Environmental Engineering LAB VIVA Questions :-

1. List out Experiments on Water?
2. What is Reagents?
3. Explain Acidity Test?
4. Types of Acidity?
5. Explain Alkaline Test?
6. List out materials contributed towards Alkalinity?
7. How to do know about Acidity or Alkalinity of water?
8. Explain Chloride Test?
9. Effects of Chloride presence in Water?
10. Explain Total Hardness Test?
11. Hardness of water caused due the presence of which material?
12. Explain pH Test?
13. Explain Electrical Conductivity Test?
14. Explain Turbidity Test?
15. How to measure Turbidity of water?
16. What is Coagulant? Explain with Example?
17. What is the use of Chlorine?
18. How to determine Total Solids in water?
19. How to determine Total Dissolved Solids?
20. How to determine Total Fixed and Volatile Solids?
21. Explain DO Test?
22. Explain BOD Test?
23. What is the use of Flame Photometer?
24. What is need to UV Test?
25. What is Residual Chlorine?
26. Effects of Fluoride presence in Water?
27. The acceptable value of pH of potable water?
28. Water with hardness upto 50 ppm is known as?
29. Bleaching Powder is mixed in water for?
30. Potable water means?

Environmental Engineering LAB VIVA Questions and Answers ::