What is the WetBulb Globe Temperature(WBGT)?


Thesultriness ofthe ambient environment is morethan acomfortfactor.For workers,soldiersandathletes, high levels of sultrinessmayresult in heatstressthatcould verywell belifethreaten.Todetermine the actualdegree of sultriness in aquantifiablemanner, theWet Bulb Globe Temperature(WBGT) indexis used.It includes the effectsof humidity,air speed, airtemperature and theradiant heating factor(fromthe sun). Thisindexwasdevelopedbythe U.S. Militaryin the 1950’s andhas becomewidelyacceptedforindustrial temperaturemeasurements to protectemployees.It combinesthreetemperature readings: thewet bulb temperature; theordinarydrybulb temperature and ablack bulb globe temperature.There are also instruments available,whichmeasureWBGTindexdirectly, combiningthe threefactorsand their appropriate weightingvalues.

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