[PDF Notes] Essay on Assignment and Delegation of Duties to teacher

The principal teaching and coaching assignments will normally have been made at the time the teachers were hired. It often happens, however, that there are many additional functions and responsibilities that a staff member is asked to accept as the school year proceeds.

The way in which such assignments are made will have an important bearing on how they are received.

Functions rather than details should be delegated. A staff member will take much more kindly to being asked to accept the responsibility for the repair and maintenance of the archery equipment than to being asked on ten different occasions to go down and get the archery equipment fixed up.

A person might feel it a compliment to be asked to be an assistant to the director, in charge of answering all correspondence requesting information about admission to the physical education program.

The same individual would probably be disturbed if asked repeatedly to answer a bundle of letters asking the same questions.

The delegation of functions lends significance to the task and gives the staff member a feeling of making a more meaningful contribution. It also enables the staff member to plan the organization and method of working and to apply ingenuity to the task.

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