[PDF Notes] Essay on Uneven Distributionof Mineral in India

Distribution of mineral and power resources in India is very uneven. The Great North Plains have practically no mineral as yet. North-east portion of Peninsular India which lies in Jharkhand and Orissa boasts of as one of the largest concentrations of mineral and power deposits in the world. It is known for its richest Iron ore and Coal. The region is named as Chhotanagpur Plateau Region.

Two essential ingredients of steel viz., Iron ore and Coal are found in close proximity and this factor has accelerated the growth of steel industry in the region. The region also possesses Manganese, Mica, Copper, Bauxite and Nuclear minerals such as Uranium and Thorium. The rest of the mineral and power deposits are found scattered all over the peninsular block, including parts of Assam in the east and Rajasthan in the west.

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