Theory of Structures Online Test – Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

1. The ratio of tangential and normal components of a stress on an inclined plane through θ° to the direction of the force, is :

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2. A body is said to be in equilibrium if


3. A steel bar 20 mm in diameter simply-supported at its ends over a total span of 40 cm carries a load at its centre. If the maximum stress induced in the bar is limited to N/mm2, the bending strain energy stored in the bar, is


4. In case of principal axes of a section


5. Slenderness ratio of a long column, is


6. Maximum shear stress theory for the failure of a material at the elastic limit, is known


7. Maximum strain theory for the failure of a material at the elastic limit, is known as


8. In a shaft, the shear stress is not directly proportional to


9. The load on a spring per unit deflection, is called


10. Gradually applied static loads do not change with time their


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