300+ TOP Zoology Interview Questions – Answers

  1. 1. Define What Is An Animal?

    The word animal comes from Latin, meaning “breath” or “soul”. It includes mammals, birds, reptiles, fish, frogs, clams, lobsters, insects, worms, jelly fish etc..

  2. 2. Define What Is Binomial Nomenclature?

    The scientistific system of giving a double name to each plant and animal consisting of the name of the genus followed by that of the species.

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  4. 3. Define What Are Arboreal Animals?

    Organism that live on trees and branches are called Arboreal amimals.

  5. 4. Which Is The Biggest Cell?

    The egg of the flightless bird Ostrich.

  6. 5. Which Animal Is The Biggest?

    Blue whale which has been known to have a length of 30 metres and have an average weight of 6500 kg.

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  8. 6. Which Is The Tallest Living Animal?

    The tallest living animal is Girraffe with an average height of 20ft.

  9. 7. Which Is The Biggest Land Animal?

    The biggest living land amimal in the world is the Affican bush elephant.

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  11. 8. Define What Is Mammal?

    Mammal is a warm-blooded vertebrate animal which suckles its young ones. Monotrremes are mammals that lay eggs.

    Marsupials keep the young ones in pouches and placentals give birth to the young ones.

  12. 9. Explain How Many Species Are There In Mammals?

    There are over four thousand species.

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  14. 10. Define What Is Pangolin?

    Pangolin is a mammal which does not have teeth. It gives on eating ants. It is known as anteater.

  15. 11. Define What Is An Oviparous Animal?

    Oviparous animal is an egg laying animal.

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  17. 12. Which Is The Most Successful And Evolving Mammal Of The Animal Kingdom?


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  19. 13. Which Is The Ugliest Of All Mammals?


  20. 14. Explain How Do Mammals Communicate?

    They communicate by sounds, touch, visual clues and odour.

  21. 15. Which Is The Smallest Mammal?

    The pygmy whitetoothed shrew.

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  23. 16. Define What Is The Difference Between A Hare And A Rabbit?

    Hares have longer binding legs and longer ears than rabbits.

  24. 17. Which Birds Lives, Breeds, Sleeps And Eats Underground?

    The mole.

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  26. 18. Which Is The Mammal That Can Differentiate Between Different Colurs?

    Except man, the ape is the only mammal which can differentiate between different colours.

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  28. 19. Define What Is The Meaning Of The Term ‘lagomorpha’?

    Rabbits, hares and Pikas are grouped together and called “Lagomorpha”.

  29. 20. Which Is The Mammal That Has Wings For Flying?


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  31. 21. Which Is The Animal Without Fingers, But With Nails?


  32. 22. Which Is The Biggest Eater In The Animal Kingdom?

    Pygmy shrew Warthog. The larval of the polyphemers moth.

  33. 23. Which Is The Word’s Smallest Monkey?

    The pygmy marmoset.

  34. 24. Which Animal Produces The Biggest Baby?

    Blue whale.

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  36. 25. Animals Having Four Feet Are Called Define What?

    Quadruped.Karl Wilhem Von Nigole in 1857.Gaint squid.

  37. 26. Which Animal Subsist On Flesh?


  38. 27. Define What Is An Ovoviviparous Animal?

    Oviparous animal is one which after laying eggs, keeps them within its body to hatch and incubate later.

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  40. 28. Some Animals Have Colours For Protection. Which Are They?

    Grasshoper, locust, sand lizard,polar bear, tiger etc.

  41. 29. Which Are The Animals That Live In Cold Regions?

    Seal, Penguin, Some fishes, polar bear and rein deers.

  42. 30. Which Animal Live In Hot Region?

    Camels, lizards, scorpian, centipedes, millipedes, spiders, snakes, goats etc.

  43. 31. Whcih Animal Is A Glutton?

    It is the alternative name for an animal called the wolverence.

  44. 32. Define What Is Viviparous Animal?

    A Viviparous animal is one that gives birth to young birth.

  45. 33. Define What Helps Bat In Flying?

    While flying, the bat produces high frequency sound waves (about 1,00,000 hertz) from its mouth which are ultra sonic waves. This sound helps the bat in flying.

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  47. 34. Define What Is A Flying Fox?

    A flying fox is a kind of bat, whose head and face are like those of a fox. It has well developed eyes and can find its way by sight without the help of sound waves.

  48. 35. Define What Is A Flying Squirrel?

    It is a squirrel which can fly having parachute-like membranes connected to each side of its fore and hind limps. It usually sleeps during the day time.

  49. 36. Which Is The Animal Which Never Drink Water?

    It is known as kangaroo rat. It manages to get on by the small amounts that are released as a a by product of digestion.

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  51. 37. Which Is The Largest Marsupial?

    The largest of all marsupials is the red kangaroo (Macrpus rufus).

  52. 38. Which Is The Smallest Marsupial?

    The smallest Marsupial is the very rare Ingram’s planigab(planigabingrami), a flat-skulled mouse.

  53. 39. Which Is The Rarest Marsupial?

    The rarest marsupial is probably the thylacine (Thylacinus cynocephalus), also known as the “Tasmanian wolf”.

  54. 40. Define What Is Hervivores?

    Herbivores is the term used to describe plant eating amimals.

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  56. 41. Name The World’s Rarest Monkey?

    Hairy-eared mouse lemur.

  57. 42. Which Animal Has No Skeleton?

    Jelly fish.

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  59. 43. Which Is The Largest Rodent In The World?


  60. 44. Which Is The Continent Known As The Land Of Kangaroo?


  61. 45. Which Is The Largest Kangaroo In The World?

    Red kangaroo.

  62. 46. Define What Is The Size Of New Born Kangaroo?

    2.5 cm.

  63. 47. Which Is Tha Largest Rodent In The World?


  64. 48. Which Monkey Has The Biggest Nose?

    Proboscis monkey.

  65. 49. Which Animal Is Brown In Summer And White In Winter?

    Arctic hare.

  66. 50. The Skin Of An Animal Is Called The ‘hudson Seal’ By Furriers. Which Is The Animal?

    The muskrat.

  67. 51. Which Animal Defends Itself By Squirting An Noxious Liquid Called Mercaptan?

    The Skunk.

  68. 52. Why Do Animals Have Hair?

    They help to retain the internally producing heat. It is made up of a sulphur-based protein called keratin.

  69. 53. Explain How Far Can A Kangaroo Jump?

    It can cover a distance of 7to9metres just in one jump. It can travel 40 miles per hour for short distance.

  70. 54. Which Is The Animal That Has A Tongue Longer Longer Than Its Body?

    Chameleon is the animal, whose tongue is longer than its body. Its body is only 45cm long but the tongue is upto 2meter and coiled inside the mouth. To catch insects, it uses its long tongue.

  71. 55. Which Animal Has The Biggest Brain?

    Sperm Whale. It can weight more than 9 kg. Its head contains nearly 2300 litres of pure oil.

  72. 56. Which Are The Cats That Have No Tail?

    The manx and the Siamese.

  73. 57. Which Is The Only Cat That Cannot Retract Its Claws?


  74. 58. Which Is The World’s Largest Living Reptile?

    The Estuarine or salt water crocodile.

  75. 59. Define What Is Animals Belonging To Phylum Annelida Are Commonly Known?

    Segmented worms.

  76. 60. Which Animal Is The Closest Relative Of A Cat?


  77. 61. Define What Is Called Animals That Swim About In Sea?


  78. 62. Which Has The Thickest Skin Of Any Living Animal?

    The whale shark.

  79. 63. Name The South American Animal Which Is Camel Like But Short Statured?


  80. 64. A Common Domesticated Animal Which Cannot Taste Sweet?


  81. 65. Which Cat Can Live Without Water For The Longest Time?

    The sand cat, which lives in the Sahadra desert.

  82. 66. Define What Kind Of Animals Llive Under Ground?

    Some birds, bees, baderes, earth worms, turtles and and toads.

  83. 67. Which Animal Is The Fastest On Foot?

    Cheetah is the fastest runner with a speed of 65 miles/hour.

  84. 68. Why Does The Egg Happen To Be Larger In Size When Compared To The Other Cells?

    Because the food for the growth of the embryo is stored in the egg.

  85. 69. The Aquatic Animals Which Are Most Developed Intelligence?


  86. 70. The Average Length Of Dolphin?

    1.3 meter.

  87. 71. Explain How Long Does A Dolphin Sleep?

    From 30 seconds to 5 minutes.

  88. 72. Why Do Desert Aminal Look So Pale?

    The pale tones are part of a desert animals cooling system, for light colours reflect the sun’s heat and dark colour absorb them. This is used for camouflage also.

  89. 73. Which Animal Can Produce Double Milk?

    The red Kangroo is the animal which can produce two different kinds of milk at the same time from adjecent teats to feed both younger and elder Joeys.

  90. 74. Explain How Many Vertibrate Are There In A Giraffe’s Neck?

    There are only seven vertibrae. (The man too has seven).

  91. 75. Dog Lies Down To Sleep Only After Observing The Surroundings. Why?

    The dog lies against the direction of the wind so as to detect the approach of the enemy.

  92. 76. Explain How Many Arms Does An Octopus Have?


  93. 77. Define What Are Tentacles?

    The arms of the octopus are called tentacles.

  94. 78. In Which Country The Yak Is Found?


  95. 79. The Mammals That Lives At The Greatest Altitude Is?

    The Yak.

  96. 80. In Which Country Kiwi Is Found?

    New Zealand.

  97. 81. Which Camel Has Two Humps?

    The Bacterian camel.

  98. 82. Explain How Long A Camel Survive Without Water?

    30 days.

  99. 83. Which Animal Uses An Ultrasonic Sonar To Detect Its Pray?


  100. 84. Which Is The Only Animal Which Has Four Knees?

    The elephant.

  101. 85. Which Is The Smallest Dog On The Earth?


  102. 86. Which Is A Common Domesticated Animal That Is Colour Blind?


  103. 87. Which Is The Animal Used By Tapeworm As Its Host?


  104. 88. Which Is The Largest Indian Deer?


  105. 89. Which Animal Faints When Frightened By The Enemy?

    The oppoddum.

  106. 90. Which Animal Is Hyena Family Eats Insects?


  107. 91. Which Is The Man Like Ape Found In Borneo And Sumatra?


  108. 92. Define What Is The Meaning Of The Name Orangutan?

    Man of the woods.

  109. 93. Name Three Aquatic Mammals?

    Walrus, whale and Dolphins.

  110. 94. Which Animal Has The Characteristics Of Both Mammals And Birds?


  111. 95. If A Dog’s Ears Go Back Define What Emotions Might It Be Communicating?

    Fear of submission.

  112. 96. Define What Is A Dog’s Most Highly Developed Sense?

    Smell, it is uses its nose to hunt or find a mate.

  113. 97. Explain How Often Can A Female Rat Reproduce?

    Every four weeks.

  114. 98. Which Animal Has The Longest Longivity?


  115. 99. Which Wolf Is Not A Wolf?

    The Tasnabuab wolf is a marsupial.

  116. 100. Which Is The Most Primitive Breed Pf Dogs In The World?

    The dingo of Australia is probably the most direct ancestor of domestic dogs.

  117. 101. Which Is The Smallest Member Of The Fox Family?

    The Fennec Fox, which lives in the Sahara.

  118. 102. Which Dog Is Not A Dog?

    The Prairie dog is a north American rodent.

  119. 103. Explain How Many Hours In A Day To Cat Spend Sleeping?

    16 hours, twice as long as most mammals.

  120. 104. Do The Lions Or Lionesses Do Most Of The Hunting In A Pride?

    Lionesses, but the lions always eat first.

  121. 105. Which Are The Biggest Cats; Tiger Or Lion?

    male Siberian Tigers average 3.15 meter (10.3 feet) in length.

  122. 106. Define What Are Panthers?

    They are black leopards.

  123. 107. Which Ancient Civilization Believed Cats Were Sacred?

    The ancient Egyptions.

  124. 108. Define What Is A Cola’s Favorite Food?

    Leaves of Eucalyptus trees.

  125. 109. Which Ape Can Make Its Own Tools?


  126. 110. Why Do Elephants Flap Their Ears So Much?

    To keep themselves cool in hot weather.

  127. 111. Define What Are The Four Ways A Horse Moves?

    walking, trotting, cantering and galloping.

  128. 112. Which Large Turry Mammal Spends All Day Hanging Upside Down In The Trees In The Rain Forest Of South America?

    A Sloth:
    it moves very slowly and only wakes up at night.

  129. 113. Define What Does A Skunk Do When It Is Attacked?

    It sprays a horrible smelling liquid at enemies.

  130. 114. Define What Does A Beaver Build?

    Beavers build wooden dam to stop flowing water.

  131. 115. Define What Are Ruminents?

    Ruminents are eventoed mammals that chew the cud. Most are grazers which need large amounts of food to get sufficient nourishment, and which are most exposed to predators.

  132. 116. Define What Is The Name Of The Deer Which Is On Th Everge Of Extinction?

    The brown antled deer.

  133. 117. Define What Is A Guinea Pig?

    A guinea pig is a small stout bodied, short eared and nearly tailess domesticated rodent.

  134. 118. Which Is The Worlds Smallest And Ferocious Mammal?

    The Shrew:
    a tiny mouse like mammal only two inches long and weighs about as much as a nickel.

  135. 119. Which Marine Mammal’s Flesh Is Mostly Used By Eskimos?

    The walrus:
    a large marine mammal allied to seals, characterised by the prolongation of the upper canine teeth into tusks.

    Its flesh is eatern by eskimos, and the oil, hide and ivory also valuable.

  136. 120. Define What Is The Branch Of Zoology Dealing With Whales Called?


  137. 121. Define What Is The Fat Of Whale Called?


  138. 122. Define What Is Hippology?

    The study of horses is called Hippology.

  139. 123. Which Animal Has The Highest Gestation Periods And Explain How Many Days?

    Elephant, 600-630 days.

  140. 124. For Define What Rats And Rabbits Use Their Claws?

    To dig burrows.

  141. 125. Define What Peculiar Characteristic Do The Hippopotamus And Tapir Share?

    Though they live exclusively on land, they defecate in the water.

  142. 126. Which Are The Two Kinds Of Animals That Scientist Describe As Warm Blooded, Define What Are They?

    Birds and mammals.

  143. 127. Define What Is Called Animals Living On The Sea Floor?


  144. 128. Which Is The Largest Of The Ape?

    The mountain gorilla of West Africa.

  145. 129. Define What Is Murrah?

    It is a hybrid buffalo which is a high milk producer.