Street hawkers today are very common. They can be seen everywhere. They are in cities, towns and villages. They have become an important part of our daily life. They are petty traders who sell goods roaming from one street to another. As such they are a great blessing.

They carry their articles in baskets placed on their heads. Their calls are interesting. They sell vegetables, dresses, clothes and general goods. They also mend shoes, furniture, utensils, etc.

For old people, women and children, a hawker is always welcome. They wait for him to make their daily purchases because they cannot afford to go to the market. On hearing their voice they flock around them. They buy various essential items they need. Street hawkers sell their goods at much cheaper rates than that are available in the main market. There is much haggling also.

A street hawker has to work hard to earn his living. He has to carry heavy loads on his head or shoulders to long distances. His profits are meager. With his small income, he has to keep his body and soul together. Within his petty income, he has to feed and look after his family. His condition is really pitiable. Moreover, hawkers are unorganized and there is none to look after their interests. Sometimes, they are harassed by policemen

But a hawker can start his work with a very small capital. He can earn sufficient to meet his daily needs with his hard work. Sometimes, street hawkers sell cheap and harmful as eatables, which cause harm to people, especially children. They sell adulterated eatables. A street vendor can thus become a nuisance.

Hawkers can be useful if they all are licensed and economically helped. Their wares should be regularly checked and certified. Hawking is also a very good means of self-employment. Thousands and thousands of people find employment in hawking.