[PDF Notes] Effective tips for Proper Store Keeping

Stationery and supplies is an important item of cost of office work. Therefore, proper attention should be paid to their storage.

Proper Store Keeping:

1. All stationery items will be handled carefully and kept in dry places.

2. All stores will be arranged in an orderly and systematical way to avoid piling up.

3. Location of store house should be as far as possible within the easy reach of the various departments, so that no time is lost in getting the items.

4. Proper storing will facilitate easy stock taking, prompt supply, prompt purchases etc.

5. Each and every item should be carefully classified, and kept in separate places of the shelves. The often needed articles should be kept at the front of the shelves.

6. All packages of items should be marked with identification marks or sample should be fixed in the front.

7. Similar materials should be placed together or in near-by places.

8. Articles carelessly stored, will cause many inconveniences and much loss.

Bin Card

Overstocking or under stocking of stationery must be avoided. Therefore, proper records have to be maintained, mainly bin cards. A bin card is maintained for each item of stores. The bin card is debited with the quantity of stores received and credited with the quantity of stores issued to different departments.

A balance is also drawn up at every receipt or issue of store, so that the balance at any time can readily be seen. This card is entered and kept by the store-keeper, who is responsible for any difference between the balance of the bin card and the physical stock. This means, the balance on the basis of bin cards and the physical stock must be equal.

The bin card contains proper columns apart from the maximum and minimum quantity level. The specimen of the bin card is given next:

Stock Verification

Stationery stock in the store must be verified, by comparing the bin cards from time to time, say, monthly, fortnightly, quarterly, etc. Stock in hand (balance) must be equal to the bin card balance. If the shortage is high, equity may be made to find out the actual cause, Damaged or old items, which are not usable, must be written off by the officer-in-charge.

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