300+ [LATEST] Asp Dot Net Database Interview Questions and Answers

Q1. Explain Features Of Sql Server Like Scalability , Availability, Integration With Internet?

 Scalability:The same Microsoft SQL Server 2000 database engine operates on Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional, Microsoft Windows 2000 Server, Microsoft Windows 2000 Advanced Server, Windows 98, and Windows Millennium Edition. It also runs on all editions of Microsoft Windows NT version 4.@The database engine is a robust server that can manage terabyte-sized databases accessed by thousands of users.

Availability:SQL Server 2000 can maintain the extremely high levels of availability required by large Web sites and enterprise systems.

Integration:The SQL Server 2000 TCP/IP Sockets communications support can be integrated with Microsoft Proxy Server to implement secure Internet and intranet communications.

Q2. What Is State?

It is the property of the web forms.

ASP.NET provides four types of state:

  1. Application state
  2. Session state
  3. Cookie state
  4. View state.  

Q3. Which Dll File Is Needed To Be Registered For Asp?

The dll needed for the ASP.net is SYSTEM.WEB.dll

Q4. Explain Differences Between Framework 1.0 And Framework 1.1?

  1. Native Support for Developing Mobile Web Applications
  2. Unified Programming Model for Smart Client Application Development
  3. Enable Code Access Security for ASP.NET Applications
  4. Native Support for Communicating with ODBC and Oracle Databases
  5. Supports for IPv6 

Q5. How Do We Upgrade Sql Server 7.0 To 2000?

Run the installation of the SQL Server 2000

In the Existing Installation dialog box, click Upgrade your existing installation, and then click Next.

In the Upgrade dialog box, you are prompted as to whether you want to proceed with the requested upgrade. Click Yes, upgrade my to start the upgrade process, and then click Next. The upgrade runs until finished.

In the Connect to Server dialog box, select an authentication mode, and then click Next.

If you are not sure which mode to use, accept the default: The Windows account information I use to log on to my computer with (Windows). In Start Copying Files dialog box, click Next.

Now your Sql Server would be upgraded.

Q6. How Do You Use Dbcc Statements To Monitor Various Aspects Of A Sql Server Installation?

Database Consistency Checker (DBCC) – Is a statement used to check the logical and physical consistency of a database, check memory usage, decrease the size of a database, check performance statistics, and so on. Database consistency checker (DBCC) ensures the physical and logical consistency of a database, but is not corrective. DBCC can help in repairing or checking the installation in case of any failure.  

Q7. If We Write Any Code For Datagrid Methods, What Is The Access Specifier Used For That Methods In The Code Behind File And Why And How? Give An Example?

We use Friends Modifer for the dataGrid methods. Friend WithEvents DataGrid1 As System.Windows.Forms.DataGrid 

Q8. What Is The Purpose Of Using Collate In A Query?

Collation refers to a set of rules that determine how data is sorted and compared. Character data is sorted using rules that define the correct character sequence, with options for specifying case-sensitivity, accent marks, kana character types and character width.

Q9. What Are The Types Of Cookies Are There?

Two type of cookeies.

1   single valued

Example: request.cookies(?UserName?).value=?Mahesh?

2  Multivalued cookies.

These are used in the way collections are used.




rember no value method in multivalued cookie

Q10. What Is Task?

Whenever you execute a program, the operating system creates a new task for it. The task is like an envelope for the program. It identifies the program with a task number and attaches other bookkeeping information to it.

Q11. What Is De-normalization? When Do You Do It And How?

De-normalization is the process of attempting to optimize the performance of a database by adding redundant data. It’s used To introduce redundancy into a table in order to incorporate data from a related table. The related table can then be eliminated. De-normalization can improve efficiency and performance by reducing complexity in a data warehouse schema. 

Q12. Name Atleast Two Methods Of Response Object Other Than Trfer?

a) Response.ClearContent( ):

Clears the content of the current output stream.

b) Response.ClearHeaders( ):

Clears the HTTP headers from the current output stream.  

Q13. What Is The Stuff Function And How Does It Differ From The Replace Function?

STUFF – It deletes a specified length of characters and inserts another set of characters at a specified starting point.

REPLACE – Replaces all occurrences of a specified string value with another string value.

Q14. What Is An Execution Plan? When Would You Use It? How Would You View The Execution Plan?

The Query Analyzer has a feature called Show Execution Plan. This option allows you to view the execution plan used by SQL Server’s Query Optimizer to actually execute the query. This option is available from the Query menu on the main menu of Query Analyzer, and must be turned on before the query is executed. Once the query is executed, the results of the execution plan are displayed in graphical format in a separate window, available from a tab that appears below the query results window on the screen.

Q15. How Do You Create Thread In .net?

  1. Import System.Threading
  2. Create a new thread using new Thread() and assign the address of the method
  3. Use Thread.Start method to start the execution

using System;

using System.Threading;

public class Test
static void Main()
ThreadStart job = new ThreadStart(ThreadJob);
Thread thread = new Thread(job);

for (int i=0; i

Q16. What Are The Differences Between User Control And Web Control And Custom Control?

Usercontrol-> control that is created as u wish.

Web Control-> any control placed in web page (web application page)

Custom Control-> same as user control with some difference.

user control custome control

  • easy to create difficult
  • no full suport for customers using

Visual studio tools Full support

  • Seperate copy of the control in each assembly only one copy in global assembly.
  • best for static layout best for dynamic layout.

Q17. How Can You Deploy An Asp.net Application ?

You can deploy an ASP.NET Web application using any one of the following three deployment options.

  1. Deployment using VS.NET installer
  2. Using the Copy Project option in VS .NET
  3. XCOPY Deployment

Q18. What Are Cursors? Name Four Type Of Cursors And When Each One Would Be Applied?

Opening a cursor on a result set allows processing the result set one row at a time.

The four API server cursor types supported by SQL Server are:

  1. Static cursors
  2. Dynamic cursors
  3. Forward-only cursors
  4. Keyset-driven cursors

Q19. What Does It Mean To Have Quoted_identifier On? What Are The Implications Of Having It Off?

SET QUOTED_IDENTIFIER ON- Causes SQL Server to follow the SQL-92 rules regarding quotation mark delimiting identifiers and literal strings. Identifiers delimited by double quotation marks can be either Tract-SQL reserved keywords or can contain characters not usually allowed by the Tract-SQL syntax rules for identifiers.

Q20. If There Is A Calendar Control To Be Included In Each Page Of Your Application, And And We Do Not Intend To Use The Microsoft-provided Calendar Control, How Do You Develop It? Do You Copy And Paste Th

Create the Calendar User Control

The control we will create will contain a calendar control and a label which has the corresponding date and time written

Steps are:-

Creating a CalenderControl

  1. To begin, open Visual Studio .NET and begin a new C# Windows Control Library.
  2. You may name it whatever you like, for this sample the project name will be CalenderControl

Using the Calender Control in a Windows Application

It’s just like adding any other control like a button or a label.

  1. First, create a new Windows Application project named: CustomControl.
  2. Add a reference to the Calender Control DLL named: CalenderControl.dll.
  3. Now you a can customize the Toolbox:

Right-Click the Toolbox> .NET Framework Components> Browse> select the CalenderControl.dll.

The Calender Control is now added to the Toolbox and can be inserted in Windows Form as any other control. The control itself will take care of the date display

Q21. What Are Good Ado.net Object(s) To Replace The Ado Recordset Object?

The differences includes

  • In ADO, the in-memory representation of data is the Recordset.In ADO.net, it is the dataset
  • A recordset looks like a single table in ADO.In contrast, a dataset is a collection of one or more tables in ADO.net
  • ADO is designed primarily for connected access,ADO.net the disconnected access to the database is used
  • In ADO you communicate with the database by making calls to an OLE DB provider.
  • In ADO.NET you communicate with the database through a data adapter (an OleDbDataAdapter, SqlDataAdapter, OdbcDataAdapter, or OracleDataAdapter object), which makes calls to an OLE DB provider or the APIs provided by the underlying data source.
  • In ADO you cant update the database from the recordset. ADO.NET the data adapter allows you to control how the changes to the dataset are trmitted to the database.

Q22. How Do You Find The Error, How Can You Know The Number Of Rows Affected By Last Sql Statement?

Use @@ERROR which returns the error number for the last Tract-SQL statement executed fro knowing the error.

Use @@ROWCOUNT which returns the number of rows affected by the last statement for finding the no of rows affected.

Q23. How Does You Handle This Com Components Developed In Other Programming Languages In .net?

While adding the refferences we can handle the COM components in other .Net programming languages.

Q24. What Are The Different Types Of Replication? How Are They Used?

Replication is used for distributing data and the execution of stored procedures across an enterprise. The replication technology allows you to make duplicate copies of your data, move those copies to different locations, and synchronize the data automatically so that all copies have the same data values.

The different types of replications are:

  1. tractional replication
  2. merge replication  

Q25. How Do U Call And Execute A Stored Procedure In .net?

  1. system.Data;
  2. system.Data.SqlClient;
  3. SqlConnection sqCon = new SqlConnection(?connection string);
  4. SqlCommand sqCmd = new SqCmd();
  5. sqCmd.Connection = sqCon;
  6. sqCmd.CommandText = procedure_name;
  7. sqCmd.CommandType = CommandType.StoredProcedure;
  8. sqComd.ExecuteReader(); 

Q26. How Do Sql Server 2000 And Xml Linked? What Is Sql Server Agent?

Every Request or the Response to or from SQL Server is converted into XML format. Its purpose is to ease the implementation of tasks for the DBA, with its full-function scheduling engine, which allows you to schedule your own jobs and scripts.

Q27. What Is The Use Of Trace Utility?

Tracing is a very important monitoring and debugging tool for distributed, multitier applications. Such applications often contain problems that can only be observed when the application is under a heavy load and the inherent randomness of a real-life environment. Trace utility allows developers and administrators to monitor the health of applications running in real-life settings. 

Q28. What Is Referential Integrity And How Can We Achieve It?

Referential integrity preserves the defined relationships between tables when records are entered or deleted. In SQL Server, referential integrity is based on relationships between foreign keys and primary keys or between foreign keys and unique keys. Referential integrity ensures that key values are consistent across tables. Such consistency requires that there be no references to nonexistent values and that if a key value changes, all references to it change consistently throughout the database. We can achieve this by using foreign key.

Q29. What Is The Purpose Of Update Statistics?

UPDATE STATISTICS– it updates information about the distribution of key values for one or more statistics groups (collections) in the specified table or indexed view. 

Q30. What Is Indexing?

If we give proper indexes on a table so that any queries written against this table can run efficiently. As your data sets grow over time, SQL Server will continue to rebuild indexes and move data around as efficiently as possible. This property is known as Indexing.  

Q31. Explain Differences Between Server.trfer And Server.execute Method?

server.trfer-> trfers the server’s control to the requested page given in the parameter.

server.Execute-> executes the requested page from the current page itself, with no change in the address bar. after execution the next line of code is executed in the current page.


Q32. Describe Session Handling In Webform. How Does It Work And What Are The Limits?

Session management in ASP.NET can be done in two ways:

  • Using Cookies
  • Encoding of URLs with Session ID

Q33. What Is The Maximum Length Of A Varchar In Sql Server?