40 TOP Stoichiometry Online Test – Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

1. Sometimes, in chemical processes, a part of the outlet stream is rejected as waste in order to keep the impurity level in the system within limits. This phenomenon is termed as the


2. An azeotropic solution of two liquids has boiling point lower than either of them, when it


3. In case of vapor-liquid equilibria, which of the following does not account for gas phase deviation from ideality?


4. The equilibria relations in a multicom-ponent and multiphase system can not be calculated with the help of the


5. 2 litres of nitrogen at N.T.P. weighs __________ gms


6. What is the total pressure exerted by a mixture of 0.45 kg mole of benzene, 0.44 kg mole of toluene and 0.23 kg mole of o-xylene at 100°C, if their vapor pressures at 100°C are 1340, 560 and 210 mmHg respectively ?


7. A vapor whose partial pressure is less than its equilibrium vapor pressure is called a __________ vapor


8. In case of a solution (not of a solid in a liquid), whose total volume is more than the sum of volumes of its components in their pure states, solubility is


9. If the pressure of a gas is reduced to half & its absolute temperature is doubled, then the volume of the gas will


10. Pick out the wrong statement:


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