29. How would you be able to remove the ‘Remember me’ checkbox from the login page?
You can set the property “glide.ui.forgetme” to the”true” which will remove the ‘Remember me’ checkbox from the login page.

30. What is HTML Sanitizer?
The HTML Sanitizer is utilized to consequently tidy up HTML markup in HTML fields and expels undesirable code and ensure against security concerns, for example, cross-site scripting assaults. The HTML sanitizer is dynamic for all examples beginning with the Eureka discharge.

31. What is the centrality of cascade variable checkbox in the order guide?
A checkbox is utilized to choose whether the factors utilized should cascade, which passes their qualities to the ordered things. In the event that this check box is cleared, variable data entered in the order guide isn’t passed on to the ordered items

32. What is a Gauges?
A gauge is visible on the ServiceNow landing page and can contain up-to-the-minute data about the current status of records that exists on Service Now tables. It can be based on the report. It can be put on a landing page or on a substance/content page.

33. What is Metrics in ServiceNow?
Measurements, record and measure the work process of individual records. With metrics, clients can arm their procedure by giving tangible figures to quantify. For instance, to what extent it takes before a ticket is reassigned.

34. What kinds of searches are accessible in ServiceNow?
Following searches will enable you to find data in ServiceNow:

Lists: Find records in a rundown; Global text search: Finds records in different tables from a solitary inquiry field. Knowledgebase: Finds learning articles. Navigation filters: Filters the things in the application navigator.Search screens: Use a form like an interface to scan for records in a table. The administrators can make these custom modules.

35. Which table stores the updated sets and customization?
Every updated set is put away in the Update Set [sys_update_set] table. The customizations that are related to the update set, are put away in[sys_update_xml] table.

36. What happens when you check a default update set as completed?
In the event when the default update set is marked as Complete, then the system would able to makes another updated set which will be named as Default1and utilizes it as the default update set.

37. Is it possible to add Homepages and Content pages to ‘update sets’ in the ServiceNow?
Well, it cannot be done as a default option as one has to manually add the pages to the current “update sets” by unloading them.

38. What is Reference qualifier?
Reference qualifiers confine the information that can be chosen for a reference field.

39. What does it mean by Performance Analytics in ServiceNow?
It is an additional application in ServiceNow that enables clients to take a preview of information at general interims and make time arrangement for any Key Performance Indicator (KPI) in the association.

40. What does it imply by a sys_id?
It is a novel 32-character GUID that recognizes each record made in each table in ServiceNow.

41. Is it possible to update a record without refreshing its system fields?
Yes, this can be done by utilizing a function of autoSysFields () in your server-side scripting. At whatever point you are updating a record set the autoSysFields () to false.

42. How to create a new role in the service now?
Explore to User Administration > Role and then click to New.

43. What is the use of an import set tool?
Import set tool helps you to import data from various data sources, instead of using a transform map. The import sets can acts as a staging table for imported records.

44. What is a data policy concerning ServiceNow?
You can enforce online data policies by assigning read-only attributes for all the fields. Data policies are almost similar to UI policies. However, the difference between two is that UI policy only applies to data entered on a form by using a standard browser. On the other hand, data policies can apply rules for every data entered into the system.

45. Name all the products of Services now
ServiceNow offers various type of tools which is design according to the need of a specific user.

  • Business Management Applications
  • Custom Service Management
  • IT Service Automation Application
  • HR management

46. What is Performance Analytics in ServiceNow?
Performance Analytics is an additional application in ServiceNow that allows customers to take a snapshot of data at regular intervals and create time series for any key performance indicator (KPI) in the organisation.

47. How to create a new role?
Navigate to User Administration > Role and click New.

48. Can I have more than one function listening to the same thing?
You can, but there is no guarantee of sequencing. You cannot predict what order your event handlers will run.

49. Which method do you use to get all the active/inactive records from a table?
You can use addActiveQuery() method to get all the active records and addInactiveQuery() to get the all inactive records.

50. What is the difference between next() and _next() method?
next() method is responsible to move to the next record in GlideRecord. _next() provides the same functionality as next(), intended to be used in cases when we query the table having a column name as next.

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