140 TOP Strength of Materials Interview Questions and Answers pdf

51. The units of moment of inertia of mass are
(a) kg m2
(b) m4
(c) kg/m2
(d) kg/m
(e) m2/kg.
Ans: a

52. The possible loading in various members of framed structures are
(a) compression or tension
(b) buckling or shear
(c) shear or tension
(d) all of the above
(e) bending.
Ans: a

53. A heavy string attached at two ends at same horizontal level and when central dip is very small approaches the following curve
(a) catenary
(b) parabola
(c) hyperbola
(d) elliptical
(e) circular arc.
Ans: b

54. A trolley wire weighs 1.2 kg per meter length. The ends of the wire are attached to two poles 20 meters apart. If the horizontal tension is 1500 kg find the dip in the middle of the span
(a) 2.5 cm
(b) 3.0 cm
(c) 4.0 cm
(d) 5.0 cm
(e) 2.0 cm.
Ans: c

55. From a circular plate of diameter 6 cm is cut out a circle whose diameter is a radius of the plate. Find the e.g. of the remainder from the center of circular plate
(a) 0.5 cm
(b) 1.0 cm
(c) 1.5 cm
(d) 2.5 cm
(e) 0.25 cm.
Ans: a

58. Pick up the incorrect statement from the following :
(a) The C.G. of a circle is at its center
(b) The C.G. of a triangle is at the intersection of its medians
(c) The C.G. of a rectangle is at the inter-section of its diagonals
(d) The C.G. of a semicircle is at a distance of r/2 from the center
(e) The C-G. of an ellipse is at its center.
Ans: d

59. The centre of percussion of a solid cylinder of radius r resting on a horizontal plane will be
(a) r/2
(b) 2r/3
(c) r/A
(d) 3r/2
(e) 3r/A.
Ans: d

62. In the equation of virtual work, following force is neglected
(a) reaction of any smooth surface with which the body is in contact
(b) reaction of a rough surface of a body which rolls on it without slipping
(c) reaction at a point or an axis, fixed in space, around which a body is con-strained to turn
(d) all of the above
(e) none of the above.
Ans: d

63. If a suspended body is struck at the centre of percussion, then the pressure on die axis passing through the point of suspension will be
(a) maximum
(b) minimum
(c) zero
(d) infinity
(e) same as the force applied.
Ans: c

65. The resultant of the following three couples 20 kg force, 0.5 m arm, $ ve sense 30 kg force, 1 m arm, – ve sense 40 kg force, 0.25 m arm, + ve sense having arm of 0.5 m will be
(a) 20 kg, – ve sense
(b) 20 kg, + ve sense
(c) 10 kg, + ve sense
(d) 10 kg, – ve sense
(e) 45 kg, + ve sense.
Ans: a

68. Angle oT friction is the
(a) angle between normal reaction and the resultant of normal reaction and the limiting friction
(b) ratio of limiting friction and normal reaction
(c) the ratio of minimum friction force to the friction force acting when the body is just about to move
(d) the ratio of minimum friction force to friction force acting when the body is in motion
(e) ratio of static and dynamic friction.
Ans: a

69. The coefficient of friction depends on
(a) area of contact
(b) shape of surfaces
(c) strength of surfaces
(d) nature of surface
(e) all of the above.
Ans: d

70. Least force required to draw a body up the inclined plane is W sin (plane inclination + friction angle) applied in the direction
(a) along the plane
(b) horizontally
(c) vertically
(d) at an angle equal to the angle of friction to the inclined plane
(e) unpredictable.
Ans: d



Strength of Materials Interview Questions


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