1. What is the importance of workshop?
Workshop is the center of learning about engineering Materials, manufacturing practices, equipments, tools and safety precaution to be observed in manufacturing operations. For practical knowledge and skills workshop is of importance.

2. Name the different shops?
(i) Carpentry and pattern making shop (ii) Bench work & fitting shop (iii) Foundry and casting (iv) Smithy and forging (v) Sheet metal (vi) Electric arc and gas welding (vii) Machine shop

3. Name the machines you know?
(i) Hacksaw machine (i) Lathe machine (iii) shaping machine (iv) Drilling machine (v) Bench grinder (vi) Milling machine

4. Name of any five measuring instruments?
(i) Try square (ii) Vernier caliper (iii) Micrometer (iv) Divider (v) Inside caliper

5. Name the gauges?
(i) Depth gauge (ii) Filler OR slip gauge (iii) Radius gauge (iv) Vernier height gauge (v) Thread OR pitch gauge (vi) Wire OR thickness gauge

6. What is least count?
Minimum dimension that can be expressed on vernier caliper

7. What is the use of outside micrometer?
To measure outside diameter & thickness of any job

8. What is the use of divider?
It is used for marking arc, dividing a line or transferring the dimension.

9. What is sheet metal work?
Sheet metal work is used for making, Cutting and bending

10. Which are the sheets of metals?
(I) Galvanized iron (ii) Stainless steel (iii) Copper (iv) Aluminum

11. Name the sheet metal hand tools?
(I) Steel rule (ii) Vernier caliper (iii) Micrometer (iv) Scriber (v) Divider (vi) hammer (viii) mallet (ix) Shears

12. What is G.I.?
G.I. is galvanized iron

13. What is shearing?
Shearing mefor sheet metal cutting

14. What is the name of vice used in fitting shop?
Bench vice

15. Name the different files?
(i) Flat file (ii) Square file (iii) Round file (iv) Triangular file (v) Half round file

16. Which tools are used in fitting shop?
(i) Steel rule (ii) Try square (iii) Vernier caliper (iv) Scriber (v) Center punch (vi) Hammer (vii) Hacksaw frame with blade (viii) Rough file & Smooth file

17. What is the use of center punch?
Center punch used in a bench work for marking out work, locating center etc.

18. What is the use of try square?
For measuring 90 Degree work

19. Name the common carpentry tools?
(i) Steel rule (ii) Try square (iii) Rip saw (iv) firmer chisel (v) Jack plane (vi) Rasp cut file (vii) Hammer (viii) Wooden mallet

20. What is the use for firmer chisel?
To make groove

21. What is the use of metal jack plane?
To make smooth surface

22. What is the use of Rasp file?
Rasp file is used for cleaning up some curved surface

23. Name the carpentry process?
(i) Marking (ii) Sawing (iii) Planning (iv) Chieseling (v) Grooving

24. Name the types of welding?
(i) Arc welding (ii) Argon welding (Iii) Gas welding (iv) Tig welding (v) Mig welding (vi) Spot welding

25. Which is the welding process you have carried out in workshop?
Electric arc welding

26. What is welding?
Joining of two similar metals

27. Name the welding tools used in workshop?
Welding holder, welding rod, hand screen, hand gloves, chipping hammer, wire brush

28. Which outer cover is on the welding rod?

29. What is the function of lathe machine?
To remove metal from a piece of work to give required shape & size

30. Name the only five parts of lathe machine?
(i) Bed (ii) Tail stock (iii) Carriage (iv) Chuck (v) Tool post

31. What is the use of chuck?
To hold the job

32. Name the operation which can be performed by lathe machine?
(i) Facing (ii) Turning (iii) Chamfering (iv) grooving (v) Boring (vi) Parting (vii) Threading

33. Which welding process uses non-consumable electrodes?
TIG welding

34. Which instrument has all the features of try-square, bevel protractor, rule and scriber?
combination set

35. What type of cross-section is usually of a chisel?

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