Tunnelling Online Test – Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

1. Pick up the correct statement from the following:


2. For B.G. single track, the section of the tunnel must have a width


3. For transferring the tunnel alignment through shafts, we adopt the following steps : 1. Hanging two or more plumb lines in the shaft 2. Determining the bearing of the plumb lines i.e. plumb plane 3. Suspending a 35 kg weight by each plumb line 4. Immersing the weights of both the plumb lines in the buckets containing water. The correct sequence of steps is :


4. For hauling muck from the tunnel, the following type of muck-car is used :


5. For initial surveys of tunnels, the following activities are involved: 1. Marking portal point with concrete pillars on the ground 2. Marking tunnel obligatory points on the topographical maps 3. Preliminary setting of the tunnel on the topographical Survey of India maps 3. Driving lines between the fixed obligatory points. The correct sequence of the activities is :


6. In case of railways,


7. Forepoling method is generally adopted for tunnelling in :


8. For full face method, the excavation to be done is generally divided into


9. Which one of the following statements is not correct with regard to heading and hench-ing method of tunnelling


10. Which one of the following methods is adopted for permanent drainage of tunnels :


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