300+ [LATEST] Apigee Api Management Interview Questions and Answers

Q1. What Is Apigee Gateway?

The API Gateway will often handle a request by invoking multiple micro services and aggregating the results. It can trlate between web protocols such as HTTP and Web Socket and web unfriendly protocols that are used internally.

An API Gateway is a core feature of your API management platform, although it isn’t the only feature. Key features of an API Gateway includes: ability to provide enterprise-grade security such as spike arrest, quota, and analytics.

Q2. List Out All The Stages That Are Associated With A Notification Message?

The notification message actually goes through different states they are:

  1. Created
  2. Scheduled
  3. Started
  4. Finished
  5. Expired
  6. Cancelled
  7. Failed

Q3. Briefly Explain About Api Baas Data Model?

With the use of API Baas data model, the data for the apps used are done at the application specific level where the collections of data entities are managed within a  single organization.

Q4. What Is Apigee Sense?

Apigee Sense is an innovative API security product that helps customers protect their APIs from adaptive threats like bad bots and automates threat protection at the API layer for OWASP Top 10 threats. Apigee analyzes billions of API calls, detects threat patterns, and ensures protection with measures like blocking and throttling.

Q5. What Is Api Strategy And How Does Apigee Helps In Building Effective Api Strategy?

APIs are the key channel through which tractions are executed and content is shared and distributed. A successful API program requires the right API strategy.

Apigee enables companies to realize their API strategies with technology that makes it easier for developers and providers to explore and use APIs. Apigee Edge Enterprise is a robust management platform for the most demanding enterprises. Apigee Edge simplifies managing the digital value chain with comprehensive Developer Services, Analytics Services, and API Services.

Q6. What Baas Stands For?

Baas stands for Backend-as-a-Service.

Q7. What Are The Features For Api Baas?

The features of using API Baas are as follows:

  1. Flexible data storage
  2. Social graph functionality
  3. Geolocation functionality
  4. User management
  5. Push notifications
  6. Client authentications
  7. Performance monitoring

All of these features are actually available via RESTful API.

Q8. How Much Of Data Can Be Stored In The Apigee Api Baas?

With the free account of Apigee Developer account, user will be able to store 25 GB worth of data and all of this is provided for free of cost.

Q9. What Are The Features Included In Apigee Api Management Solution?

The Apigee API management solution includes:

Design: Build and design APIs that are intuitive for developers to use and create.

Security: Leverage the inherently secure nature of APIs to expose data to partners securely.

Analytics: Derive actionable business insights through dashboards, visualization tools, and reports.

Access: Supports various architectures used by the enterprise, on-premises in a private or public cloud or as a hybrid approach.

Q10. What Is An Organization?

The following points are about “organization”:

  1. First of all, an organization is nothing but a collection of one or more applications.
  2. It actually has an administrative level of access.
  3. Also, multiple accounts related administrator access is also provided to an organization.
  4. In a nutshell, the username that you create while signup process the same will be used as your name for the organization, this is default process.

Q11. What Are Different Types Of Queries That Can Be Used While Querying The Data Store?

They are different ways of querying the data store to get the required information, the following is the list:

  1. GET
  2. PUSH

Q12. Explain The Process Of Creating A Collection?

The following is one of the best and simplest ways to create a new collection:

  1. First of all Login to the Admin portal.
  2. Within the left menu, click on Data.
  3. Click on Add Collection button.
  4. Name the Collection that needs be created.
  5. Click on Create.
  6. The collection will be created and will appear in the list.

Q13. What Is User Grid?

The User grid is also the same type of service that API Baas platform provides. It is nothing but an open source project which enables the user to utilize its highly scalable backend as a service platform. These types of services are mainly used on the mobile platforms.

Q14. How Is The Data Store Happen In Api Baas?

  • The data is stored in the form of JSON- formatted objects.
  • Thus it makes it easy for the user and all different type of data can be stored easily in the API Baas.

Q15. With The Use Of Apigee Sdk, It Is Possible To Monitor The Mobile Apps?

Yes, the mobile app monitoring is possible and also the mobile analytics is also possible with the use of the Apigee SDK.

Q16. How Is A Request Is Constructed Within The Apigee Api?

The request is constructed with the two inputs they are listed as follows:

  1. Define the path to the collection that you are planning to query.
  2. Obviously, the query language statement which actually has your query.

Q17. What Is An Api Management?

API management is the process of publishing, documenting and overseeing application programming interfaces (APIs) in a secure, scalable environment.

Q18. What Is Apigee?

Apigee is today’s leading provider of API technology and services for developers and enterprises that help businesses use APIs to securely share data and services across myriad devices and channels. Apigee delivers an intelligent API platform to accelerate the pace of digital business.

Q19. What Can Be Done With The Use Of Apigee Sdk?

With the use of Apigee SDKs, the user will be able to develop certain API calls which will help the application to interact with the system and execute the need.

Q20. What Are The Two Types Of Calls That Can Be Developed Using Apigee Sdk?

The two types of calls that can be developed using Apigee SDKs is:

  1. Synchronous Calls
  2. Asynchronous calls

Q21. What Are The Techniques To Optimize Your Data Store And Its Access?

The following are the two techniques that are used to optimize the data store access:

  1. Denormalize and duplicate.
  2. Start creating direct paths to that data that you need.

Q22. What Is Asynchronous Call?

If your API call is classified as Asynchronous call then:

  1. It me that your application will not wait for the API call response and it will function as it is. Once the response is received it will include in the process and the system will continue to work as it is.
  2. It doesn’t have any performance lag because the applications work continuously and it doesn’t have to stop for any specific response to be received from the API calls.

Q23. Is Api Baas Has Flexible Data Querying Option?

Yes, API Baas has a flexible platform where the data queries can be executed the same manner as we do it in SQL style queries. With this, the user will be able to build or will be able to perform text-based searches in depth and the data can be retrieved as per the exact requirement. It is also helpful where the data can be retrieved based on multiple selection criteria.

Q24. Is Api Baas Platforms Are Flexible Enough To Store Data?

Yes, API Baas platform is actually very flexible platform and it has a capability to store any type of data within the storage space. As this being simple, it helps the users to build simple queries to complex queries to pull a specific set of data if needed.

Q25. What Is An Application And What Is The Significance Of It?

Within the API Baas terminology, an organization can host one or more applications within it. Also, an application is nothing but a specific set of the environment which stores the application data which is associated with the app.

Q26. What Is Synchronous Call?

If your API call is classified as Synchronous then:

  1. It me that your application will respond only when there is a response back from the API call that was previously made. Until an, unless there is a response back from API call the system or the application will not function further.
  2. The use of this API call is beneficial if you need any user specific decisions are pending. This will help the users to take appropriate decisions and based on the need the system will execute further and serve
  3. It is also considered as a performance lag because always it has to wait for the response from the API call and based on the response the application will react. This is the reason why they call this method as performance lag.

Q27. What Is The Use Of Aws Api Gateway?

With a few clicks in the AWS Management Console, we can create an AWS API gateway that acts as a “front door” for applications to access data, business logic, or functionality from your back-end services, such as workloads running on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), code running on AWS Lambda, or any Web application.

Q28. What Is The Use Of Api Baas?

With the use of API Baas, a company or an organization can actually set up a cloud-based data platform in no time. Also, provides a platform where there is no need for server-side coding or any sort of back-end development needed.  It actually helps the teams to focus on the productivity and also help them to visualize and build awesome features which aid in user experience and ultimately helps the organizations to build good products and services.

API Baas is one of the components of Apigee Edge platform.

Q29. So Is There Any Limit With The Push Notifications Per Month?

With the free Apigee Developer account, the user will be able to send out about 10 million push notifications at a free of cost. Further, if the user needs to send out more than 10 million push notifications per month then they have different pricing pl to cater the same.

Q30. What Are The Key Features Of Api Gateway?

Key features of an API Gateway includes:

  • Ability to provide enterprise-grade security such as spike arrest, quota, and analytics.
  • Ability to design API specs and trform SOAP APIs.
  • Manage APIs centrally but run them where your apps are.

Q31. What Is An Api Platform?

An API platform is an organization which brings together two or more distinct, but interdependent, groups of consumers using APIs. This creates a foundation for automated tractions between different networks. The platform unlocks hidden value within the organization by exposing its core as an API.

Q32. What Are The Api Security Features Available In Apigee Sense?

Apigee secure API management platform Apigee Edge provides an enterprise-grade security infrastructure that includes:

Role-based access control (RBAC)

  • Fine-grained policy management for authorization.
  • Authentication for users, developers, and administrators.
  • Threat protection against XML, JSON, and DoS attacks.
  • Content-based routing, rate-limiting, and traffic spikes protection.
  • Performance optimization and throttling on back-end connections.
  • Managed access to APIs via OAuth or other security schemes.
  • Secure your digital assets from OWASP Top 10 threats like SQL injection, and JSON threat protection with Apigee.

Q33. What Sort Of Infrastructure Does An Application Provide?

Every application will provide the following infrastructure, they are listed as follows:

  1. Storing information
  2. Retrieving information
  3. Updating information
  4. Deleting information

All this is specific to an instance of the application.

Q34. What Is Apigee Edge And How It Helps In Enterprise Data Integration?

  • Companies interact with their customers and partners via apps and services. These apps generate a large volume of data, which is not always in the control of the enterprise. However, enterprises need to derive actionable intelligence from this data, to make informed business decisions.
  • Today’s data is designed for efficiency of consumption rather than efficiency of storage, and are better served by API-based integration. Using APIs for enterprise data integration, organizations can get direct visibility into how their data is consumed.
  • Apigee Edge is the flagship API management product in Apigee’s intelligent API platform. Through its enterprise data integration capabilities, you can optimize data from the backend systems to customer-facing apps.

Q35. What Is Apigee Api Used For?

Apigee is today’s leading provider of API technology and services for developers and enterprises that help businesses use APIs to securely share data and services across myriad devices and channels. Apigee delivers an intelligent API platform to accelerate the pace of digital business.

Q36. What Is The First And Last Stage Of A Notification Message?

The first stage of a notification message is “Created”. The last stage of a notification message is “Failed”.

Q37. Do You Know If There Is Any Limit On The Number Of Api Calls That Can Be Executed With The Help Of Api Baas?

No, there is no limit on a number of API calls that are executed with the help of API Baas.

Q38. With The Use Of Api Baas, Is There Is Any Limit On The Number Of Push Notifications That Are Sent Out?

No, there is no such limit in terms of sending out push notifications by using API Baas, but it is always good to be under a certain limit. The limit that they have decided would be decent enough is 10,000 push notifications in a single request.

If the message or the push notification needs to be sent to more than 10,000 recipients then it is advised to send the push notifications to the targeted devices in batch formats.

Q39. How Do You Safeguard The Security Of Your Api Infrastructure As Data Is Exposed To Mobile Apps, Developers, And Partners?

Application access controls and threat protection are key security mechanisms for protection of APIs used by external or internal developers. Apigee API management ensures that internal developers or partners are productive in a secure, well managed platform.

Q40. What Is Api Mashery?

From a customer/platform perspective, Mashery is a complete API management solution that includes: API access control, authentication (OAuth 2, OAuth 1, etc.), traffic management, caching, and packaging (manage APIs as products), filtering, reporting/analytics, and more.

Q41. What Is The Backend Data Store For The Api Baas?

The API Baas is datastore is supported by Cassandra; it is one of the popular NoSQL types of database.

Q42. Api Centric Architecture And What Are The Features?

APIs are now the foundation for the development of scalable and productive enterprise applications. The requirements for highly personalized, contextually aware, predictive applications delivered to different types of clients with higher levels of scale have pushed application architecture to move beyond traditional web application to a focus on API-centric architecture.

Apigee API Management Platform, Edge, allows today’s API-centric architecture to:

  • Consume and produce APIs.
  • Connect to clients on the front end.
  • Integrate internal backend systems.
  • Enable side access to other applications.

Q43. How Different Is Api Baas Vs User Grid?

To be honest, API Baas and User grid both offer the same type of service or the platform. In real comparison, API Baas platform actually provides more options and services like Push notifications, app monitoring, and A/B testing etc. All these services are not available in User grid.

Q44. What Is An Azure Api Management Service?

Use Azure API Management as a turnkey solution for publishing APIs to external and internal customers. Quickly create consistent and modern API gateways for existing back-end services hosted anywhere, secure and protect them from abuse and overuse, and get insights into usage and health.

Q45. When Will The App Usage Data Be Uploaded To The Server?

Usually, the app usage data is uploaded to the server whenever the app is started.