300+ TOP Sheet Metal Objective Questions – Answers MCQs

Sheet Metal Multiple Choice Questions :-

1. While working in a workshop, ————— is the main cause of accidents.
a) Help
b) Precautions
c) Carelessness
d) Data sheet

2. Warning signs in the workshop should be obeyed
a) Sometimes
b) Always
c) At the teacher’s instruction
d) When working at the bench

3. To cut the sheet metal at 45 or 90 degrees, the—————– machine is used.
a) Notching
b) Drilling
c) Bending
d) Welding

4. To protect your eyes you have to wear:
a) Safety shoes
b) Overall
c) Safety Glasses
d) Helmet

5. While working on the spot welding machines ———— should be worn.
a) Gloves
b) Face shield
c) Overall coat
d) All of above

6. What are the dimensions of the metal sheet used for the Tool Box?
a) 410 x 410 mm
b) 10 x 10 inches
c) 450 x 450 mm
d) 12 x 12 inches

7. What procedure was used for joining sides to already bended portion of the
Tool box?
a) Arc Welding
b) Riviting
c) Gas welding
d) Resistance Welding (Spot Welding)

8. What was the sequence for fixing the Handle, Latch & Hasp?
a) Centre punch the holes/drill the holes/Screw the handle/Weld the Hasp&Latch/ Mark the position.
b) Marking the position//drill the holes/Rivet the handle/Weld the Latch&Hasp
c) Marking the position/Centre punch /Drill the holes/Rivet the handle/Rivet the Latch&Hasp
d) Rivet the handle/Rivet the Latch/Screw the Hasp/Weld the hinges/Mark&centre the components.

9. To make a small indentation (centre hole) in sheet metal, a—————— is used.
a) Pencil
b) Center Punch
c) Needle
d) Scribber

10. To fasten the sheet metal with steel nail the ————– is used.
a) Rivet Pliers
b) Pliers
c) Punch
d) Stappler

Sheet Metal Objective Questions
Sheet Metal Objective Questions

11. To bend the sheet metal by 180 degrees a ————– is used.
a) Carperter’s Hammer
b) Ball peen Hammer
c) Mallet
d) Sledge Hammer

12. One centimeter is equivalent to
a) 10 mm
b) 1 mm
c) 0.1 mm
d) 100 mm

13. Steel is made by the combination of carbon and ———–.
a) Wood
b) Aluminum
c) Rubber
d) Iron

14. The bench vice is used to ———–the metal sheet firmly during shaping
a) Cut
b) Bend
c) Hold
d) Break
e) None of above

15. Hammers are classified by their weight and type of ———
a) Head
b) Size
c) Length
d) Height
e) None of above

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16. Mallets are soft hammers made of ———————.
a) Lead
b) Copper
c) Leather
d) Rubber
e) All of the above

17. Files are used to ———— metal sheet surface.
a) Finish
b) Rough
c) Cutting
d) Bending

18. During drilling the work must be firmly held by
a) drill chuck
b) machine vice or clamp
c) hand
d) bench vice

19. Internal screw threads are cut by hand using
a) Twist drills
b) Dies
c) Chisel
d) Taps

20. Safety precautions are the main causes of accidents.
a) True
b) False

21. Potentially, the greatest source of accidents is
a) Hand driven tools
b) Power driven machines
c) Unclean material
d) Tools with sharp edges

22. The ———– is used to hold the material firmly during cutting and shaping operations.
a) Bending machine
b) Clamping machine
c) Notching machine
d) Bench-vise
e) None of the above

23. Metal cutting ———–are used with steel-headed hammers for chipping or
cutting material
a) Hacksaw
b) Chisels
c) Punch
d) Files

24. The spot welding machine works by a combination of
a) Sheet metal and electrodes
b) Heat and spark
c) Pressure and temperature
d) Heat, pressure, and time
e) None of the above

25. A drill bit is used to cut circular holes of metal sheet and it is made of
a) High Carbon Steel
b) Pure Iron
c) Wood
d) Rubber
e) None of the above

26. The speed of a drill depends on
a) The size of the work.
b) The diameter of the hole required.
c) The length of the drill being used.
d) The shape of the hole required.

27. External screw threads are cut by hand using
a) Twist drills.
b) Dies.
c) Chisels.
d) Taps.
e) None of the above

28. Both hasp and latch (staple) are fastened on the tool box with
a) Nut & Bolt
b) Screws
c) Welding
d) Rivets
e) All of the above

29. A———- Machine is used to cut small pieces of sheet metal.
a) Bending
b) Welding
c) Notching
d) Drilling
e) None of above

30. Hacksaw blades are very soft and easily broken.
a) True
b) False

31. The Bunch-vise has —————-jaws
a) Three
b) Two
c) Four
d) One
e) None of the above

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