[PDF Notes] Can you answer these questions on Romantic Period?

151. “Which novel, begun in 1895, but put aside, is Walter Scott’s first novel?

(a) Ivanhoe

(b) Waverley

(c) Kenilworth

(d) Several of the Peaks

152. All, except one, of the following poems are written by Coleridge. Mark the one which is not.

(a) “Frost at midnight”

(b) “Hymn before Sunrise in the Vale of Chamouni”

(c) “Ode to Night”

(d) “Ode on Dejection”

153. Who wrote?

“My hopes are with the Dead; anon My place with them will be And I with them shall travel on Through all futurity; Yet leaving here a name, I trust, That will not perish in the dust”?

(a) S.T. Coleridge

(b) Robert Southey

(c) Lord Byron

(d) Shelley

154. Who was appointed Poet Laureate in 1813?

(a) Robert Southey

(b) William Wordsworth

(c) Lord Byron

(d) Lord Tennyson

155. Which of these ballads and short tales are written by Robert Southey?

(a) The Battle of Blenheim

(b) Bishop Hatto

(c) Inchcape Rock

(d) All of the above

156. Who wrote the popular nursery tale Three Bears?

(a) Sir Walter Scott

(b) Lord Byron

(c) Robert Southey

(d) Charles Lamb

157. What, according to Wordsworth, is the power of nature?

(a) To teach

(b) To elevate

(c) To soothe and console

(d) All of the above.

158. Name Wordsworth’s spiritual autobiography.

(a) Tin tern Abbey

(b) The Recluse

(c) The Prelude

(d) Immortality Ode

159. In which poem do these lines occur: “For oft when on my couch lie

In vacant or in pensive mood they flash upon that inward eye When is a bliss of solitude”?

(a) To Daffodils

(b) The Daffodils

(c) The Solitary Reaper

(d) None of the above

160. Who wrote Lectures on Shakespeare and Biographia Literaria?

(a) S.T. Coleridge

(b) Samuel Johnson

(c) Alexander Pope

(d) Lord Byron

161. What is Coleridge’s Anima Poetae?

(a) A treatise on poetry

(b) Biographies of poets

(c) Table-talk and notes

(d) Lectures

162. Following poems are written by Shelley, ex­cept one. Identify the one not written by him.

(a) Ode to the West Wind

(b) To a Skylark

(c) Ode to the Nightingale

(d) The Cloud

163. Who is the author of Story of Rimini?

(a) John Keats

(b) Leigh Hunt

(c) George Darley

(d) Macaulay

164. Where were Lyrical Ballads written? In

(a) Cumberland Hills

(b) Cambridge

(c) Quantico Hills

(d) Haws head

165. Who wrote Frankenstein?

(a) Mary Shelley

(b) Mary Wollstonecraft

(c) Miss Edge worth

(d) Mrs. Radcliff

166. Who is Elias of Charles Lamb’s Essays of Elias?

(a) His friend

(b) His patron

(c) An Italian clerk with whom he had worked in the South Sea House

(d) An imaginary figure

167. Essays of Elia first appeared in

(a) London Magazine

(b) Gem

(c) Blackwood’s Magazine

(d) Edinburgh Review

168. Tales from Shakespeare were written at the suggestion of

(a) Shelley (b) Leigh Hunt

(c) Godwin (d) De Quincey

169. Whom does Lamb describe as “an archan­gel a little damaged”?

(a) Shelley (b) Coleridge

(c) Wordsworth (d) Keats

170. Who is not a member of the “cockney school” out of the following?

(a) Hazlitt

(b) De Quincey

(c) Lamb

(d) Leigh Hunt

171. Who wrote letter to Mr. Gifford, The Round Table, Table Talk, The Spirit of the Age?

(a) William Hazlitt

(b) Leigh Hunt

(c) Charles Lamb

(d) De Quincey

172. Which is Thomas De Quincey’s best known work?

(a) Confessions of an Opium Eater

(b) The English Mail Coach

(c) Literature of Knowledge and Literature of Power

(d) Surpiria De Profundis

173. Who is the author of Imaginary Conversa­tions?

(a) De Quincey

(b) Landor

(c) William Cobbet

(d) Hazlitt

174. Who started and edited Political Register, a weekly newspaper?

(a) De Quincey

(b) Leigh Hunt

(c) William Cobbet

(d) Lamb

175. Who had said that he had “a smack of Hamlet” in himself?

(a) Byron (b) Keats

(c) Shelley (d) Coleridge

176. Who is the author of Emile that had influ­enced the Romantic Movement?

(a) Balzac (b) Kant

(c) Diderot (d) Rousseau

177. Who had said that “truth is always strange; stranger than fiction”?

(a) Coleridge (b) Johnson

(c) Byron (d) Hazlitt

178. Scott’s novels are set in

(a) Scotland

(b) Italy

(c) England

(d) All of the above

179. Who wrote what are known as ‘Waverley novels’?

(a) Hazlitt (b) Hardy

(c) Scott (d) Peacock

180. The Reform Bill was passed in the year

(a) 1812 (b) 1832

(c) 1820 (d) 1840

181. Regarding which character did Jane Austen say that she was a “heroine whom no one but myself will much like “?

(a) Elizabeth Bennet

(b) Mrs. Bennet

(c) Emma

(d) None of the above

182. The celebrated twentieth century novelist Woolf had died by drowning herself. Which Romantic poet had died a similar death?

(a) Keats (b) Byron

(c) Coleridge (d) Shelley






153. (b)



155. (d)





158. (c)



160. (a)





163. (b)



165. (a)





168. (c)



170. (b)





173. (b)



175. (d)





178. (a)



180. (b)





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