300+ [UPDATED] Derrickman Interview Questions

  • 1. What Is The Function Of Mud?

    • cool and lubricate the drilling bit
    • carry cutting from the bottom of the hole to the surface
    • Drilling mud know as hydrostatic pressure which allow to control
    • the formation pressure
    • Clean drill bits ,drilling mud removes cutting from bit teeth which
    •   prevent bit ball up situation
    • prevent formation damage by using suitable drilling mud
    • Transmit hydraulic horsepower to the bit
    • To avoid bit to balled up
  • 2. What Is The Functions Of Shale Shaker,desander,degasser,mud Cleaner,deselter And Center Fuger?

    Shale shake
    r: remove big cutting from mud (74 micron

    : remove sand from mud less than (74 -40micron  working pressure (35-45) psi. capacity 500gpm/cone

    : remove salt from mud less than (40 – 20 micron

    Working pressure (35-45) psi. capacity 75 gpm/cone

    : remove gases from mud.working pressure (35-45) psi

    Mud cleaner
    : remove cutting from 20 micron to 7 micron

    Capacity 75gpm/cone

    Center fuger
    :remove cutting from mud less than 7 micron to 4


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  • 3. How Many Tanks You Have On Rig?

    shaker tank-suction tank-reserve tank-trip tank-intermidate tanke mixing tank

  • 4. What Is Function Of Trip Tank?

    It is used to check the well for losses or gain during tripping or wire line operation

  • 5. What Are The Steps To Check On Mud Pump?

    • Permit to work
    • Per job safety meeting
    • Electric isolation and put safety lock behind pump
    • Close discharge valve – open bleed valve -then close suction valve
    • Check pump and replace parts
    • Remove tools from pump area
    • Open discharge valve-closed bleed valve-open suction valve
    • Remove safety lock and isolation
    • Cleen cooling tank and fill it
    • close work permit
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  • 6. What Difference Between Sweep And Spot

    • High viscous mud to circulate hole cleen
    • High viscous mud to put on bottom before trip
  • 7. Why We Using Cooling System In Mud Pump?

    To cooling pistons ,liners ,seats

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  • 8. When You Need To Change Valve In Pump?

    Having cracked valve or change seat

  • 9. When You Need To Change Piston In Pump?

    Having cracked piston or change liner

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  • 10. What Are P.p.e Using While Mixing?

    Rubber shoes,rubber gloves,helmet,apron,control

  • 11. What Is Slug Mud?

    Heavy mud using berfore triping out to save mud and cleen pipes

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  • 12. What Are The Steps To Cleen Mud Tanks?

    • Work permit
    • Measure gases with multi gas detector
    • Clean tanks
    • Close work permit
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  • 13. What Time Of Greasing Crown?

    Every day

  • 14. How You Can Calculate Mud Tank Size?

    Lenth* width* height =…/5.614 =…. bbls

  • 15. What’s The Hydro-static Pressure?

    Ph is the pressure exerted by the weight of a liquid on its “container

    Ph is the pressure exerted by the drilling fluid to offset the pressure exerted by the formation fluid

    Ph (PSI) = 0.007 * TVD (ft) * Mud wt. (pcf)

    Ph (PSI) = 0.052 * TVD (ft) * Mud wt. (ppg)

    Sufficient hydrostatic pressure is required to prevent the borehole wall from caving in and to keep formation fluid from entering the wellbo

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  • 16. What Is The Relationship Between The Water Losses And Filter Cake?

    Filter cake increase with water losses increase

  • 17. What Will Happen When Sand Found With Drilling Mud?

    • Damage in pump parts
    • Rig down time
    • Cause bit nozzle plug
    • Reduce rate of penetration
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