40 TOP STANDARD LOGIC DEVICES (SLD) Online Quiz – Questions and Answers

1. Ten TTL loads per TTL driver is known as:


2. When an IC has two rows of parallel connecting pins, the device is referred to as:


3. Which digital IC package type makes the most efficient use of printed circuit board space?


4. The range of a valid LOW input is:


5. Which of the following summarizes the important features of emitter-coupled logic (ECL)?


6. CMOS logic is probably the best all-around circuitry because of its:


7. The time needed for an output to change as the result of an input change is known as:


8. What quantities must be compatible when interfacing two different logic families?


9. Low power consumption achieved by CMOS circuits is due to which construction characteristic?


10. What is the standard TTL noise margin?


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