UPSC Civil Service Exam Online Test – CIVIL ENGINEERING

1. Consider the following statements : A : In masonry, bricks are joined together by cement mortar. B : Cement mortar adheres more effectively to brick surface than any other material


2. Consider the following statements : 1. An ascending gradient of 1 in 100 meets an ascending gradient of 1 in 120 to form a Valley curve. 2. A falling gradient of 1 in 25 meets a falling gradient of 1 in 50 to form a summit curve. 3. The length of summit curve is determined on the basis of head light sight distance. Which one of the statements given above is/are correct ?


3. The ratio of total elongation of a bar of uniform cross-section produced under its own weight to the elongation produced by an external load equal to the weight of the bar is


4. A particle of mass 3 kg moving in a straight line decelerates uniformly from a speed of 40 m/s to 20 m/s in a distance of 300 m. Before it comes to rest, it will travel a further distance pf


5. The graphical condition for equilibrium of concurrent forces is that


6. A high efficiency pump is required for low discharge, high head and low maintenance cost. Delivery of water need not be continuous. The pump need not run at high speed. Which one of the following is the correct choice ?


7. Consider the following statements : Collision diagram is used to 1. study accident pattern 2. eliminate accidents 3. determine remedial measures 4. make statistical analysis of accidents Of these statements :


8. The following steps are involved in making a spigot and socket joint of cast iron pipes used in water supply systems : 1. Tarred gasket or hemp yarn in wrapped around the spigot. 2. The sipgot end is centered into the socket end of the preceding pipe. 3. A joining ring end is placed around the barrel and against the face of the socket. 4. The gasket or hemp yarn in caulked slightly. 5. Molten pig lead is poured and then caulked. The correct sequence of these steps is


9. What is the use of a station pointer ?


10. Consider the following statements regarding Plane Table surveying : 1. It is less accurate than chain surveying. 2. It is not necessary to do accurate centering of plane table for small scale survey. 3. Compass rule may be made use for adjusting the plane table transverse. 4. From the instrument station, resectors are drawn to plot the position of object in the field. Of these statements :


11. For total reaction time of 2.5 seconds, coefficient of friction 0.35, design speed 80 km/h, what is the stopping sight distance on a highway ?


12. In a tilted aerial photograph, if the swing is 230°, then the rotation angle is equal to


13. Which type of light energy is effectively absorbed by CO2 in the lower boundary of the troposphere ?


14. A horizontal rod AB carries three loads of 3.0 kg, 7.0 kg and 10.0 kg at distances of 2.0 cm, 9.0 cm and 15 cm respectively from A where it is hinged. Neglecting the weight of the rod, which is the point at which the rod will be balance ?


15. Which of the following factors are associated with the behaviour of sand mass during earthquake to cause liquefaction ? 1. Number of stress cycles 2. The frequency, and amplitude of vibration of waves generated by an earthquake 3. Characteristics of sand 4. Relative density Select the correct answer using the codes given below :


16. The absolute maximum Bending Moment in a simply supported beam of span 20 m due to moving udl of 4 t/m spanning over 5 m is


17. According to ICAO recommendations, what is the rate of elevation correction for the runway above MSL ?


18. A soil has a liquid limit of 45% and lies above the A-line when plotted on a plasticity chart. The group, symbol of the soil as per Soil Classification is


19. Distemper is used to coat


20. The following steps are involved in laying a sewer in a trench : 1. Transferring the center line of the sewer to the bottom trench. 2. Setting sight rails over the trench. 3. Driving pegs to the level of the invert line of the sewer. 4. Placing the sewer of these steps is The correct sequence of these steps is


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