[PDF] Essay about MY NEIGHBOUR

Essay about MY NEIGHBOUR


A good neighbour is a great blessing. He is more than relative to us. Our relatives, living far off, may not be in a position to help us in our troubles and sorrows, but a good neighbour is ever ready to help us when we face misfortunes. He lives next door. He can easily help us whenever we may need his help. I have one such ideal neighbour. He is a kind-hearted and sympathetic fellow. Though older in age, he is the merriest and most suitable for company. He is never found wanting whenever I need his advice or help. He is ever ready to sacrifice his rest or comfort for my sake. His mature experience is always there to guide me in this world and save me from pitfalls.

He is the most unselfish and self-sacrificing man I have ever come across. He has almost become a member of our family from whom I conceal nothing. I discuss all my plans and schemes with him and he gives me his mature advice. His mature advice is very valuable for me not only in theory but also in practice.

He is highly considerate and extremely accommodating. He never says an unkind word. He is always full of sympathy, love and affection for me. He participates in all my joys and sorrows. He is a great prop to me in this dark and dreary life. He is a pillar of strength to me in the midst of storms and tempests of my life.

He has been of great help to me on many an occasion. Once it so happened that all of a sudden at midnight I fell seriously ill. I began to vomit and my heart began to sink. He at once came running and sat by my bed side the whole night. He arranged for medical aid at that odd hour. For full seven days and nights he nursed me with his own hands. I can never forget his sympathy, kindness and service. How can I repay such a kindly neighbour? May God bless him!