40 TOP CHEMICAL Engineering Basic Online Test – Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

1. Free energy, fugacity and activity co-efficient are all affected by change in the temperature. The fugacity co-efficient of a gas at constant pressure ____with the increase of reduced temperature.


2. Entropy is a measure of the __________ of a system


3. The free energy change for a chemical reaction is given by (where, K = equilibrium constant)


4. Work done is a


5. Solubility of a substance which dissolves with an increase in volume and liberation of heat will be favoured by the


6. What is the number of degrees of freedom for liquid water in equilibrium with a mixture of nitrogen and water vapor ?


7. Heating of water under atmospheric pressure is an __________ process


8. Internal energy change of a system over one complete cycle in a cyclic process is


9. For a spontaneous process, free energy


10. Near their critical temperatures, all gases occupy volumes __________ that of the ideal gas


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