300+ TOP Streamserve Interview Questions and Answers

Streamserve Interview Questions for freshers experienced :-

1. Is streamserve is the best career move?

One of the main things with the streamserve is that it surely provides endless growth opportunities to take your career growth into next advanced level & get highest paid salary range.

2. How does streamserve work?

Streamserve can easily work with all types of customer communications such as from a single customer letter in a call center to large volumes of output like invoices & credit card statements. The bulk amount of emails & SMS can also be created easily & combined with large electronic portals like ‘my pages’ in which digital copies of every document can be accessed with ease in any time.

3. What is the main function of Streamserve?

With the help of Streamserve, one can also include static dynamic or scheduled content like monthly campaigns, current affairs, special offers and also operational information which helps to enhance customer relationship. A better-satisfied relationship with the customer directly leads to enhance the business development in short period of time.

4. Streamserve can be connected to cloud bases services or not?

Yes, Streamserve can be easily connected to cloud-based services for using service-based architecture.

5. What is the main use of Streamserve?

Here are the main uses of streamserve:

  • It is mainly used to engage with customers easily & give them personal relevant information in one to one communication or else bulk amount of information such documents.
  • It is used to enhance your user interaction
  • Streamserve is also used to simplify & automate document composition & administration
  • It also simplifies business processes to boost organizational revenues

6. What is OpenText Streamserve?

OpenText Streamserve is considered as the customer communication management software which is often used to create automated document creation. Streamserve can also be used with any of the ERP systems. The product of streamserve can make the modifications & adaptation of the predefined layouts with ease.

7. What is a history of Streamserve?

Streamserve was first established and used in Sweden in the year 1997 & later it entered the global market. It has come up with the native output management functionality allowing the organizations to distribute generated documents through various output channels like print house or own industrial printers.

8. How to work on streamserve tools & classic basic concepts?

Streamserve helps the software to manage the flow of business communication in an enhanced way. Its enterprise EDP software is mainly used by companies to manage documents for customers, suppliers & partners. It helps to create & present the document in any of the format to boost organizational revenues.

9. What is Streamserve.exe?

The .exe extension on a filename shows that the file is an executable file. StreamServer.exe is able to connect to the Internet and record keyboard and mouse inputs.

10. In which industries streamserve can be used effectively?

Streamserve projects features can be used widely in most of the industries such as Retail, Telecommunications, Insurance & logistics.

11. What are the features of Streamserve?

Streamserve EDP plays a vital role in every organization to have effective communication with customers, partners & even suppliers. The solution helps most of the customers in more than 130 countries which is indicating the rich array of customized business documents electronically or else in paper generated by enterprise applications.

12. Is Streamserve is a part of OpenText?

Yes, Streamserve is a part of OpenText which is considered as the leader in dynamic document composition, document process automation & enterprise output management.

13. How does streamserve document automation solution help?

StreamServe document automation solutions mainly enable the B2B & B2C organizations for creating, produce & distribute enterprise documents on-demand & also help to reach out to the significant operational efficiencies.

14. What is scaleout stream serve?

The scaleout streamserver can easily perform stateful stream processing on incoming events for deeper introspection & real-time feedback. It is also used as the integrated in-memory data-grid/stream processing engine for the building of digital twins of data sources.

15. What is OpenText Streamserve?

OpenText has acquired stream serve in October 2010 which is considered as the leading provider of enterprise business communication solutions to boost revenues of the organization gradually. The streamserve solutions are also mainly designed for easy integration with ERP & supply chain systems & applications as well. It is also considered as the integral component of the CEM suite, which is a set of technologies that organizations can take advantage to have effective customer interaction with ease.

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