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Workday HCM Interview Questions for freshers experienced :-

1. What is Workday HCM?
HCM stands for Human Capital Management. It is cloud-based software and it unifies many HR functions like time tracking, payroll, and compensation, etc. and Talent management into one system. Since Workday Software provides comprehensive services, many organizations are using Workday for their needs. Moreover, it is easy to learn and implement.

2. How many types of modules are present in Workday? What are they?
There are two different modules present in Workday:

  1. Workday HCM
  2. Workday Financial

3. What type of Reporting will be available in Workday?
Workday provides multi-dimensional and analytics report with access to real-time data using which one can find transaction-level details. With the help of analytical reports, an employee or manager can take any action immediately. Workday reports give you information that is more actionable with calculated fields, graphics, charts, etc.

4. Mention some of the advantages of Workday

  • Since all the transactions are real-time, Workday provides immediate access to employees and greater flexibility.
  • Employees can run their own reports whenever required without any requesting for a report and waiting.
  • The reports allow managers to make more data-driven decisions with their insightful data.
  • Moreover, employees have access to their own HR benefit elections, withholding exemptions, dependent changes, absence request, time tracking entries, etc.

5. What are some of the key features of Workday HCM?
Here are some of the features.

  • Talent Management
  • Time Tracking
  • Payroll Solutions
  • Goal Management
  • Performance Management
  • Succession Planning
  • Career and Development Planning
  • Payroll Co-Sourcing Services
  • Cloud Connect for Third-Party Payroll

6. What kind of businesses mostly uses Workday HCM?
Workday HCM has i). Large Scale Business, and ii). Mid Size Business

7. Can we use Workday for any student-related academic information?
No. Everything related to Student, class, schedule, grade information, etc. would be in the PeopleSoft Student System, which can be accessed using the current processes.

8. Does Workday HCM offer an API?

9. Does IDS store every piece of existing data from the mainframe and Workday?
No, it will not store every piece of existing data. IDS or Institutional Data Store will only store some data of Workday, which it identifies as the most important data for a downstream report. And the data, which could be difficult for other applications to handle.

10. Does Workday support any internet browser on any computer?
Workday works on almost all the internet browsers like Mozilla, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari and on any computer.

Workday HCM Interview Questions
Workday HCM Interview Questions

11. How much secure is Workday and does everyone get access to generate reports?
Login credentials are required to access Workday. We can also restrict the access in the settings and see which reports or data they can view.

12. How do you access Standard Workday Delivered Report?
By browsing through the category in the sitemap and running a report. Or by searching in the search bar with a name of the specific report.

13. Define ERP
ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. It is a methodology that integrates various functions in business like inventory, order management, accounting, HR, customer relations into one system. To put simply, it is an integration of various applications an organization uses, to store, manage, collect and interpret data from different business activities.

14. What is RaaS report?
RaaS stands for Report-as-a-Service. It is a report prepared by Workday with web service enabled.

15. Name some of the Workday Integrations
Here are some of the Workday Integrations

  • Workday Studio Integration
  • Cloud Connect Integration
  • Enterprise Information Builder (EIB) Integration

16. What about organizations in Workday
An organization is a group of workers that serves a specific purpose. An organization follows a hierarchy that enables a parent-child relationship. Supervisors on top of the hierarchy will be able to track workers and approve business processes.

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17. What are security groups in Workday?
A security group consists of a group of users who need to access specific data or perform some actions. Following are the Workday security groups,

  • All users
  • All employees
  • All Contingent workers
  • All Terminees
  • All Retirees

18. What are the Workday security group types?
Workday provides five types of security groups,

  1. User-based
  2. Role-Based
  3. Job-Based
  4. Level based
  5. Integration System

19. What is meant by the business process?
A business process is a set of tasks that users can create, act upon, and complete. These business processes are created with a combination of actions, approvals, checklists, etc.

20. What are the business process steps in Workday?
Following are the steps involved in a business process,

  • Entry Condition
  • Exit Condition
  • Running Conditions
  • Validation Condition
  • Workday Training
  • Weekday / Weekend Batches

21. What are the approval process steps in the Workday business process?
Below are the approval process steps of a business process,

  • Individual Approval
  • Approval Chain
  • Consolidated Approval
  • Consolidated Approval Chain
  • Mass Approval

22. How can we check and mark a business process action behavior when it is already running?
We can change the behavioral pattern of a business process using the below actions,

  • cancel
  • Reassign
  • Delegate
  • Correct

23. Explain about security policies in Workday
There are two types of security policies in Workday,

  1. Business Process Policy – define which security group can view or modify data within domains
  2. Domain Policy – indicate which security groups can participate in the business process

24. What are Workday calculated fields?
Calculated fields are referred to as programming variables/database record buffers. They are represented as ‘Calc fields’ or ‘CF’ and are used in reports and integrations.

25. Can we access Workday HCM through mobile?
Yes, we can access Workday HCM through any mobile with an internet connection. We can give the Workday tenant URL in the browser and access it.

26. Does Workday support API integration?
No, Workday does not support API integration.

27. Name some ERP systems that Workday can integrate to
The workday can integrate into ERP systems from different vendors like Oracle, SAP, ServiceNow, or PeopleSoft with the help of MuleSoft’s Anypoint Connectors.

28. What is the use of XSLT in Workday?
XSLT in Workday is used to transform data. XSLT functions are used for complex logic when a sequence of atomic values have to be returned.

29. What type of support does Workday offer?
Workday offers support through 3 mediums,

  1. Knowledge Base
  2. Online Support
  3. Phone Support

30. List some customers who use Workday
Customers of Workday include Airbnb, Rolls-Royce, Netflix, National Geographic, Bank of America, J.B. Hunt, Sony, Visa, and many more.

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31. What are the types of reports that we can generate in Workday?
Workday offers three types of reporting,

  • Basic – create simple reports on Time Off, Pay, etc. regularly and export them to Excel or as a PDF.
  • Advanced – create reports by performing join on two tables, filtering rows, multi-level sorting, etc.
  • Composite – create reports with more complex calculations.

32. What are the ways to access the Workday Delivered report?
There are three ways to access a Workday Delivered report,

  1. Browse by category in the Sitemap
  2. Run Workday Standard Reports
  3. Give the name of the report in the search bar

33. Define RaaS Report
We can create custom reports in Workday and expose them as web services. This can be with the help of Reporting as a Service (RaaS) interface. The output of this web service can be of RSS, XML, or JSON format.

34. How is Workday reporting different from other SQL ERP systems?
Workday Reporting follows an object-oriented relationship model. We have to select the primary business source and data model while creating reports. SQL ERP system uses the relational database model.

35. If a report is shared with everyone in an organization, will anyone be able to get the same output with the same input values?
No, the output will depend on the level of access of the user to the data source. If the user has access only to specific rows, he can only see the statistics of those rows in the report.

36. Can anyone in an organization generate a report in Workday?
Generating reports will depend on the access level that the user has. The level of access is assigned to all the users of Workday. Based on the level of access, we can limit which reports that they can generate or what reports they can view.

37. What is Workday?
Workday is a cloud-based software vendor for finance, HR, and planning. It was founded in the year 2005 with headquarters at Pleasanton, Calif. It offers services and products for resource management, planning, students, learning management systems, etc. It provides greater information accessibility on the cloud with analytics capabilities on Big Data.

38. What are the advantages of Workday?
Here are some of the advantages of Workday,

  • The services can be access from anywhere at any time
  • No prior programming knowledge is needed to work with Workday
  • Very intuitive and easy to interact user interface
  • It offers instant access to data in real-time
  • Generate reports which are useful for managers to make data-driven decisions
  • Improves enterprise efficiency and it is highly scalable

39. What are the different modules offered by Workday?
Workday offers many services that suit enterprise needs,

  1. Human Capital Management
  2. Enterprise Planning
  3. Financial Management
  4. Analytics
  5. Professional Services Automation
  6. Student
  7. Data-as-a-Service

40. Explain about Workday HCM
Workday HCM enforces visibility into your workforce through managing HR functions like planning, recruiting, etc. It manages your global workforce with the manager and employee self-service. It also provides analytics on your workforce data like talent, labor, and cost.

41. What are the features of Workday Human Capital Management?
Here are some of the many features that Workday HCM offers,

  • Human resource management
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Global compliance
  • Audit and internal controls
  • Workforce planning
  • Recruiting
  • Talent management
  • Payroll management
  • Time and absence management
  • Expenses

41. How much does Workday HCM cost?
Workday HCM is available in two pricing models – subscription-based and one-time license. The cost will depend on the features used by the enterprise. You have to get in touch with product sales to get the exact cost for the features that are needed.

42. How many Workday updates are released per year?
Workday releases major feature updates twice a year, in March (R1 or Release 1) and September (R2 or Release 2). Workday released its latest update, ‘Workday Release 2020R1’ on March 7, 2020.

43. What browsers are supported by Workday?
Workday supports most of the internet browsers like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari. A user can use any of these browsers to log in to their Workday.

44. Give the names of post-production and pre-production tenants in Workday
Implementation, Implementation Preview, Gold are the pre-production tenants. Production, Sandbox, Sandbox Preview are the post-production tenants.

45. If a particular report is shared within the organization, will anyone be able to see the same output while running the report with the same input values?
No, the output will depend on the security access to the data source of the individual who is running the report.

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46. What are Calculated Fields?
A calculated field is used for data manipulation. It is used in reporting, integrations, business processes, scheduling recurring processes, and other areas within Workday.

You should run the Create Calculated Field task to create calculated fields. Some of the essential things you can perform with Calculated Fields are currency conversion, lookup-related values, string or text manipulation, evaluation of an expression, format a date, etc.

47. How Workday reporting is different from other SQL ERP systems?
Workday follows an object-oriented relationship model. While creating a report in Workday, you can select a primary business object and a data source.

48. Name a few ways of how to access a Workday Standard Delivered Report?
The following are the ways to access Workday Standard Delivered Report:

  • Browsing by Category in the Sitemap
  • Writing the name of a specific report in the search bar.
  • Running Workday Standard Reports

49. What are the two types of security policies in Workday?
Business Process policies and Domain policies

50. What is the use of Domain Security Policies?
With domain security policies, you can modify which group can view or modify items in a report/task, or GET or PUT transactions from an integration.

51. How do you manage access to integrations?
You need to create an Integration System User and an Integration Security Group. Next, assign the Integration User to the Integration security group. Then finally, utilize that security group to add security policy access.

52. What prefix do you use to search for integrations?
“Intsys:” is the prefix used for searching the integrations.

53. List out some Integration ID types.

  • Workday ID
  • External ID
  • Reference ID

54. Why do you use XSLT in an integration?
XSLT is used for modifying input/output data going into an XML document.

55. What is a WSDL?
Web Service Description Language is used to define how XML documents should be formatted to be accepted as input or determine the output of Workday Web Services.

56. Name the prefix that limits a search to reports?
“rd:” is used for limiting the search to reports.

57. Name some MVEL variables that you can use in Workday Studio?
“lp” to access launch parameters.
“vars” to access MessageContextVariables
“props” to access message properties

58. How do you apply changes to security policies?
You need to run the Activate Pending Security Policy Changes to apply the security policy changes.

59. To modify security in Workday, what groups do you need to be a part of?
Security Configurator or Security Administrator.

60. Which Workday Studio component is used to translate a conditional if or a loop?
Route component is used to translate both conditional if or a loop depending on the routing strategy.

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61. What is Workday Studio?
Workday Studio is an Integrated Eclipse-based environment that allows Workday customers and 3rd parties to create, deploy, debug, and support complex integrations running in the Workday Cloud. It is used to make modern combinations that utilize various reports and Workday Web Service (WWS).

62. What are the types of reporting in Workday?
Workday reports can be categorized into two ways, one is standard, and another one is custom. Standard reports are developed and managed by Workday. Custom reports address the needs of the businesses.

63. What are the ways to create a report in Workday?
You can create a report in two ways in Workday:

  • Run the Create Custom Report task.
  • Copy a Workday Standard Report and modify it

64. What is Workday Financial Management.
Workday Financial Management is a cloud solution designed to provide complete business insight into your organization. It captures all transactions and supports core foundational processes in real-time.

Workday Financial Management is built on the adaptive, global foundation that delivers organizations with core management capabilities. The core areas used to achieve great insight are Accounting and Finance, Revenue Management, Financial Reporting and Consolidation, Inventory, Procurement, Project Billing, Audit and Internal Controls, and more.

65. What is Workday Human Capital Management
Workday Human Capital Management (HCM) is a cloud-based solution that assists global businesses of all sizes in various industry verticals with workforce planning and execution. Any changes that occur with business circumstances and requirements, including worker assignments, reporting, business process rules, etc., are immediately updated in the Workday HCM.

Workday Human Capital Management includes Human resource management, talent management, workforce planning, recruiting, payroll, time, project management, and more.

66. Describe workday payroll.
Workday Payroll is a part of the Workday HCM Suite that includes human capital management and advanced payroll capabilities. It streamlines the entire payroll process from initial hiring to complete payroll processing and tax compliance.

Here are the essential features of Workday Payroll which make it a great fit for enterprises and global businesses are –

  • Pay groups: It allows you to create specific groups for specific employee types, rather than paying hourly, salaried, and executive-level payroll the same way across the board.
  • Automatic tax updates: This feature allows you to have the latest tax information for reporting purposes.
  • Multiple tax filling options: This feature allows you to outsource taxable tasks and wages.
  • Fully customizable: Workday Payroll is fully customizable to create the interface you want to make the options applicable to your role within the business.
  • Automatic payroll audits: It helps to reduce common payroll errors.

67. Is Workday Payroll available as a stand-alone payroll service provider?
No, Workday Payroll is a part of Workday HCM that provides complete employee management, including hiring, termination, payroll processing, and more.

68. Will Workday handle my payroll taxes?
You can choose either an integrated service to manage payroll reporting and tax remittance or handle the entire tax process in-house, common in enterprise-level organizations for better control of the processes.

69. Name the prefix used to limit the search for business processes.
“bp:” is used for limiting the search to business processes.

70. Does IDS (Institutional Data Store) store every piece of existing data from the mainframe and Workday?
No, IDS is not a backup system. The mainframe’s data that is no longer needed is achieved separately. Data in Workday will be backed up on the Workday server. The IDS will store only a subset of Workday data if the data is recognized as critical data and necessary for a significant downstream report or data feed that Workday cannot handle.

71. How can Organizations be tied to Business Processes?
Workday allows the configuration of Business Processes per Organization. While implementing a business process with multiple Organization-dependent definitions, Workday follows a hierarchy to check which definition to execute. An example could be multiple hire business process definitions depending on departments.

E.g., Hire for Finance department, Hire for the HR department, Hire for the IT department, etc.

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72. What is a Business Process Completion Step?
The business process is considered complete once the completion step finishes the execution. All the actions depend on business process completion but do not depend on all the steps being executed.

For example, an organization wants to hire a candidate, and that position requires background verification. Suppose if you do not want to wait for all the information to come back from the background check business process, you can set the completion step before the last step. That will allow the pre-hire or hire business processes and enter the Background Check Business Process before the Pre-Hire executes all the steps.

If no steps are marked as a completion step, then the last step will be the completion step by default.

73. What kind of application is Workday?
Workday is a cloud-based software vendor specializing in enterprise resource management, human capital management, and financial management applications.

74. Will Workday work on any computer with any internet browser?
Yes, Workday is supported by almost all internet browsers, including Google Chrome, Internet Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

75. Is Workday free?
No, Workday does not offer any free plan. To know more about Workday Pricing, contact the sales team to get a quote specifically tailored to your business requirements.

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